2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California; (415) 550-0511

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The 2019 Comedy Festival was a success! Click here to listen to any and all of the performances! Mutiny Radio Podcast hosts who were a part of the festival. Click for link to show:


Roman Rimer- The Weekly Review
Val Ibarra- Women’s Magazine
Bill Morgan- Labor and Love
Scotto Walker- Flat Black Plastic
George D Smith/ Woostein- G-money and Woostein
Mike Speigalman- LWAFLMOYT
Simma Lieberman- Everyday Conversations on Race
Renee McKenna- Spiritual Psychology
Sergio Novoa- My Limited View
Pam Benjamin- Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse

Visiting comics and their direct downloads from the Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival

Alex Rios, Alexis Prigo, Andrew Murphy , Andy Picarro , Anthony Davis, Ben Warren, Bernice Ye, Bhama Roget, Bobby Higley, Christopher Scriva, Ellen Doyle, Ericson Just, Ethan Quinn, Jaren George, Jasper Wang, Karl Berger, Kathleen Demarle

DJs on Facebook:

Pam Benjamin, “Global” Val Ibarra, “Diamond” Dave, George D. Smith, Paul Brumbaugh, Michael Spiegelman, Roman Rimer, Bill “The B” Morgan, LaToya “The Shariff on Truth” Wynn, Jazzy “Mary Popinz” Camille, “Capital” Pilcrow, Michael Cerchiai, Sergio Novoa, Sean Martin, Aisha Spearman, Frederick Scarf

Feature your artwork at Mutiny Radio!

Our performance space is a perfect gallery for displaying your visual art to a local and supportive scene! Contact pamsedai@hotmail.com for details.

Rent Our Community Space!

Our 30 seat performance space at 2781 21st street is a great community resource for YOU! We have held successful seminars, comedy shows, bands, theater, and variety shows. You run the door and promotions; we run the sound and provide you with a recording post-show. $100/2 hour bloc. Contact Pam Benjamin at pamsedai@hotmail.com for bookings.

Host A Podcast Show on Mutiny Radio!

Ever wanted to host your own podcast? MutinyRadio.fm is the place for you! Our radio studio is attached to a 30-seat performance space, so you can host live entertainment as you express yourself without limits to the world, automatically streamed and posted to our website. $100 a month for four, two-hour shows. We train you on all our equipment! Contact Pam Benjamin for details at pamsedai@hotmail.com

with Mike Spiegelman. Follow along on Facebook or Twitter!

6-8 pm! LGBTQ programming.

Open Mic with Capital Pilcrow and friends, now every Saturday 4-6 pm!

8 thoughts on “2781 21st Street, San Francisco, California; (415) 550-0511

  1. Hello there ! I am broadcasting my own music from my van on a short range “ pirate radio “ system. I want to know if there are any conventions upcoming where I could attend and distribute my music and just get involved ? I once got my music played on regular rotation but that seems impossible now . Anyone ?

  2. Hi this is for Sean Martin. Basement recordings. We used to correspond through Craigslist and since have lost touch without any knowledge of how to submit music anymore. Do we submit here? Let us know please

    UnDead Asylum

  3. Hi Mutiny Radio I hope that you are well. My name is Bill Cannon, and I am a voice-over talent who also does my audio editing for my work. I currently use Reaper as my DAW. I am very interested in learning more in depth knowledge about audio editing, in particular for radio podcasts. I was wondering if Mutiny Radio offered volunteer opportunities in this area, and if it was also possible for me to work remotely from home. I can commit to a regular schedule and I am very eager to learn from a seasoned pro. I look to be an asset to someone in audio editing as I get better at the craft. Thanks for your time Mutiny, I look forward to hearing from you. All The Best Bill Cannon

  4. LAST CHANCE FOR 2018:

    I am happy to tell you that Mutiny Radio was chosen for the 2018 San Francisco Awards in the category of Radio Broadcaster. The San Francisco Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community.

    For additional information please visit us at:


    If needed for reference – your code is: DKNJ-UBMK-YW33


    Blake Thompson
    San Francisco Awards

  5. Hello Chaps, I’m flying to LA on 22nd jan with my son , we are staying on the Queen Mary 5 nights , then Vegas , then San Fransisco..father and son road trip ..doing DRIVE BY COMEDY.
    I’d like to record some new material…I will be in San Fransisco the week of the 28th-2nd feb time..would it be possible to do an open mic or whatever at one of your clubs..?
    its all FREE , just need around 5 min spot ? I’ve been told I have to leave Europe, so? oh and I’m old…and English..is that a problem.hey I used to write radios also…and I have no hair…sorry.

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