New at Mutiny Radio: Mux Mool “Planet High School” (Ghostly International)


Review by Salex

So happy about this new full-length release from Mux Mool. Two years ago when I came to this station I wrote about his Skulltaste album, which I really enjoyed. The vibe on Planet High School is noticeably different, and Mux Mool expertly explores varying textures & tempos, keeping the flavor of the record constantly morphing. There is so much diversity on the album, that I was able to drop tracks alongside my drum & bass sets, as well as hip hop sets. The tracks are instrumental electronic dance music, with complex rhythms, samples, and melodies. It is hard to classify Mux Mool into one genre, so if you are looking for plain boring instrumental hip hop, you will not find that here. The album starts out with a laid-back funky groove on the tune “Brothers” that is filled with simple beats and glitchy looped vocal samples that freely flows into an ambient, jazzy monophonic synth pattern as the tempo picks up. I am enjoying the many unexpected tempo and compositional style changes throughout the record. “Live at 7-11” starts out feeling like a groovy lounge track, but quickly escalates into 170 BPM experimental jungle. He still heavily uses his signature array of computer and mechanical blips and bleeps, but with tracks like “Raw Gore” and “Get Yer Alphabets” he adds dubbier distorted bass lines, filters and more varied percussion instrumentation. His use of samples is great too. The last track “Baba” starts out with ambient synth guitar chords and simple shakers that builds up into an uplifting progressive house vibe. What I really like about Mux Mool, is that he writes electronic music that is very musical, well thought out and innovative, pushing the boundaries of where electronic music can evolve to.
Genres: Electronic/RPM, Instrumental Hip Hop, IDM
For fans of: Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Shigeto

Track Picks

#2 Live at 7-11
#5 The Butterfly Technique
#7 Raw Gore
#9 Get Yer Alphabets (Guns)