Meaghan Gross started being funny as a child, trying to get the grown-ups attention. She started doing Stand Up officially five years ago after taking a ‘StandUp comedy’ workshop taught by Ron Reid, and immediately became hooked on the humiliation and rejection that only comedy can offer. She has enjoyed a self-described meteoric rise to mediocrity that’s allowed her to perform in many of the Northwest’s finest clubs and all of its’ crappiest ones. She regularly gets to perform with Susan Jones, Alex Elkin and Tommy Savitt. Her comedy goal is to perform under Gary Gulman, however he’d like. When not performing, Meaghan enjoys not performing and spending time with her two sons.

Follow her on Instagram @meaghangross and come see hr in these Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival show! Click on the link for direct access to the podcast!

Sunday March 3rd, 7pm. $10. Parenthood, Mom’s from the hood.
Monday March 4th, 9pm. $10. Over 40, Hot as Fuck
Tuesday March 5th, 8pm. $10. Procrastination show