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Once a clueless immigrant who didn’t speak English, now an entitled American citizen, Seattle-based comic Bernice Ye has always been a rebel and outsider in both worlds. She explores themes that range from everyday life to feminism and cultural identity, combining humor with great insight.

Bernice has performed in Northwest Women’s Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival, NBC’s Standup Seattle Live Audition as well as clubs and shows all over WA, OR and CA. She is also a writer on The Syndrome Magazine, with the mission to empower women, one joke at a time. Don’t be fooled by her sunny, sweet disposition, this one knows how to bite.

Some fun facts:

  • Bernice burned down the playground when she was in elementary school
  • She lived in Argentina for a month for the love of Argentine tango
  • She graduated from the Peking University (The Harvard of China)
  • and she is a PhD drop-out from Purdue University.