Cam Strong

Wednesday, March 4th, 2-250 pmSome Call Me Tim? part 1
Thursday, March 5th, Noon-12:50 pm– AntiSocial Discourse
Friday, March 6th, 4-5:50 pmJW Megaweg Show
Friday, March 6th, 9-9:50 pmHell Hat Improv
Saturday, March 7th, 10-11:50 am Labor and Love with Bill Morgan
2-3:50pm- Storytelling Workshop with Jeff Hanson
3/7 Saturday 4-5:50p- For the Tapes

I’m a Portland-grown comic, and a writer for Curious Comedy’s Late Night Special. I do silly signs and worse props, as well as improv, stand up, and a bit of writing. Whenever I’m on stage I like getting the crowd part of the act.