2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California

 (415) 550-0511

Mutiny Radio contains love.

We swear sometimes too.

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The 5th Annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival is in ONE WEEK!

Get YOUR tickets to San Francisco’s Premier Alternative Comedy Festival Below!


Also makes a great Bar Mitzvah gift!

Sunday March 1st


8-10 pm: Make the Tapes (1) |Buy Tickets


Noon-12:50 pmEdge of Insanity with Paul Brumbaugh and Family (1) |Buy Tickets

1-1:50 pmEdge of Insanity (2) |Buy Tickets

Ed Ruben, David Stolowitz

2-2:50 pmLets Watch a Full Length Movie on YouTube with Mike Spiegelman and Carl Haupt – (1) | Buy Tickets

 3-3:50 pmLWAFLMOYT with Mike and Carl – (2) |Buy Tickets

5-5:50 pmLaugh at yourself with Artie Valenzeula |Buy Tickets

Monday March 2nd


6-8 pmJoke Workshop with Pam Benjamin |Buy Tickets

8-10 pmMake the Tapes (2) |Buy Tickets

10-10:50 am
Home Free with Rachel Pinson |Buy Tickets

12-12:50 pmParenting: You Should Need a License |Buy Tickets

Jon Garside, Lalita Dee

1-1:50 pmSharon Birzer’s “Cooking with Jesus” |Buy Tickets

2-2:50 pmFunny Musicians with Danny Dechi |Buy Tickets

Rachel Pinson, Aaron Atkins

3-3:50 pmPortland Rules (1) |Buy Tickets

4-4:50 pmPortland Rules (2) |Buy Tickets

Tuesday March 3rd

Comedy Show:

4-5:50 pmClem’s Castaways |Buy Tickets


11-11:50 amChris Khatami’s Bracket Royale |Buy Tickets

1-1:50 pmWhat the F!@# Were You Thinking?

Brian Crow |Buy Tickets

6-8 pmBughouse Square with Sean Martin |Buy Tickets

8-10 pmPop Off! with Bear Toffoli |Buy Tickets

Wednesday March 4th


6-8 pm – COMEDY SHOW|Buy Tickets

8 pm-12 amSpecial comedy show at El Rio |Buy Tickets


11-11:50 amWe Know Your Password Security Podcast

Jon Garside, Steven Asifo |Buy Tickets

Noon-12:50 pmAlta Cast with Pam Benjamin and LaToya Winn |Buy Tickets

2-2:50 pmSome Call Me Tim? with Pam Benjamin (1) |Buy Tickets

3-3:50 pmSome Call Me Tim? (2) |Buy Tickets

4-4:50 pmLike an Adult with Chris Ferdinandson and Mike Nordstrom |Buy Tickets

Thursday March 5th


1- 2:50 pmThis is Your Laugh Screening

Chris Hollstein |Buy Tickets

3-5:50 pmFriends of the Pod |Buy Tickets

7-7:50 pmSpec Script |Buy Tickets

8-8:50 pmSynchroniss With Me |Buy Tickets

9-9:50 pm New Player |Buy Tickets

10-10:50 pmYIKES! I’m Edgy as Fuck. |Buy Tickets


10-10:50 amRachel Pinson’s “Women Talking about Stuff” |Buy Tickets

11-11:50 am– Talking Two Quigley

Casey McNeal, Ernest Evangelista

12 -12:50 pm — Anti-Social Discourse

Cam Strong, Melina Best

6-6:50 pm– Special Racer’s Alley: Comics that Ride Motorcycles

Friday March 6th 


4-5:50 pmThe JW Megaweg Show |Buy Tickets

6-6:50 pmCage Match |Buy Tickets

7-7:50 pmAll Ladies |Buy Tickets

8-8:50 pm Comedy Clubhouse with Pam Benjamin |Buy Tickets

9-9:50 pmHell Hat Improv with Pam |Buy Tickets

10-11pmUnderwear Comedy |Buy Tickets


10-10:50 amGlazed and Confused w Nic Dundas |Buy Tickets

11-11:50 amSpec Script talking behind the scenes |Buy Tickets

12-2 pmThe Weekly Review with Roman Rimer |Buy Tickets

2-2:50 pmMeet The Parents |Buy Tickets

3-3:50 pmOccult Oubliette with David Stolowitz |Buy Tickets

Saturday March 7th

Comedy Shows:

4-5:50 pmFor the Tapes (3) |Buy Tickets

6-6:50 pmComics From All Over (1) |Buy Tickets

7-7:50 pmComics From All Over (2) |Buy Tickets

8-8:50 pmLWAFLMOYT with Mike and Carl | Buy Tickets

9-9:50 pmComedian’s Comedian |Buy Tickets

10-10:50 pmI Fucking LOVE Cats! |Buy Tickets


10-11:50 amLabor and Love with Bill Morgan |Buy Tickets

12-1:50 pm– Flat Black Plastic with Scott Walker

2-3:50 pmStorytelling with Jeff Hanson |Buy Tickets

Join us for Fantastic Comedy from:

*Aaron Atkins

*April Gallaty

*Andy Clark

*Amanda Lynn Deal 

*Alyssa Westerlund 

*Artie Valenzuela 

* Ben Mehl

*Billie Jo Gilliespie

*Brian Crow

*Bernice Ye

*Cam Strong 

*Cameron Writt

*Cathy Z

*Case Koenig

*Casey McNeal

*Chris Ferdninanson

*Chris Hollstein

*Cody Abe

*Colin  Braun

*Danny Dechi

*Dash Thompson

*Dashiell Renaud

*David Stolowitz

*Ed Ruben

*Elliott Maraniss

*Ernest Evangelista

*Franco Trevini

*Frosty Nugs

*Heather Weigler

*Huey Li

*Gheramy Demery  

*James Fisher Jr.

*Jeff Dean

*Julia Corral

*Jon Garside

*Kaiser Leib

*Kevin M Quigley

*Lalita Dee

*Lee Cox

*Levi Manis

*Lucas Larson

*Madeleine Russell 

*Maggie O’Neill 

*Marty Cunnie

*Mel Roberts

*Melina Best

*Mike Hudak 

*Mike Nordstrom

*Nic Dundas  

*Pam Benjamin

*Pete Ballmer

*Poly Poptart 

*Rachel Pinson

*Ray Easter 

*Rob Edwards 

*Rob Hudson

* Robert Martirosian

*Rolf Skar

*Sasha Boggs 

*Shannan Hunt 

*Sharon Birzer 

*Steven Asifo 

*Suzanne Lawrence

*Thomas Lundy

*Tory Ward 

*Travis van Rijn 

*Willie Juan Johnson

3 thoughts on “2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California

  1. Mrs Octavius Wright cathy

    Really enjoyed the song by my husband Octavius Wright, appreciate you helping to promote our cause for peace and kindness to all.

    Cathy Wright

  2. Todd Johnson

    Hi Sean Matin, we have some new releases. Is this the place to drop them?

    • sean velcich

      Hey Todd
      Missed your last message

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