Aaron Atkins

Sunday March 1st, 4-4:50 pm- Mike Speegz run a Mic
Monday March 2nd, 2-250 pm- Funny Musicians with Danny Dechi
Monday March 3rd, 8-10p: Make the Tapes (5 min sets taped)
Tuesday March 4th, 11-1150- Chris Khatami’s Bracket Royale
Tuesday March 3rd, 1-150- What the fuck were you thinking?
Wednesday March 4th, 8pm- 12am- Special comedy show at El Rio

Saturday March 7th, 9-9:50 pm- Comedian’s Comedian

My name is Aaron Atkins, and I’m an American stand up comedian based in Chicago, Illinois. Born in San Francisco, I started doing stand up comedy when I was 15 years old and have kept at it ever since. In Chicago I perform regularly at venues like The Laugh Factory and The Second City where I touch upon unique subjects like growing up vegan, being queer, and recovering from addiction. My life has been lived all over the place and I love diving into my unique well of stories to make other people laugh.

Seen by Aaron Atkins at 1:40 PM