2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California; (415) 550-0511


Archived shows can be found here.

10aG-Money and WooSteinOPENOPENOPENOPENCowards! with Perry BordersLabor And Love
Bill Morgan
12pEdge of Insanity with Paul Brumbaugh & Kitten Marie ClaymanOPENOPENAlta Cast with Pam Benjamin and Sheriff LaToyaOPENThe Weekly Review with Roman RimerFlat Black Plastic
Scott Walker
2pLet's Watch a Full Length Movie on You Tube
with Mike Spiegelman
OPENOPENSome Call Me Tim! with Pam BenjaminOPENWomen's Magazine
Global Val
Trust Your Story
3pAfternoon Delight with Amanda RocksCommon Thread Collective
Diamond Dave
4pOPENNot My ShowOPENOPENRoxy Roller Show
6pNo Rain No Rainbow with Jazzy CamilleJoke Workshop
Pam Benjamin
Bughouse Square
Sean Martin
House of Pride
Tweaka Turner and Pearl Teese
Racer's Alley with Alex TorresHappy Hour Open Mic Sounds From The Street
DJ Aisha
8pOld Soul Radio with Mike Evans and Professor GabelForever Two Wheels with StevePSA Tuesdays40oz to FreedomComedy Clubhouse Showcase
Pam Benjamin
Friends of Mutiny
Variety Showcase
10pOPENOPENRegarding Sex with Vincent MontgomerySitting on the Cloud with Kenneth CloudOPEN3rd Axis Radio with Sebastian Vego and Buddha on the Block


(Open 8-10 am)

G-Money and WooStein with George D. Smith 10 am – 12 pm.

Edge of Insanity with Paul Brumbaugh, Mistress Christine, Kitten Marie Clayman, Brandon Ray, Patrick Carlin, and Dakota. 12-2 pm.

Let’s Watch a Full Length Movie on You Tube with Mike Spiegelman 2-4 pm. Follow along live online on YouTube, Facebook, WordPress, and other social networks.

(Open 4-6 pm)

No Rain No Rainbow with Jazzy Camille 6-8 pm.

Old Soul Radio with Mike Evans and Professor Gabel. 8-10 pm.

(Open 10pm-12am)


(Open 8-10 am)

(Open 10 am – 12 pm)

(Open 12-2 pm)

(Open 2-4 pm)

Not My Show! 4-6 pm. Programming from outside the station. Submit your podcasts and performances for airtime at director@mutinyradio.fm

Joke Workshop with Pam Benjamin 6-8 pm. A chance to try out your new bits and receive constructive criticism. $5 donation requested.

Forever Two Wheels with George 8-10 pm. Biker lore and discussion.

(Open 10pm-12am)


(Open 8 -10 am)

(Open 10 am – 12 pm)

(Open 12-2 pm)

(Open 2-4 pm)

(Open 4-6 pm)

Bughouse Square with Sean Martin 6-8 pm. Have you seen that vigilante man? Classic ballads, folk, rock, and country.

(Open 8-10 pm)

Regarding Sex! with Vincent Montgomery 10pm -12 am


(Open 8-10 am)

(Open 10 am -12 pm)

Alta Cast with Pam Benjamin and Sheriff of Truth LaToya Winn, sponsored by AltaCalifornia Botanicals! 12-2 pm. Political discussion, news, feminism.

Some Call Me Tim! with Pam Benjamin 2-4 pm. Religious and spiritual interviews and discussion.

SPARCast with Pam Benjamin 4-5 pm. Marijuana products, services, and testing. Recorded at SPARC.

(Open 5-6 pm)

House of Pride with Tweaka Turner and Pearl Teese, 6-8 pm! LGBTQ programming.

40oz to Freedom Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting for artists, 8:30-10 pm (Not broadcasted)

Sitting on the Cloud with Kenneth Cloud 10 pm – 12 am


(Open 8-12 pm)

(Open 12-3 pm)

Afternoon Delight with Amanda Rocks, 3-6 pm. Music, friendship, discussion.

Racer’s Alley with Alex Torres 6-7 pm.

(Open 7 pm -12 am)


(Open 8- 10 am)

Cowards! with Perry Borders 10 am – 12 pm

The Weekly Review with Roman Rimer, 12-2 pm. News and political discussion.

Women’s Magazine with Global Val, 2-3 pm. Feminist news and discussion.

Common Thread Collective with Diamond Dave and Global Val, 3-6 pm. Classic Hippie spirituality and music open mic. Don’t panic, eat organic! Cast a wide net and find the Common Thread! $5 donation

Happy Hour Open Mic  6-8 pm with George D.Smith and guest host. Underground Standup comedy. Sign up at 5:30 pm or on Bay Area Comedy Network. $5 donation.

Comedy Clubhouse Showcase with Pam Benjamin, 8-10 pm. $10 for a comedy show from the best of San Francisco Bay and beyond!

3rd Axis Radio with Sebastian Vego and Buddha on the Block, 10 pm – Midnight. Hip Hop, Comedy, Discussion.


(Open 8-10 am)

Labor And Love with Bill Morgan, 10 am – 12 pm. Labor news and history, Jazz, Gospel, Latin, Hip Hop.

Flat Black Plastic with Scott Walker, 12-2 pm. Classic vinyl albums.

Trust Your Story! 2-4 pm

Roxy Roller Show 4-6 pm.

Sounds From The Street with DJ Aisha 6-8 pm.

Friends of Mutiny Variety Showcase 8-10 pm. Contact director@mutinyradio.fm for booking. $100/2 hour bloc; pro bono options available. Producers include Mike Spiegelman (The Great Difficulties) and Valeska Nguyen (Haha Comedy Showcase).

(Open 10pm-12 am)

Studio Line: (415) 550-0511

3 thoughts on “2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California; (415) 550-0511

  1. Hello,
    I had the privilege of hosting the purge on mutiny radio in 2016. I was wanting to do another show with a few friends. Please let me know what needs to happen for us to get this going. Thank you and have a great day
    Jason Benson

  2. Dear Valerie.. Thanks for your invitation. We don’t know if we’re gonna be on time, but we try hard. Enjoy your show and hopefully see you later. We’re listening to you…. Best wishes Jasmine&Elena

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