3/1 Sunday 6p-6:50p- Balanced Breakfast part 1
3/1 Sunday 8-10p: Make the Tapes (5 min sets taped)
3/3 Tuesday 11-1150- Chris Khatami’s Bracket Royale
3/3 Tuesday 4-5:50p- Clem’s Castaways
3/3 Tuesday 6-8p- Bughouse Square
3/5 Thursday noon-12:50p- AntiSocial Discourse
3/5 Thursday 8-8:50p- Synchronisswithme
3/6 Friday 4-5:50p- JW Megaweg
3/7 Saturday 2-3:50p- Storytelling with Jeff Hanson

A native Portlander, Melina loves cats, comedy, and being called Melinda. Just kidding, she hates that. When not doing comedy, Melina can be found planning a world take over with her cat boyfriend, Reese.