Accused Portland killer Jeremy Christian’s excuses sound an awful lot like alt-right rhetoric

from June 8, 2017 at 07:06PM

Jeremy Christian

Jeremy Christian (Credit: AP/John Bazemore)

Jeremy Christian, the man accused of murdering two people and seriously injuring another during a May 26 knife attack on a Portland, Oregon, train, is saying things that will sound awfully familiar to anyone who has followed the rise of the “alt-right” in recent months. Specifically, I mean the racist, right-wing factions who have focused on organizing confrontational and sometimes violent street protests on the West Coast.

Christian’s court appearances have been marked by much shouting by him, and much of what he’s saying sounds like he’s directly channeling the talking points promulgated by groups like the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, Patriot Prayer and fans of Kyle Chapman, known to his followers as “Based Stickman.”

During a court appearance on Wednesday, Christian started ranting about how he’s “not guilty of anything but defending myself against violent aggression by Micah Fletcher,” the lone survivor among the three men Christian allegedly stabbed after they intervened during his racist tirade against two women on the train.

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