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Mutiny Radio contains adult content, dark and blue humor, outspoken political and religious opinions, and network-based ghosts.

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Some Call Me Tim, Wednesdays with Pam at 2 pm.

Mutiny Radio features a regular rotation of great visual artists! This month, check out Joe Mauk’s work!

AltaCast every Wednesday at high noon with Pam and LaToya

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10 thoughts on “2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California; (415) 550-0511

  1. Attn.-Pam
    hello we met on the 27 MUNI and spoke about doing a regular Eclectics punk/who knows show,me and my roommate have already decided on a name”The Last Great Act of Defiance” and would love to Begin pronto ! Our only drama is we were Hopeing to pay $50 every two weeks.Would that be alright?I Have been involved in music and video production my whole life and will need little to no training just operational procedure run down and are pretty sure the content will be much appreciated by the San Francisco community!
    Well hope to hear from you soon

  2. Why doesn’t the pitch of a record change as the needle travels tighter and tighter elipses near the record hub? This question is for Sean from someone out there.

  3. Hello, I have just flown over from Scotland and will be in town for a couple days. I believe you have an open mic comedy night on a Friday night?

    Are you able to sign up at the door, or do you have to pre book a spot?

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


  4. How do I hear you live? Does Jeff Hanson do his workshop over the radio on Storytelling or do you have to go to the arts center at 2 on Sat at 21st st.? I’d go today but I don’t think I have time tp make it.I live in Alameda. I would also love to talk to someone about your radio station.I had a show years ago on KALW called Looking For Laughs.It ran for four years and was sponsored by locals and Tower Records . I just moved back to this area from N.J. Please email or call me at 646 594 3274

  5. Hello there ! I am broadcasting my own music from my van on a short range “ pirate radio “ system. I want to know if there are any conventions upcoming where I could attend and distribute my music and just get involved ? I once got my music played on regular rotation but that seems impossible now . Anyone ?

  6. Hi this is for Sean Martin. Basement recordings. We used to correspond through Craigslist and since have lost touch without any knowledge of how to submit music anymore. Do we submit here? Let us know please

    UnDead Asylum

  7. Hi Mutiny Radio I hope that you are well. My name is Bill Cannon, and I am a voice-over talent who also does my audio editing for my work. I currently use Reaper as my DAW. I am very interested in learning more in depth knowledge about audio editing, in particular for radio podcasts. I was wondering if Mutiny Radio offered volunteer opportunities in this area, and if it was also possible for me to work remotely from home. I can commit to a regular schedule and I am very eager to learn from a seasoned pro. I look to be an asset to someone in audio editing as I get better at the craft. Thanks for your time Mutiny, I look forward to hearing from you. All The Best Bill Cannon

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