New At Mutiny Radio: Dam Funk

Dam-Funk / InnaFocusedDaze / Scion A/V
Reviewed by DJ Yuri G

Dam-Funk wrote a single. “Forever,” the lead track on the Stones Throw neo-sophistifunkster’s Scion-sponsored EP “InnaFocusedDaze” has a hook worthy of Ready For the World, cooled out nicely over elastic staccato synth-bass. It’s got epic romance that’s both ‘hood-bound and cosmic. It sounds like an artist trying to shake off a sprawling electrogroove manifesto (2009’s “Toeachizown”) but still keep his vision intact. It swings, but still indulges some sonic detours (clocking in at 4:42) that preserve Dam’s jam ethos. It’s great. The less consequential remaining tracks follow a similar formula: the Princely bounce of “Don’t You Know (That This Funk Iz Real)” throbs with tight synths that disassemble in a screech of synthetic guitar noise. Soft electric piano and keytar intertwine “Inside of U” while waves of synthetic sound radiate like the energy source of  some sexy funk spacecraft. The robot chatter of the closing title track adds some futuristic dissonance that continues to provoke listeners to follow Dam-Funk wherever he goes next.

Track List:

1) Forever
2) Don’t You Know (That This Funk Iz Real)
3) Inside Of U
4) InnaFocusedDaze


New at Mutiny Radio: Selebreties

Selebreties / Delusions / 2011
Review by the Passerby

After years of 70’s throwback bands like The Strokes and Franz Fredinand, I was more than ready for the 80’s infused electronica to make a return. Selebreties’ album Delusions does a perfect early eighties sound that is at the same time dancey and dark. The vocals and lyrics are as somber as the album name suggests but the sweeping synthesizer and beat add an I-couldn’t-care-less feel to many of the tracks. This is music for a post-apocalyptic generation that saw tsunami and Judgment Day come and go without much fanfare. Vocalist Maria Usbeck takes us through a world that is lonely and harsh but does so with a disaffected shrug, even love is described as “simple and boring”. But they aren’t indifferent to everything, their passion for New Order shines through in every song. Selebreties takes these post-punk/ new wave sounds as they are and make them their own. Delusion will get some playtime in my house as welcomed new edition to a familiar and much missed genre.

FCC Clean

Favorite Tracks: 3, 9,10
Sounds like: New Order, Joy Division and Siouxsie and The Banshees