Make the Tapes (5 min sets taped)
Clem’s Castaways
Talking Two Quigley
Spec Script
Spec Script talking behind the scenes
Cage Match
Comedian’s Comedian

Born in Melrose Massachusetts, Kevin M Quigley draws his humor from everyday life, the world around him, and the dark corners of his mind that hide behind his smiling eyes. In his short tenure as a comic, Mr. Quigley has been described as “edgy and unpredictable”, “like an emaciated Drew Carrey”, and “cute but I’m old enough to be your grandmother”. His major influences include Mitch Hedberg, Anthony Jeselnik, Mike Birbiglia and Norm MacDonald. A fan of comedy in all it forms, Kevin looks forward to what his comedic future will hold, and is open to any and every possibility