3/5 Thursday 3-5:50p- Friends of the Pod

3/6 Friday 10-1050a- Glazed and Confused (Hosting)

3/6 Friday 4-5:50p- JW Megaweg Show

3/7 Saturday 4-5:50p- For the Tapes

Nic Dundas is a stand-up comedian based in Seattle, WA who’s performed across the country. He hosts a donut review show, ‘Glazed and Confused’, where he travels the greater Puget Sound area rating donuts with other comedians. You can find written work, his stand up, and all his reviews at www.dicnundas.com
I’m a dual citizen (French-American) and a disappointment to both sides of the family. I used to toss salads professionally. I moved nearly 20 times but was primarily raised in New England. I have two younger brothers and I look nothing like them – I think I’m adopted!