3/1 Sunday 8-10p: Make the Tapes

3/2 Monday 6-8pm- Joke Workshop

3/4 Wednesday noon-12:50p- Alta Cast

3/6 Friday 3-3:50p- Occult Oubliette

3/6 Friday 10-11p- Underwear Comedy

3/7 Saturday 10-10:50p- I Fucking LOVE Cats!

Maggie O’Neill is a stand up comic based out of San Diego California. She also performs improv with her team Unsupervised at her home stage of Finest City Improv. Originally from Portland Oregon, Maggie has performed extensively with Hyjinx of Dirty Angel Entertainment as part of their all women showcase. Mutiny Radio is her first comedy festival.
I have tried and failed several times to become vegan. I have never held an office job and I am sometimes physically overwhelmed by my love of dogs. I got my start in comedy doing routines into a hairbrush while my family ate dinner. I’m super happy to be here. Thank you all for coming out and supporting live, local comedy theater.