3/2 Monday noon-12:50p- Parenting: You should need a license
3/4 Wednesday 9p- 12a- Special comedy show at El Rio
3/6 Friday 12-2p- Weekly Review with Roman Rimer
3/6 Friday 7-7:50p All Ladies
3/7 Saturday 4-5:50p- For the Tapes

Lalita Dee honed her stand-up skills teaching undergraduates, and after numerous evaluations recommending she do stand-up comedy (which probably was not meant as a compliment), she enrolled in the Lady Laughs Comedy school in Madison, WI, studying with the legendary Dina Nina Martinez. In her comedy Lalita tackles white privilege, mansplaining, lesbian parenting, and why Americans do not know how to cross the road. She has performed in Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in Madison, Outside Amy Schumer in Chicago, and the GO Bar in Athens, GA. Before she moved to the Bay Area from Madison she co-hosted a monthly comedy show called Extra AF Comedy.