Timothy Renato Pizza has performed his off brand style of comedy since 2012. His jokes confused and delighted audiences around the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle and Cedar Park Texas. Emotionally paralyzed by his fear of politics, Timothy retreated from stand up comedy in 2016 and purchased a parcel of land at an undisclosed location in California’s high desert near Ocotillo Wells. On the third day, under a quiet nebulous sky, Timothy emerged in the nude from his desert shelter at sundown with can of gasoline and burned own the only tree on his property. On the seventh day he returned to society and coded fourteenthrees.com to house a politics free place for non political science fiction comedy writing and film. Timothy Renato Pizza will proudly debut His two short films for the Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival. The first is a short documentary about the stabbing of a comedian in Texas and the second is about Timothy’s journey through the high desert in search of what is meaningful. This is a one time event with only forty seven seats. There will be a short Q&A hosted Kevin Whittinghill. Please, no flowers.

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Saturday NOON! @Roxie Theatre, /toggledownfall https://www.roxie.com/ai1ec_event/toggledownfall/?instance_id&fbclid=IwAR1oVC6ZWqyvRBjq7ordZOn6bih54rGTHK40gkg2vvuav-Uifd0A4r7c38Q

Saturday March 2nd, 2-3:50p: Tim Pizza’s THE DIRTROID Podcast it’s dirty as f**k

Sunday March 3rd, 2-4p, FREE: LWAFLMOYT with Mike Speigelman (also screening Tim Pizza‘s 20 min movie)

Monday March 4th,  2pm. FREE: 50 min podcast Tim Pizza