Ben Warren is a Portland based comic from Oakwood, Illinois. A Semi finalist in Porltand’s Funniest Person, his comedy is best described as dark, stoner dad material. A stay at home dad, raft guide, and ski patroller, Ben developed his unique, vulnerable style in front of captive, sometimes injured audiences. Ben has performed throughout The Pacific Northwest, is a regular host at Harvey’s Comedy Club, and featured in Idaho Laughfest. Come see him at these shows during the MRCF 2019! Click on the link for direct access to the podcast!

Friday March 1st, 7pm. $10. It’s Not What I Wanted: The Disappoitment Show

Saturday March 2nd, 10a-noon. FREE. Labor and Love Podcast

Sunday March 3rd, 10a-noon. FREE. G-Money and Woostein Podcast

Sunday March 3rd, 7pm. $10. Parent Hood- Mom’s from the hood.

Monday March 4th. 5pm. $10. Password- a comedy Gameshow