2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California; (415) 550-0511


Feature your artwork at Mutiny Radio!

Our performance space is a perfect gallery for displaying your visual art to a local and supportive scene! Contact director@mutinyradio.fm for details.

Rent Our Community Space!

Our 30 seat performance space at 2781 21st street is a great community resource for YOU! We have held successful seminars, comedy shows, bands, theatre, and variety shows. You run the door and promotions; we run the sound and provide you with a recording post-show. $100/2 hour bloc. Contact Pam Benjamin at director@mutinyradio.fm for bookings.

Host A Podcast Show on Mutiny Radio!

Ever wanted to host your own podcast? MutinyRadio.fm is the place for you! Our radio studio is attached to a 30 seat performance space, so you can host live events, have live music, and entertain a live audience as you express yourself without limits to the world live streaming and podcast post on our website. $100 a month for four, two-hour shows. We train you on all our equipment. Contact Pam Benjamin for details at director@mutinyradio.fm


G-Money and WooStein with George D. Smith 10 am – 12 pm.

Edge of Insanity with Paul Brumbaugh, Mistress Christine, Kitten Marie Clayman, Brandon Ray, Patrick Carlin, and Dakota. 12-2 pm.

Let’s Watch a Full Length Movie on You Tube with Mike Spiegelman 2-4 pm. Follow along live online on YouTube, Facebook, WordPress, and other social networks.

ICPodcast 4-6 pm

No Rain No Rainbow with Jazzy Camille 6-8 pm.

Old Soul Radio with Mike Evans and Professor Gabel. 8-10 pm.


Everyday Conversations on Race 10 am – 12 pm

Forever Two Wheels with Steve 8-10 pm. Biker lore and discussion.

Free Phone Sex 10 pm – 12 am. Call in and try it out!


Spiritual Psychology with Renee McKenna 10 am – 12 pm. Offering free therapy sessions which will be aired as part of the show. We can pre-record, you can call in live, or come into the studio.

My Limited View with Sergio Novoa 12- 2 pm

Bughouse Square with Sean Martin 6-8 pm. Have you seen that vigilante man? Classic ballads, folk, rock, and country.

Regarding Sex! with Vincent Montgomery 8-10pm, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays


Some Call Me Tim! with Pam Benjamin 2-4 pm. Religious and spiritual interviews and discussion.

6-8 pm! LGBTQ programming.

Sitting on a Cloud with Kenneth Cloud 10 pm – 12 am


Friends of the Pod 4-6 pm

Racer’s Alley with Alex Torres 6-8 pm.

Beyond Your Comprehension 8-10 pm


The Weekly Review with Roman Rimer, 12-2 pm. News and political discussion.

Women’s Magazine with Global Val, 2-4 pm. Feminist news and discussion.

Common Thread Collective with Diamond Dave and Global Val, 4-6 pm. Classic Hippie spirituality and music open mic. Don’t panic, eat organic! Cast a wide net and find the Common Thread! $5 donation

Happy Hour Open Mic  6-8 pm with George D.Smith and guest host. Underground Standup comedy. Sign up at 5:30 pm or on Bay Area Comedy Network. $5 donation.


Labor And Love with Bill Morgan, 10 am – 12 pm. Labor news and history, Jazz, Gospel, Latin, Hip Hop.

Flat Black Plastic with Scott Walker, 12-2 pm. Classic vinyl albums.

The JTalk Show 2-4 pm

Roxy Roller Show 4-6 pm.

Sounds From The Street with DJ Aisha 6-8 pm.

Watch and Learn Open Mic with Capital Pilcrow 8-10 pm

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