Wednesday, March 4th

3-3:50 pmSome Call Me Tim? (2)

9 pm- 12 amComedy Showcase at El Rio

When most people attend a 12 day Vipassana (silent meditation boot camp), they come out of the experience with deep emotional revelations. I came out with drag names and intros. A lot of them. 645 to date.
My stand up brings in elements of my Bay Area, Jewish, queer, millennial upbringing and this cast of drag names and intros to help me tell the story.
In my life, I’ve been a state ranked chess player, a regionally ranked gymnast, and a nationally ranked soccer player. My day job is working for a genetic testing company focusing in women’s reproductive health, and I help women get coverage on their prenatal testing. I bring my same competitive spirit to everything I do, and remember to keep my heart present with the people who help make it possible.
I am the ORIGINAL Drag Intro Comedian – I have the largest database of drag queens known to humankind.
I create a minimum of 2 minutes of new content per week every week for the last 22 months.
After completing my 365 Days of Drag Names in June 2019, I started doing formal, live, stand up comedy. In my time as a comic, I have worked with Peaches Christ, Sister Roma, and co-hosted a show with Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Honey Mahogany. I have hosted and performed at Billionaire Peter Thiel’s birthday party. I have performed at Oakland Comedy Fest, and been a Feature comic at Nerd Rage.