3/1 Sunday 8-10p: Make the Tapes (5 min sets taped)

3/2 Monday 3-350p- Portland RULES part 1

3/2 Monday 6-8pm- Joke Workshop

3/5 Thursday 8-8:50p- Synchronisswithme
3/6 Friday 9-9:50p- Hell Hat

Shannan Hunt is a Portland based comedian, actor, writer, podcaster and producer. Hunt is an award winning film maker. She is producing and co-directing a film about the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the Portland comedy community. She has also had films screened at The Portland Film Festival.She produces and occasionally hosts the 5-years-strong Early Open Mic at Kelly’s Olympian, and is the producer of the hit live show Synchro-Niss With Me, a show that brings Synchronicity, stand-up, and person-on-the-street together for a magical and riotous good time.

She is also the founder of the Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival now in it’s 2nd year that takes place in multiple venues around downtown Portland during Thanksgiving weekend.

Her work has been seen on IFC.com and Bitch.com Her dream is to kill on a stage in front of 40,000 people and then ride off on a unicorn and disappear into a cloud of glitter.