Anthony Davis

Born and raised in North Carolina, Anthony Davis is a high energy powerhouse of emotion and gravy. A happily angry man, Anthony Davis has been through everything you can possibly think of. As a school teacher, he was made fun of for his weight and accent: as a husband, he’s made fun of for the same thing. He’s been on Funny or Die and recently recorded a Netflix special “The White Trash Comedy Tour” set to release this year. See him on these Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival shows!

Friday March 1st, 6pm: $10. Work, Work, Work

Saturday March 2nd, 10pm: $10. Underwear Only

Monday March 4th. 10pm: FREE. Free Phone Sex Podcast

Tuesday March 5th, 8pm, $10. Procrastination

Tuesday March 5th, 9pm, $10. Magic the Gathering, Star Wars and Dorkdom