Jaren George was born and raised in New York City, is a comedian now living in Portland,OR. He has performed in shows mostly around the Northwest. He just wants you (the audience) to be engaged and feed off his intensely high charismatic ways. Jaren’s style for jokes can only be described as “energetic storytelling” with a second main entree
of “Ah, I see what he did there” because he spoils you. He will bring you unconventional humor and twists. Jaren simultaneously runs a show in Southeast Portland called Optimism. You can catch him doing shows around Portland. Your cat adores him.
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and see him during these Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival Shows! Click on the link for direct access to the podcasts!

Friday March 1st, 8pm. $20. Pamtastic’s Comedy

Saturday March 2nd, 9p. $10. I’m Black/Biracial- POC not PC

Monday March 4th, 6pm. $10. 23 & meh

Tuesday March 5th, 8pm. $10. The Procrastination Show