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Some Call Me Tim! with Pam Benjamin is looking for guests, Wednesdays 2-4 pm. Email director@mutinyradio.fm if you’d like to feature on this spirituality and religious discussion potcast. Share your beliefs and perspectives, and enjoy Pam’s stash of dank social media memes.

with Mike Spiegelman

No Rain No Rainbow with Jazzy Camille Sundays 6-8 pm

Joke Workshop with Pam Benjamin is Mondays 6-8 pm. A chance to try out your new bits and receive constructive criticism. $2-5 donation requested.

The “40oz to Freedom” Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting for Artists is every Wednesday at the station from 8:30-10 pm. This private meeting is not broadcast but is open to any and all who have a desire to stop drinking. Once you’re a pickle, you can’t go back to being a cucumber.

Racer’s Alley with Alex Torres, Thursdays 6-7 pm


Join us for classic San Francisco open mic comedy every week from 6-9 pm, with hosts Anthony Medina and K. Britney Davis! Sign up at the station or on the Bay Area Comedy Network page.

Racer’s Alley with Alex Torres, Thursdays 6-7 pm!

Climate change costs us more than just money, it costs communities their livelihoods and even lives. Hurricane Maria took 4,645 lives, and many Puerto Ricans are still living without power. Hurricane Harvey left low income communities of color living next to Houston’s petrochemical plants in danger of exposure to extremely toxic chemicals.

These are just two reasons why in ONE MONTH we will Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice on September 8.

RSVP here, Bay Area: https://350bayarea.org/rise

Be a leader, volunteer here: https://350bayarea.org/



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