New at Mutiny Radio: Zambri “House of Baasa” (Kanine Records)

Review by DJ Kristal

Zambri is the ethereal duo of Cristi Jo and Jessica, sisters whom have been making music together since they were kids. Their debut full-length album comes after a very successful EP, “Glossolalia,” that was released last November. “House of Baasa” is fabulous mixture of pop, indie, and electronica. The songs on the album explore the joy and torment of matters of the head and the heart, against a backdrop of drums, synths, and ethereal vocal stylings that you might recognize (the sisters are the background vocals for Hooray for Earth).


File near: Kate Bush, Vacationer, Young Empires

Genre: Indie Electronica

Favorite tracks:

2. Icbys

3. Carry

4. Hundred Hearts

9. From the Starts

10. You’ll Never Beat Dogs

March 2012 Charts

Mutiny Radio: Station Top 5!

  1. Various “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion”
  2. The 13th Floor Elevators “The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators”
  3. The Shotgun Wedding Quintet “Tales from the Barbary Coast”
  4. Aretha Franklin “Lady Soul”
  5. Fairfield Parlour “From Home to Home”


  1. Wilson Gil & The Willful Sinners “Self-Titled”
  2. Various “Rembeitka”
  3. Apodimi Compania “The Diaspora”
  4. Ansia “Fight for the Innocents”
  5. TNS “Roda Tsanta Kai Kopana”


  1. Various “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion”
  2. The 13th Floor Elevators “The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators”
  3. Fairfield Parlour “From Home to Home”
  4. Todd Rundgren “Something/Anything?”
  5. Jimi Hendrix “Valleys of Neptune”


  1. The Shotgun Wedding Quintet “Tales from the Barbary Coast”
  2. Aretha Franklin “Lady Soul”
  3. Amon Tobin “Permutation”
  4. Various “Boogaloo Babes”
  5. K. Flay “Eyes Shut EP”


  1. The Opus “Praying Mantis”
  2. Duke Ellington “Here…Put This One”
  3. Miles Davis “Miles from India”
  4. Freedom Call “The Circle of Life”
  5. Caroline Chocolate Drops & Luminescent Orchestrii “Carolina Chocolate Drops / Luminescent Orchestrii – EP”


DJ Food, “The Search Engine” (Ninja Tune)

Review by Salex

Living in San Francisco, I spend a great deal of my daily life on public transit, so I’ve always got my headphones on listening to tunes. Riding on Muni can be an interesting adventure in and of itself, and finding the perfect “soundtrack” can be key in whether or not the experience will be tolerable, let alone even enjoyable. The evening I got “The Search Engine” the K train was packed with a particularly strange menagerie of characters, and listening to this record actually made the time quite interesting. Between the loud teenagers and crazy crack-head banter while listening to these tracks had me covering my face, because the samples ironically fit perfectly with what was happening around me, and I was having a difficult time refraining from laughing hysterically. This is the first full-length release from the DJ Food series, comprised of previously released material from other EP’s which I liked a lot, and I have to say, I really enjoy them even more all together. Strictly Kev is very skilled at pumping beats full of unique music, and spoken word samples. I have been listening to this record over and over, and mixing tracks into my DJ sets ever since I got it. The collaborations with Matt Johnson, Natural Self, DJ, J.G. Thirlwell, and 2econd Class Citizen add to the diversity of sounds and genres on “The Search Engine”.

Genres: Hip Hop, RPM, Funk
For Fans of: DJ Shadow, Kid Koala

Track Picks:

# 2 Giant featuring Matt Johnson
# 5 Sentinel (Shadown Guard) featuring DK
# 6 Prey featuring J.G. Thirwell
# 7 In Orbit Every Monday
# 10 Magpie Music featuring 2econd Class Citizen
# 11 A Trick of the Ear

Frankie Rose “Interstellar” (Slumberland Records)

Written by DJ St. Kilda

Interstellar, the new album from Frankie Rose – formerly of Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, and Dum Dum Girls – was released digitally via Slumberland Records on Feb 6th, 2012 with a physical release set for February 21st. Interstellar is Frankie’s second solo full length album, and the first under simply her name, having dropping the moniker ”Frankie Rose & The Outs” after the band’s 2010 self titled release. Interstellar moves Frankie from a place of 60’s inspired girl garage rock, to a world of ethereal and harmonic dream pop. Synth lines, echoing piano, organ, and simple drumbeats all along with Frankie’s layered, airy vocals weave together to form a gorgeous collection of songs. Title track “Interstellar” starts with gentle strings and keys, before coming to life with a heavy kick drum. Album highlight “Pair of Wings” combines harmony drenched vocals with tender and wistful lyrics (“Show me your scars, I’ll show you mine…I just may fall but I’ll take that chance”). The hazy guitar of “Night Swim” can’t help bringing to mind the great (and underrated in this reviewer’s opinion) Saddle Creek band Art in Manila.

Normally if I said an album all blended together I would consider it a downside
of the record. Interstellar does, but in this case, it’s a compliment. It blends in
the same way a Beach Fossils or Washed Out album blends. Listening to the
dreamy tracks flow by is a bit like watching clouds – you’re not sure at exactly
what point they drift from one shape to another. In the case of Interstellar, it’s
best just to sit back and let it wash over you.

Focus Tracks:

2. Know Me
5. Pair of Wings
6. Had We Had It
7. Night Swim


Already a fan of Frankie Rose? Then check out Dum Dum Girls, Radiation City,
Lovers, Seapony, Art In Manila

New at Mutiny Radio: Mux Mool “Planet High School” (Ghostly International)


Review by Salex

So happy about this new full-length release from Mux Mool. Two years ago when I came to this station I wrote about his Skulltaste album, which I really enjoyed. The vibe on Planet High School is noticeably different, and Mux Mool expertly explores varying textures & tempos, keeping the flavor of the record constantly morphing. There is so much diversity on the album, that I was able to drop tracks alongside my drum & bass sets, as well as hip hop sets. The tracks are instrumental electronic dance music, with complex rhythms, samples, and melodies. It is hard to classify Mux Mool into one genre, so if you are looking for plain boring instrumental hip hop, you will not find that here. The album starts out with a laid-back funky groove on the tune “Brothers” that is filled with simple beats and glitchy looped vocal samples that freely flows into an ambient, jazzy monophonic synth pattern as the tempo picks up. I am enjoying the many unexpected tempo and compositional style changes throughout the record. “Live at 7-11” starts out feeling like a groovy lounge track, but quickly escalates into 170 BPM experimental jungle. He still heavily uses his signature array of computer and mechanical blips and bleeps, but with tracks like “Raw Gore” and “Get Yer Alphabets” he adds dubbier distorted bass lines, filters and more varied percussion instrumentation. His use of samples is great too. The last track “Baba” starts out with ambient synth guitar chords and simple shakers that builds up into an uplifting progressive house vibe. What I really like about Mux Mool, is that he writes electronic music that is very musical, well thought out and innovative, pushing the boundaries of where electronic music can evolve to.
Genres: Electronic/RPM, Instrumental Hip Hop, IDM
For fans of: Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Shigeto

Track Picks

#2 Live at 7-11
#5 The Butterfly Technique
#7 Raw Gore
#9 Get Yer Alphabets (Guns)




New at Mutiny Radio: Grace Woodroofe “Always Want” (Modular Records)

Written by DJ St. Kilda

Although Grace Woodroofe’s debut album Always Want, has been out in her native Australia for nearly a year now, it is set to see its American release on January 24 via Modular Records. The twenty-year-old singer from Perth has worked hard for her success, submitting tracks and demos to radio stations and competitions since she was sixteen. But it wasn’t until one of those tracks landed in the hands of Heath Ledger that Woodroofe got the push she was looking for. This eventually led to multiple songwriting trips to LA; Always Want was produced by Ben Harper and backed by members of the Relentless7.

Woodroofe’s debut is a mix of folk-pop melodies, bluesy ballads, and garage rock stompers. “Transformer” features White Stripes-esque guitars and a promise to “be exactly what you want me to be.” “Oh My God” channels a bluesy Regina Spektor. The gorgeous and heartbreaking “H.” mourns the loss of her friend Heath Ledger (“I glance where you sit, I mean where you sat/I’m still re-adjusting, still getting used to that”). Album closer is a beautiful cover of David Bowie’s “Quicksand,” and seems to mirror the voyage of self-discovery Woodroofe is currently on (“I’m torn between the light and dark/Where others see their target…. Can’t take my eyes from the great salvation/Of bullshit faith”).

Grace Woodroofe could easily be compared to artists like Joss Stone or Fiona Apple, but though her lyrics indicate she’s stilling searching for her personal identity, Always Want makes it clear she’s got a voice of her own. Look out for her Stateside soon.

Focus Tracks:

3. Transformer
4. H.
7. Bear
10. Quicksand

Already a fan of Grace Woodroofe? Then check out Laura Marling, Anna Calvi, Audiafauna, St. Vincent, The Duke Spirit

New at Mutiny Radio: Starfucker “Jupiter” (Badman Recording Co.)

Written by DJ St. Kilda

Your first indication that Portland 5 piece Starfucker isn’t just your average indie synth pop band might be their name, chosen just to see “how long they could get away with it.” Or it might be in the first few seconds of their latest release Jupiter when you hear the fragmented musings of British philosopher Alan Watts echoing through the keyboard lines.

Jupiter, released in November 2011 on Badman Recording Co., is actually an expansion of a mini-LP the band put out back in 2009. The re-release features re-mastered tracks and three new songs.

Lead singer Josh Hodges carries the energetic tracks with conversely subtle, breathy, and soft-spoken vocals. While Hodges is the lead singer of the band, Starfucker is a very collaborative group, with all of the members switching off between playing guitar, keyboard, and drums. Everyone also provides backing vocals.

At Starfucker’s live shows, the crowd favorite is clearly their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but I would direct listeners to the more complex tracks on the album, such as Medicine and Boy Toy.
I will say that I do prefer the more lyric heavy Reptilians, the band’s other 2011 LP (released in March on Polyvinyl) to Jupiter, of which five tracks have no lyrics at all. At times it feels that Jupiter is simply an extended EP, stretched just a bit farther than it was ever meant to go.

Regardless, Jupiter plants Starfucker right where they deserve to be: a creative, forward-thinking, and boundary pushing band. The music alone will get you moving and hungry for more material. The Alan Watts audio clips, on the other hand, may get you thinking. These so-called “subliminal messages” on Aristotle, science, and mortality give you the feeling that Starfucker may want you to do a little bit more than just dance.

Focus Tracks:

1. Medicine
2. Boy Toy
5. Biggie Smalls

Already a fan of Starfucker? Then check out Painted Palms, Neon Indian, Slow Magic, Body Language, Miami Horror, Delorean, Holy Ghost!

New Music at Mutiny Radio – January 2012 Drum & Bass Releases

Reviews by Salex

We get a lot of different kinds of music sent to us here at Mutiny Radio, but rarely much drum & bass, which makes me super excited that we not only got sent an amazing new full-length LP from veteran Plug, but we got 3!! I am stoked that 2012 is so far looking like its going to be an epic year for drum & bass globally. This month we have EPs from France, Canada and the UK, and I could not be happier.


Plug “Back On Time” (Ninja Tune)

I have been a major fan of Plug for years, and was thrilled when the “Back On Time” LP was released earlier in the month, and have been rocking a few of the tracks on Late Night Eargasm for a couple weeks now. Plug, aka the legendary UK electronic producer Luke Vibert, came across a collection of ’95-’98 recordings that were previously unheard, which brings back old school jungle and drum & bass vibes. His style is notably experimental, which is refreshing during a time when so many producers are pumping out hundreds of generic, formulaic, forgettable tunes. His sound pushed the envelope back in the 90’s and it is his departure from conformity that drew me to his music in the first place. The whole album is great, but I particularly love the funkiness of “Scar City”, the twisted glitched-out grooves of “Yes Man”, and the hard pounding crunchy amens of “Mind Bending”. The LP is totally trippy, and is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart, but will definitely tantalize the eardrums of junglists worldwide.
Genre: RPM, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Experimental
For Fans of: Photek, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin

My Track Picks:
1. Scar City
6. Mind Bending
8. Yes Man
10. Flight 78


Vader “Double Vision EP” (Sinister Recordings) 

Canada based electronic music producer/DJ Vader has given us another solid drum & bass release. The title tune starts things off with super deep and groovy amen-filled liquid dnb. The bass hits just right with this one. Things get a bit darker with smooth flowing “Twisted” that starts with a simple vibe melody. In “Shining” Vader lays down funky yet laid-back beats. Really enjoying the bass glissandos on “Luxury”; they are reminiscent of classic jungle bass that I fell in love with in the 90s.  The EP has a lush, distinct soulful jazzy flavor perfect for moving around on dance floors and chilling out in a lounge or at home.
Genres: RPM, Drum & Bass
For Fans of: LTJ Bukem, Calibre

My Track Picks:
Honestly, I really cannot pick a favorite here, and enjoy dropping each one of them equally, so I am going to just give the tracklisting.
1. Double Vision
2. Twisted
3. Shining
4. Luxury

Salaryman “Burning In My Soul EP” (Liquid Brilliants)

France-based Salaryman may be a relatively new name to us here in the US, but this young DJ/promoter turned producer is shaking the airwaves with his latest EP. Each tune has its own distinctive sound. The record kicks of with the fun electro dancefloor banger “Droids Can Make it Funky”. I like the high energy thump and carefree funky feel to it, but where Salaryman really excels is on the other two tunes. “Burning In My Soul” keeps the energy levels up with the rolling bass line and electro synth melody. The buildup and breakdown of this track are great. My personal favorite is “Inner East”. This tune is deep, techy liquid dnb with minimal instrumentation. His use of minimal string samples, deep bass, and phased beats keep the smooth vibe flowing. The diversity of sounds in each track on the EP earns my recommendation for the hardcore dnb heads down to the novice listeners.
Genre: RPM, Drum &  Bass

My Track Picks:
Burning In My Soul
Inner East

December 2011 Charts Are In!

Mutiny Radio: Station Top 10
1. Various Artists “American Graffiti Soundtrack
2. David Hasselhoff “The Night Before Christmas”
3. Various Artists “Sun and Bass 2011”
4. Various Artists “Maybe This Christmas”
5. The Art of Noise “The FON Mixes”
6. DJ SALEX “Radiance – EP”
7. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido “Suave Patria – EP”
8. Ghedalia Tazartez “Tazartes’ Transports”
9. Jimi Hendrix “Axis: Bold As Love”
10. Squirrel Nut Zippers “Christmas Caravan”

1. Ghedalia Tazartes “Tazartes’ Transports”
2. Etelvina Maldonado “Etelvina Maldonado”
3. Savina Yanatou “Anapnoes (Breath)
4. Various Artists “Mortika”
5. La Chicana “Tango Agazapado”

1. David Hasselhoff “The Night Before Christmas”
2. Various Artists “Maybe This Christmas”
3. Jimi Hendrix “Axis: Bold As Love”
4. Squirrel Nut Zippers “Christmas Caravan”
5. Summer Ferrante “Favorite Fantasy – EP”
6. Various Artists “Local Icicles: A Special Rock Hop Holiday Release”
7. Tara Linda “Tortilla Western Serenade”
8. Broken Social Scene “You Forgot It In People”
9. Neutral Milk “In The Aeroplane Over the Sea”
10. Sparta Locals “Maboroshi Forever”

1. Various Artists “Sun and Bass 2011”
2. The Art of Noise “The FON Mixes”
3. DJ SALEX “Radiance – EP”
4. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido “Suave Patria – EP”
5. Various Artists “Basswerk Sessions, Vol. 3”
6. Various Artists “Drum and Bass Headhunterz”
7. Lido Pimienta “Humano – EP”
8. MR. SCRUFF “Ninja Tune Singles: December 2011”
9. Wiley “Boom Blast Remixes”
10. DJ Troma “SF Steppa”

Featured Albums|Other Genres
1. Ghedalia Tazartes “Tazartes’ Transports”
2. Various Artists “American Graffiti Soundtrack”
3. Various Artists “Sauntered Soundtrack”
4. Mercury Rev “All Is Dream”
5. Nina Simone “Anthology”
6. Julio Sosa “Lunfardo”
7. Raul Hitler “Mas Rock and Roll!”
8. Various Artists “Mortika”
9. Various “Bottletop Presents Sound Affects: Africa”
10. Savatage “Dead Winter Dead”

1. Blackalicious “Blazing Arrow”
2. Drake “Take Care”
3. J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science “Soul Vibrations”
4. The Roots “Undun”
5. Roots Manuva “4everevolution”
6. Calle 13 “Calle 13”
7. Kendrick Lamar “Section.80”
8. Haji P. “Neighborhood Kid”
9. Parliament Funkadelic “Mothership Connection”
10. Zapp & Roger: “All The Greatest Hits”

New at Mutiny Radio: Uladat / Uladat

Uladat / Uladat

Review by Salex

Finally we get some refreshingly innovative, dark and twisted new music sent to be transmitted through the airwaves here at Mutiny Radio. While this most definitely will not appeal to all music lovers, the audiophiliac electronic music listener will most definitely appreciate the sounds being made by Uladat. This 5 track release is a combination of dark
industrial, hardcore and IDM vibes filtered through the asymmetrical beats and time signatures, Latin influences, layered synths, varying percussion, guitars and an assortment of other instruments, ambient textures and samples reminiscent of those found in classic dub 45’s. Genre labels cannot accurately describe the vastness of sound explored in this EP. “Purgatory” builds up so much suspense with a pulsating bass drum and creepy samples, and I particularly love “777”, filled with spooky piercing synth stabs and punchy kick drums, all reverberating through a concrete and steel soundscape.  This album not only makes me smile, but it makes me feel like I’m in a warehouse back in the day “frolicking” between the lights in the front left side of the wall of speakers.
Genres: RPM, IDM, Experimental Electronic, Dub
For Fans of: Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, De Facto
Track Picks:
#2 – Guerra
#5 – 777