New at Mutiny Radio: MAKING FRIENDZ

Making Friendz/ Social Life/ Last Bummer Records
Review by Ashley Ashtray
Making Friendz latest release “Social Life” begins with attention grabbing and upbeat track “Situation” with distorted punky guitar riffs and fun sing-a-long lyrics. Unexpected electronica synths make appearances throughout the album, providing a more a poppy sound and more playful girl vocals. With 80s pop vocals reminiscent of Madonna yet the punky elements of Kathleen Hanna, Making Friendz’s “Social Life” is a blend of pure disco punk and electronica. 

Track picks:
1) Situation
3) Don’t Make Me Cry
5) Something to Believe In

Sounds like: Mika Miko, CSS, The Gossip, Miss TK & the Revenge, Le Tigre, The Kills