SpamBot Advice Column (2)

Today’s spambot is AnthonyCHiet from Anthony enjoys Scientology, ruining what’s left of Craig’s List, and German bondage porn. You can try to reach Anthony at, but its likely to infect your computer with a virus.

Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

All that rain from this weekend has flooded my apartment, and the landlord is too busy raising the rent on my elderly neighbors to help me stop toxic black mold from taking hold of my woodwork. Can you help me to disinfect this mess before I have to deal with brain infections on top of impossible rent?

— Baffled in Bayview

Dear Baffled in Bayview,

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Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

I’m running a profitable illegal opiate business out of my home, but I fear the police, my neighbors, the competition, and my ex-wife are on the verge of finding out. How can I continue to feed San Francisco’s insatiable appetite for drugs and still get custody of my kids on Thursdays?

— Hunted in Hunter’s Point

Dear Hunted in Hunter’s Point

Removing your agenda for a demonstrating will heighten the worth of that period expended and make up a far better perception on possible buyers. Transform your phone off of, keep your children calm and avoid some other probable interruptions of the showing. You may not want something annoying a would-be purchaser from inspecting your own home and picturing themselves lifestyle there. Dianabol before and after 4 weeks at

Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

My grad school buddies and I have almost finished gentrifying the neighborhood and replacing what few locals remain with hip, overpriced wine bars. We’re having our opening this week and I’m thinking a 2009 Merlot would pair well with oyster shooters, but I don’t know if we can recoup the costs of an expensive opening party without blackmailing the immigrants on our block and threatening their families with deportation. Should I settle for sourdough with vinegar and oil, or shoot for the moon with truffle-stuffed pastries and a few calls to ICE?

— Soulless in the Sunset

Dear Soulless in the Sunset,

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Mutiny Radio gets about 6 human comments and 600,000 spam comments a year. If you’d like to submit a question for our never-ending slough of spambots, visit David Stolowitz at

SpamBot Advice Column

Today’s SpamBot is Jamesmip from James enjoys shifting IP addresses, manipulating election results, and sex trafficking. You might be able to reach him at, but its probably a fake email.

Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

I love dogs so much but I am having a HELL of a time housebreaking this puppy! Any tips?

— Mission Dog Lover

Dear Mission Dog Lover.

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Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

I want to make my money grow, but in today’s hostile investment atmosphere, I’m not sure how best to apply my savings in a bear market. Can you help?

– Tenderloin Techie

Dear Tenderloin Techie,

Be considered a humble investor. Don’t have a “large mind” if it seems that you might appear ahead. The current market is continually shifting so even when it would appear that you happen to be on an upswing, you might require a tumble. Don’t begin to make rash judgements or “honoring” beforehand. Continue to be calm and stay watchful from the market place situations. Testosterone Enanthate 10 mL (200mg/MI) at

Dear MutinySpamBot,

New Year, New Me! I want to look FABULOUS for 2019! What’s your best styling advice?

— Superficial in SoMA

Dear Superficial in SoMA,

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Mutiny Radio gets about 6 human comments and 600,000 spam comments a year. If you’d like to submit a question for our never-ending slough of spambots, email David Stolowitz at

2019 Comedy Festival Lineup!

44 podcasts, 26 live shows, 50 comics!

brought to you by Benders, Counter Offer, Subliminal SF and Asiento

All Live shows $10, many live podcasts FREE

The 4th annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival is bringing together 25 local comics and 25 comics from all over the US for 44 podcasts and 26 live shows (also podcast) March 1st – 5th, 2019. That’s 50 comics in 5 days all at Mutiny Radio, the Mission district’s only comedy venue/ podcast hub that streams live to the entire world at
All tickets are $10 available at Eventbrite for this awesome festival! The art on the walls during the festival will be featuring a photographer from Athens Greece!  We are also doing a comedy documentary screening by Funny or Die’s Timothy Pizza at the Roxie theatre
It’s an awesome 5 day event inviting the whole world to listen live or download at


11am   50 minute podcast with Ethan Quinn

12noon    The Weekly Review with Roman Rimer

2pm     Women’s Magazine with Global Val

6pm    Work work work work work – The Things we do for Money honey

7pm   Its not what I wanted: the-disappointment-show

8pm  Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse

10pm     all-ladies


9am podcast-cage-match

10am labor-and-love

12noon flat-black-plastic

12 noon at the Roxie Theatre, Timothy Pizza’s new documentary “ToggleDownfall”

2pm tim-pizzas-the-dirtroid

6pm karaoke-song-and-set

7pm the-ultimate-game-show

8pm all-as-a-names

9pm poc-not-pc

10pm underwear-only


9am hilarious-history-with-anthony-and-martin-tickets-54510406092

10am g-money-and-woostein

2pm lwaflmoyt-with-mike-speigelman

5pm hell-hat

6pm my-first-barbie-aka-you-little-shit

7pm motherhood-moms-from-the-hood

8pm birth-order-im-a-fucked-up-middle-child-of-7-or-something

9pm fur-babies-are-better-than-real-babies


10am everyday-conversations-on-race

12noon bernice-ye

1pm the-show-must-go-on

2pm tim-pizza-does-something-awesome

3pm the-sunny-side-tickets


7pm more-funny-comedy

8pm im-sure-hell-come-up-with-something

Contact Pam Benjamin for more details at
Out of Town comics:

Ethan Quinn AZ
Sean Riccio WA
Bernice Ye WA
Robert Peng BC Vancouver
Anthony Davis LA
Andrew Murphy WA
Alex Rios OR
Ben Warren OR
Bhama Roget LA
Sunny Dennis MA
Jaren George OR
Todd Kirkwood WA
Molly Sharrow LA
LeRoya Sanford LA
Ellen Doyle LA
Jasper Wang NYC
Andy Picarro LA
Brian Plumb MA
Karl Berger OR
Alexis Prigo LA
Bobby Higley WA
Tim Pizza the desert
Ericson Just PA
Christopher Scriva PA
Meagan Gross WA
Kathleen DeMarle MA
Tommy McGuire NY

In town Comics (SF Bay Area)

Journey Roberts It’s Not What I wanted, The Disappointment Show

Rolf Skar Work Work Work,   Time Machine
Pam Benjamin Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse , Fur Babies Are Better Than Real Babies, Magic the Gathering, StarWars and Dorkdom
Jen Levenduski All Ladies
Chris Hollstein Password CageMatch Podcast
Charlie Spink Karaoke Song N Set
Marty Cunnie The Ultimate Gameshow
Anthony Zuccaro My Name Starts with an A   Hilarious History with Anthony and Martin
James Mwuara POC not PC
Gary Hughes Underwear Only
Brian Lucett Hell Hat Improv Stand Up
Edsel Mac My First Barbie
Rachel Dee Parenthood, Mom’s from the Hood     Over 40 and Hot as FK
Geulah Finmann Dysfunctional Families
Dan Aguinaga 23 and Meh
Matthew Quirk Millennials VS Gen Xers
Natalie Fowzie Over 40 and Hot
Michaela Lassig Dating a Comic
Danny Dechi Just Comedy, No Theme
Dashiell Renaut Just a themeless comedy show

Mutiny Radio Podcast hosts:

Roman Rimer- The Weekly Review
Val Ibarra- Women’s Magazine
Bill Morgan- Labor and Love
Scotto Walker- Flat Black Plastic
George D Smith/ Woostein- G-money and Woostein
Mike Speigalman- LWAFLMOYT
Simma Lieberman- Everyday Conversations on Race
Fred Scarf- Free Phone Sex
Renee McKenna- Spiritual Psychology
Sergio Novoa- My Limited View
Pam Benjamin- Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse