New at Mutiny Radio: Rusty Nail / Boozers, Bastards, and Bards


Rusty Nail / Boozers, Bastards and Bards

 Reviewed by DJ Salex

I popped this CD into the car stereo while on vacation, and immediately noticed the Irish influences of Rusty Nail, but it had an unusually punk vibe to it, which intrigued me more. This 7-piece band from St. Louis, Missouri tells stories through fun songs that are frequently about drinking, drunks and bars. There seem to be several traditional Irish songs, and a handful of original songs. All of the members of the band are great musicians. Unfortunately when we left the car, my family’s new puppy chomped the corner of the album cover, so I do not have the first half of the song names, but I do have the track numbers (this time the dog actually ate it). Overall this is a light-hearted record that fuses Irish music, rock and punk together for a unique sound, best paired with a frosty pint in good company.
Genres: Rock/Alternative, Traditional Irish/Celtic
My track picks:
#1- Damned Voilent Things
#10- The Auld Triangle
#12- Breakfast at Home
#14- The Parting Glass

November 2011 Charts Are In!

Mutiny Radio Station Top 5

  1. Social Distortion “Live at the Roxy”
  2. The Dead Kennedys “Mutiny On The Bay”
  3. Tita Merello “Tangos de Coleccion”
  4. Aesop Rock “Float”
  5. Cornelius “Fantasma”



  1. Aesop Rock “Float”
  2. Slum Village “Fantastic, Vol. 2”
  3. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears “Scandalous”
  4. Nina Simone “Anthology”
  5. Jay Electronica “What The Fuck Is a Jay Electronica?”
  6. The Roots “Things Fall Apart”
  7. Eligh + AmpLive “Therapy at 3”
  8. Simian Scribes “EP”
  9. Giant Panda “Fly School Reunion”
  10. Mellow Orange & Organology presents: “Getaway”



  1. Cornelius “Fantasma”
  2. The Electric Flag “A Long Time Comin’”
  3. Deer Tick “Born On Flag Day”
  4. The Velvet Underground “The Velvet Underground”
  5. Wild Flag “Future Crimes B/W Glass Tambourine”
  6. Psychedelic Furs “Talk Talk Talk”
  7. Ink Blots “Trap Doors”
  8. The Jam “This Is The Modern World”
  9. Toro Y Moi “Freaking Out”
  10. Tom Waits “Bad As Me”



  1. DJ Vader “Antidote”
  2. D Bridge “So Lonely”
  3. Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido “Suave Patria”
  4. Wagon Christ “Toomorrow”
  5. Joe Syntax “Signal Drop”
  6. High Contrast “Confidential”
  7. Clart “Dream Within A Dream”
  8. Duoscience “Company”
  9. Ben Kama “With Me”
  10. Koto “Descent”



  1. Tita Merello “Tangos de Coleccion”
  2. La Chicana “Tango Agazapado”
  3. FM Belfast “Don’t Want To Sleep”
  4. Various Artists “Champetta Criolla, Vol.2”
  5. Emiliano Zuleta “Colombie – Le Vallenato”



  1. Social Distortion “Live at the Roxy”
  2. The Dead Kennedys “Mutiny On The Bay”
  3. The Damned “Machine Gun Etiquette”
  4. The Addicts “Life Goes On”
  5. Los Headaches “Boredome City”

New At Mutiny Radio: Dam Funk

Dam-Funk / InnaFocusedDaze / Scion A/V
Reviewed by DJ Yuri G

Dam-Funk wrote a single. “Forever,” the lead track on the Stones Throw neo-sophistifunkster’s Scion-sponsored EP “InnaFocusedDaze” has a hook worthy of Ready For the World, cooled out nicely over elastic staccato synth-bass. It’s got epic romance that’s both ‘hood-bound and cosmic. It sounds like an artist trying to shake off a sprawling electrogroove manifesto (2009’s “Toeachizown”) but still keep his vision intact. It swings, but still indulges some sonic detours (clocking in at 4:42) that preserve Dam’s jam ethos. It’s great. The less consequential remaining tracks follow a similar formula: the Princely bounce of “Don’t You Know (That This Funk Iz Real)” throbs with tight synths that disassemble in a screech of synthetic guitar noise. Soft electric piano and keytar intertwine “Inside of U” while waves of synthetic sound radiate like the energy source of  some sexy funk spacecraft. The robot chatter of the closing title track adds some futuristic dissonance that continues to provoke listeners to follow Dam-Funk wherever he goes next.

Track List:

1) Forever
2) Don’t You Know (That This Funk Iz Real)
3) Inside Of U
4) InnaFocusedDaze


July 2011 Charts Are In!

Mutiny Radio Station Top 10

1. FM Belfast, ‘Don’t Want to Sleep’
2. Memory Tapes, ‘Player Piano’
3. Metal Mother, ‘Bonfire Diaries’
4. DV8, ‘Human Traffic EP’
5. Noah23, ‘Fry Cook On Venus’
6. Com Truise, ‘Galactic Melt’
7. Babyboy ‘No Time 2 Wait’

8. Tara Linda, ‘Tortilla Western Serenade’
9. Wiley, ‘100% Publishing’
10. The Japanese Popstars, ‘Controlling Your Allegiance’


1. FM Belfast, ‘Don’t Want to Sleep’
2. Memory Tapes, ‘Player Piano’
3. Metal Mother, ‘Bonfire Diaries’
. Tara Linda, ‘Tortilla Western Serenade’
5. Roxy Cox, ‘Roxy Cox’
6. The Folklords, ‘Release the Sunshine’
7. Snake Flower 2, ‘Memory Castle’
8. The Wet Spots, ‘Do You Take It?’
9. Ween, ‘Chocolate & Cheese’
10. Boyd + Wain, ‘Ain’t No Fairy Tale’


1. DV8, ‘Human Traffic EP’
2. Com Truise, Galactic Melt’
3. The Japanese Popstars, ‘Controlling Your Allegiance’
4. Africa Hi Tech, ’93 Million Miles’
5. Kung, ‘Aurora EP’
6. Amon Tobin, ‘Surge EP’
7. Wagon Christ, ‘Toomorrow’
8. Junior Boys, ‘It’s All True’
9. The Bran Flakes, ‘I Have Hands’
10. Chad Valley, ‘Equatorial Ultravox’


1. The Reaction, ‘The Reaction’
2. Various Artists, ‘Matado por la Muerta’
3. Swinging Utters, ‘Here, Under Protest’
4. The Underground Railroad to Candyland, ‘Knows Your Sins’

Hip Hop/Soul/R&B

1. Noah23, ‘Fry Cook On Venus’
2. Babyboy, ‘No Time 2 Wait’
3. Wiley, ‘100% Publishing
4. Richie Cunning, ‘Nighttrain’
5. JFK is David Downey & DJ Capsize, ‘Capsule Effects’
6. Nas & Damian Marley, ‘Distant Relatives’
7. Dave Hamilton, ‘Dave Hamilton’s Detroit Funk’
8. Patience, ‘Chariot to the Sun’
9. Los Rakas, ‘Soy Raka’
10. Zion I & the Grouch, ‘Heroes in the Healing of the Nation’

New at Mutiny Radio: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra/ Fat Possum Records
Review by Ashley Ashtray

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s first and self-titled release is making waves this summer (catch them at The Independent SF this summer July 26). From their first track, populating the internet, “Ffuny Frrends” and tracks continuing through the album, there’s a consistent upbeat and catchy soulfulness that captures attention. From their funky drumming to their fuzzy guitars, it’s pure indie genius. There’s also a lo-fi feel to their recording, but with amped up psychedelic 60s inspired keyboards (think Black Moth Super Rainbow), it meshes to create an eclectic mix of 60s psychedelia, 70s guitar riffs, and 80s funky drumming for a distinct sound that is only Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Track picks:
1) Ffuny Ffrends
2) Bicycle
3) Thought Ballune
4) Jello and Juggernauts
6) Nerve Damage!

June 2011 Charts are Here!

Mutiny Radio Station Top 10
1. The Dead Kennedys “Mutiny on the Bay”
2. Amon Tobin “Isam”
3. Coppe’ “Artificial Insemination”
4. Pablo Fetti “The Big Payback”
5. Danny Byrd “Rave Digger (Special Edition)”
6. Pour Habit “Got Your Back”
7. Various Artists “Stones Throw & Adult Swim Presents – Chrome Children”
8. London Elektricity “Yikes!”
9. Beard “Beard”
10. Con Brio “From the Hip”

1. Pour Habit “Got Your Back”
2. Beard “Beard”
3. Battles “Gloss Drop”
4. Matt & Kim “Grand”
5. Monroe Monroe “Love Wins”
6. Friendly Fires “Pala”
7. Sleigh Bells “Treats”
8. Electrelane “No Shouts No Calls”
9. Various Artists “Desperate Rock n Roll”
10. Baths “Cerulean”


1. Amon Tobin “Isam”
2. Coppe’ “Artificial Insemination”
3. Danny Byrd “Rave Digger (Special Edition)”
4. London Elektricity “Yikes!”
5. High Contrast “Confidential”
6. Babe Rainbow “Endless Path EP”
7. Bassoff “Missing You”
8. Sabbia feat. Wiosna “Soulmates (Physics Remix)”
9. Vidual “I Should Have Known Better”
10. DV8 “Human Traffic EP”


1. The Dead Kennedys “Mutiny on the Bay”
2. Gutwrench “Uncontrollable”
3. Los Saicos “Wild Teen Punk from Peru”
4. The Only Ones “Special View”

Hip Hop/Soul/R&B
1. Pablo Fetti “The Big Payback”
2. Various Artists “Stones Throw & Adult Swim Presents – Chrome Children”
3. Con Brio “From the Hip”
4. The Herbalizer “Herbal Tonic”
5. 13 & God “Own Your Ghost”
6. AmpLive “Rainydayz Remixes”
7. Digable Planets “Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time & Space)”
8. Various Artists “The Funky 16 Corners”
9. Ansia “Fight For the Innocents”
10. Various Artists “Bay Area Funk – Funk & Soul Essentials from San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay Area 1967-1976, Vol. 1”

New at Mutinry Radio: Junior Boys

Junior Boys / It’s All True / Domino Records (2011)
Review by Salex

It’s All True is the third full-length release from Canadian synth-pop duo Junior Boys. The album kicks off with the upbeat “Itchy Fingers. The song features synth stabs, simple beats and the vocals of singer Jeremy Greenspan. Things get a bit darker and funkier with the track “You’ll Improve Me”. The rest of the tracks keep the same synth-pop vibe. The high point for me is the minimal tech-house track “Kick the Can”.

Genres: RPM/Synth-Pop

Track Picks:
#3 – You’ll Improve Me
#7 – Kick The Can

For Fans of: Hot Chip, Caribou

New at Mutiny Radio: Selebreties

Selebreties / Delusions / 2011
Review by the Passerby

After years of 70’s throwback bands like The Strokes and Franz Fredinand, I was more than ready for the 80’s infused electronica to make a return. Selebreties’ album Delusions does a perfect early eighties sound that is at the same time dancey and dark. The vocals and lyrics are as somber as the album name suggests but the sweeping synthesizer and beat add an I-couldn’t-care-less feel to many of the tracks. This is music for a post-apocalyptic generation that saw tsunami and Judgment Day come and go without much fanfare. Vocalist Maria Usbeck takes us through a world that is lonely and harsh but does so with a disaffected shrug, even love is described as “simple and boring”. But they aren’t indifferent to everything, their passion for New Order shines through in every song. Selebreties takes these post-punk/ new wave sounds as they are and make them their own. Delusion will get some playtime in my house as welcomed new edition to a familiar and much missed genre.

FCC Clean

Favorite Tracks: 3, 9,10
Sounds like: New Order, Joy Division and Siouxsie and The Banshees

New at Mutiny Radio: MAKING FRIENDZ

Making Friendz/ Social Life/ Last Bummer Records
Review by Ashley Ashtray
Making Friendz latest release “Social Life” begins with attention grabbing and upbeat track “Situation” with distorted punky guitar riffs and fun sing-a-long lyrics. Unexpected electronica synths make appearances throughout the album, providing a more a poppy sound and more playful girl vocals. With 80s pop vocals reminiscent of Madonna yet the punky elements of Kathleen Hanna, Making Friendz’s “Social Life” is a blend of pure disco punk and electronica. 

Track picks:
1) Situation
3) Don’t Make Me Cry
5) Something to Believe In

Sounds like: Mika Miko, CSS, The Gossip, Miss TK & the Revenge, Le Tigre, The Kills