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Mutiny Radio is an Internet radio station and performance space in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. We host and broadcast live music, poetry, comedy, theater, debates, and interviews. We host the artists, activists and thinkers that live, work or come through San Francisco Bay. Our always eclectic lineup of local and traveling performers will astound you with their variety, talent, dedication, willpower, and shoestring budgeting.


G-Money and WooStein with George D. Smith 10 am – 12 pm.

Edge of Insanity with Paul Brumbaugh, Mistress Christine, Kitten Marie Clayman, and Brandon Ray 12-2 pm. Political talk, nostalgia, and the 420 shoutout with Patrick Carlin.

Let’s Watch a Full Length Movie on You Tube with Mike Spiegelman 2-4 pm. Follow along online!

Old Soul Radio with Mike Evans and Professor Gabel. Now 8-10 pm. Hip Hop.


Not My Show! Programming from outside the station.

Joke Workshop with Pam Benjamin 6-8 pm. A chance to try out your new bits and receive constructive criticism. $5 donation.

Forever Two Wheels with Wild Bill 8-10 pm. Biker lore and discussion.


Bughouse Square with Sean Martin 6-8 pm. Have you seen that vigilante man? Classic ballads, folk, rock, and country.

PSA Tuesdays

Regarding Sex! with Vincent Montgomery


Alta Cast with Pam Benjamin and Sheriff of Truth LaToya Winn, sponsored by AltaCalifornia Botanicals! 12-2 pm. Political discussion, news, feminism.

Some Call Me Tim! with Pam Benjamin 2-4 pm. Religious and spiritual interviews and discussion.

SPARCast with Pam Benjamin 4-5 pm. Marijuana products, services, and testing. Recorded at SPARC.

House of Pride with Tweaka Turner and Pearl Teese, 6-8 pm! LGBTQ programming.

40oz to Freedom Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting for artists, 8:30 pm (Not broadcasted)

Sitting on the Cloud with Kenneth Cloud 10 pm – 12 am


Afternoon Delight with Amanda Rocks, 3-6 pm. Music, friendship, discussion.

True Hustle Thursdays! Open Mic with Anthony Medina 7-10 pm. #THT $5 donation


Cowards! with Perry Borders 10 am – 12 pm

The Weekly Review with Roman Rimer, 12-2 pm. News and political discussion.

Women’s Magazine with Global Val, 2-3 pm. Feminist news and discussion.

Common Thread Collective with Diamond Dave and Global Val, 3-6 pm. Classic Hippie spirituality and music open mic. Don’t panic, eat organic! Cast a wide net and find the Common Thread! $5 donation

Happy Hour Open Mic  6-8 pm with George D.Smith and guest host. Underground Standup comedy. Sign up at 5:30 pm or on Bay Area Comedy Network. $5 donation.

Comedy Clubhouse Showcase with Pam Benjamin, 8-10 pm. $10 for a comedy show from the best of San Francisco Bay and beyond!

3rd Axis Radio with Sebastian Vego and Buddha on the Block, 10 pm – Midnight. Hip Hop, Comedy, Discussion.


Labor And Love with Bill Morgan, 10 am – 12 pm. Labor news and history, Jazz, Gospel, Latin, Hip Hop.

Flat Black Plastic with Scott Walker, 12-2 pm. Classic vinyl albums.

Trust Your Story! 2-4 pm

Roxy Roller Show 4-6 pm. Don’t do heroin.

Sounds From The Street with DJ Aisha 6-8 pm.

Friends of Mutiny Rental Slot 8-10 pm. Contact for booking. $100/2 hour bloc; pro bono options available.

Studio Line: (415) 550-0511

One thought on “Current Shows

  1. Hello!

    My name is Nick Espinosa and I have a radio show, The Deep Dive, on a few radio stations (101.3 FM WHIW, 101.5 FM WHRU, 21.6 The Net Radio) in the Chicagoland area. I’ve been looking to grow and increase my presence in radio and think that your station would be a good fit!

    My show is about all things Cybersecurity/Cyberwarfare and Technology. I’m a nationally recognized professional in this field and I write regularly for Forbes where I was also appointed to their Technology Council. I co-authored a best-selling book on Cybersecurity called Easy Prey in 2016 and speak internationally on the subject. I also sit on various boards including Roosevelt University’s College of Arts and Sciences as well other organizations. I’m also giving my first of two TEDx Talks this month!

    If this is something that would interest you, I’d love to see if we can make this work! Here are links to some of my goings on:

    Here are my past shows of The Deep Dive on SoundCloud:

    Here is my regular column on Forbes:

    Here is my LinkedIn profile with past articles and also videos I regularly post:

    Thanks again for your time. I hope we can work together soon!


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