Cameron Writt

Sunday March 1st, 8-10 pm: Make the Tapes (5 min sets taped)
Tuesday March 2nd, 4-5:50 pm- Clem’s Castaways
Thursday March 3rd, 9-9:50 pm New Player
Friday March 6th, 3-3:50 pm- Occult Oubliette

Cam Writt is a comedian in California’s Central Coast who often ventures outside to perform in new cities and comedy scenes. He has been booked at the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and has featured several times on Mutiny’s stage for many years.

Cam has experience in headlining, and maintains a rich and clever 30 minutes of polished material at the ready. He is very mindful of always keeping the audience within a few seconds of the next carefully crafted punchline. While Cam’s material is intended for adults, it is not especially vulgar, and he has no tendency toward trying to convince you he is right about anything (nor should he).

Cam enjoys sewing, and writes short, humorous essays at