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Today’s SpamBot is Jamesmip from James enjoys shifting IP addresses, manipulating election results, and sex trafficking. You might be able to reach him at, but its probably a fake email.

Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

I love dogs so much but I am having a HELL of a time housebreaking this puppy! Any tips?

— Mission Dog Lover

Dear Mission Dog Lover.

Steroids injectable products at Puppies are capable of knowing the right along with the incorrect things to do with correct and consistent instruction. Because of this every member of the family needs to be happy to enforce these borders. It will immediately undo your work! Masteron 500mg per MI at

Dear Mutiny SpamBot,

I want to make my money grow, but in today’s hostile investment atmosphere, I’m not sure how best to apply my savings in a bear market. Can you help?

– Tenderloin Techie

Dear Tenderloin Techie,

Be considered a humble investor. Don’t have a “large mind” if it seems that you might appear ahead. The current market is continually shifting so even when it would appear that you happen to be on an upswing, you might require a tumble. Don’t begin to make rash judgements or “honoring” beforehand. Continue to be calm and stay watchful from the market place situations. Testosterone Enanthate 10 mL (200mg/MI) at

Dear MutinySpamBot,

New Year, New Me! I want to look FABULOUS for 2019! What’s your best styling advice?

— Superficial in SoMA

Dear Superficial in SoMA,

If you’d like to demonstrate your hairstyle, attempt putting on precious jewelry that kind comments your hair’s shade. Eco-friendly or aqua gemstones set up away reddish your hair magnificently, while jewel hues brighten up darker tresses. If you have acceptable locks, a precise dazzling stone similar to a diamond will make it sparkle, while a darker stone adds fantastic aesthetic distinction. Testosterone Propionate once a week at

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