New at Mutiny Radio: Grace Woodroofe “Always Want” (Modular Records)

Written by DJ St. Kilda

Although Grace Woodroofe’s debut album Always Want, has been out in her native Australia for nearly a year now, it is set to see its American release on January 24 via Modular Records. The twenty-year-old singer from Perth has worked hard for her success, submitting tracks and demos to radio stations and competitions since she was sixteen. But it wasn’t until one of those tracks landed in the hands of Heath Ledger that Woodroofe got the push she was looking for. This eventually led to multiple songwriting trips to LA; Always Want was produced by Ben Harper and backed by members of the Relentless7.

Woodroofe’s debut is a mix of folk-pop melodies, bluesy ballads, and garage rock stompers. “Transformer” features White Stripes-esque guitars and a promise to “be exactly what you want me to be.” “Oh My God” channels a bluesy Regina Spektor. The gorgeous and heartbreaking “H.” mourns the loss of her friend Heath Ledger (“I glance where you sit, I mean where you sat/I’m still re-adjusting, still getting used to that”). Album closer is a beautiful cover of David Bowie’s “Quicksand,” and seems to mirror the voyage of self-discovery Woodroofe is currently on (“I’m torn between the light and dark/Where others see their target…. Can’t take my eyes from the great salvation/Of bullshit faith”).

Grace Woodroofe could easily be compared to artists like Joss Stone or Fiona Apple, but though her lyrics indicate she’s stilling searching for her personal identity, Always Want makes it clear she’s got a voice of her own. Look out for her Stateside soon.

Focus Tracks:

3. Transformer
4. H.
7. Bear
10. Quicksand

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