Originally from the icy shores of Maine, Karl’s comedy resembles the coastline of his home state; salty, bitter and oddly shipwreck prone. Drawing from the daily neurocies of a late millennial. Karl’s stories and anecdotes will leave you side splitter like a hickory log as you remark, “Wait, what did he say?!”

Voted 7th most attractive open mic comic in the greater Portland metro area by an unauthorized poll you can be certain that even if the jokes offend, the cut of his jib wont.
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Instagram: @bergerbergerberger
And come see him during the following Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival Shows: Click on the link for direct access to the many podcasts! Winner of “Most Stage Time” during this year’s Fest with 8 appearances!!!! That’s 19% of the Festival!!!!!

Saturday March 2nd, 10a- 11:50. FREE: Labor and Love with Bill Morgan Podcast

Saturday March 2nd, 12noon-1:50p. FREE: Flat Black Plastic with Scotto Walker, special guest DJ Karl Berger

Saturday March 2nd, 7pm. $10. The Ultimate Game Show

Sunday March 3rd, 10am-noon. FREE. G-Money and WooStein Podcast

Sunday March 3rd, 2-4pm. FREE. LWAFLMOYT with Mike Spiegelman Podcast (Let’s Watch a Full Length Movie on You Tube)

Sunday March 3rd, 6pm. $10. My First Barbie aka you little shit

Monday March 4th, 7pm. $10. Millennial’s VS Gen Xers

Tuesday March 5th, 10am-noon. FREE. Spiritual Psychology