Ben Warren

Ben Warren is a Portland based comic from Oakwood, Illinois. A Semi finalist in Porltand’s Funniest Person, his comedy is best described as dark, stoner dad material. A stay at home dad, raft guide, and ski patroller, Ben developed his unique, vulnerable style in front of captive, sometimes injured audiences. Ben has performed throughout The Pacific Northwest, is a regular host at Harvey’s Comedy Club, and featured in Idaho Laughfest. Come see him at these shows during the MRCF 2019

Friday March 1st, 7pm. $10. It’s Not What I Wanted: The Disappoitment Show

Saturday March 2nd, 10a-noon. FREE. Labor and Love Podcast

Sunday March 3rd, 10a-noon. FREE. G-Money and Woostein Podcast

Sunday March 3rd, 7pm. $10. Parent Hood- Mom’s from the hood.

Monday March 4th. 5pm. $10. Password- a comedy Gameshow