Andrew Murphy is a comedian from Seattle, Washington. He runs a youtube channel called What The F!@# Is An America??? which explains the complexities of American law, culture and history, which involves a lot more hobos then you might think. He is a regular at the Seattle Underground and Punchline Comedy. He ran a show called Comedy Crawlspace that got shutdown because the comics were “bumming the regulars out”. Comedy got him fired from a job driving a monorail. A guy once said Andrew Murphy was “the Spalding Grey of dick jokes”. Come see him in these shows during the festival: Click on the link for direct access to the podcast!

Friday March 1st, 6pm. $10. Work, Work, Work

Saturday March 2nd, 7pm,$10. The Ultimate Game Show

Saturday March 2nd My Name Starts with an A

Sunday March 3rd, 6pm, $10. My First Barbie aka You Little Shit

Tuesday March 5th 2pm, FREE. What The F!@# Is An America??? Podcast