Sean Riccio is a stand-up comedian who got his start at 19 in his state college’s student union with a “borrowed” amp and mic (he had every intention of returning them someday), and was roundly booed/chased off by security. He has never stopped since. Biting, nerdy and unapologetic in his weirdness, he waxes poetic about phone sex and does dirty jokes about philosophy. Sean speaks to upstanding citizens and unwashed weirdos with love in his heart in his heart for everyone, except that one guy, you know who I mean. He has performed all over the United States and currently lives in that most emerald of cities, Seattle, WA. He plays a rogue in Dungeons & Dragons, walks everywhere and is always hungry.

Follow him Twitter handle: @seanriccio Instagram: @seanriccio    and come stalk him during the Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival on the following shows:

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Friday March 1st, noon-1:50pm. FREE. The Weekly Review with Roman Rimer podcast

Friday March 1st, 8pm. $20. Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse

Saturday March 2nd, 6pm. $10. Karaoke Song N Set

Sunday March 3rd. Fur Babies are Better than Real Babies