DJ Food, “The Search Engine” (Ninja Tune)

Review by Salex

Living in San Francisco, I spend a great deal of my daily life on public transit, so I’ve always got my headphones on listening to tunes. Riding on Muni can be an interesting adventure in and of itself, and finding the perfect “soundtrack” can be key in whether or not the experience will be tolerable, let alone even enjoyable. The evening I got “The Search Engine” the K train was packed with a particularly strange menagerie of characters, and listening to this record actually made the time quite interesting. Between the loud teenagers and crazy crack-head banter while listening to these tracks had me covering my face, because the samples ironically fit perfectly with what was happening around me, and I was having a difficult time refraining from laughing hysterically. This is the first full-length release from the DJ Food series, comprised of previously released material from other EP’s which I liked a lot, and I have to say, I really enjoy them even more all together. Strictly Kev is very skilled at pumping beats full of unique music, and spoken word samples. I have been listening to this record over and over, and mixing tracks into my DJ sets ever since I got it. The collaborations with Matt Johnson, Natural Self, DJ, J.G. Thirlwell, and 2econd Class Citizen add to the diversity of sounds and genres on “The Search Engine”.

Genres: Hip Hop, RPM, Funk
For Fans of: DJ Shadow, Kid Koala

Track Picks:

# 2 Giant featuring Matt Johnson
# 5 Sentinel (Shadown Guard) featuring DK
# 6 Prey featuring J.G. Thirwell
# 7 In Orbit Every Monday
# 10 Magpie Music featuring 2econd Class Citizen
# 11 A Trick of the Ear

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