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Mutiny Radio is a collective-run, non-profit community radio station located at a storefront in the Mission District of San Francisco. We host and broadcast live musical performances, poetry, comedy, theater and interviews with the artists, activists and thinkers that live, work or come through the Bay Area and deserve to be heard.


Studio Line: 415-550-0511
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34 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Mutiny Radio,

    My name is Scott Rorie and I’m an engineer from Riverside, California. I’ll be visiting family in the Bay area for the Fourth and would like to visit Mutiny Radio!

    I have many interesting projects I could talk about.
    I was homeschooled and am active in seeking decreased homeschool regulations to minimize the statist abuse like I suffered before leaving the public school system. I want to help the caged children! I am a member of a group called Secular Homeschool.

  2. I listen to you from Huelva (Spain) near Seville.
    Among thousands of radio stations Garden has captivated me your mood freshness and expressive joy. Congratulations.
    It’s freedom from my.
    Viva San Francisco!!!

  3. Mutiny Radio,

    My name is Andrew Forlines and I’m a comedian from Denver, Colorado. I’ll be visiting family in the Bay area for Christmas and would like to be on Mutiny Radio!

    I have many interesting projects I could talk about.
    I was homeschooled and am active in seeking increased homeschool regulations to minimize the religious abuse like I suffered. I want to help the cloistered children! I work with a group called, Demand Homeschool Oversight Now.

    I’m also a freelance chef and could give a spiel on cooking for the holidays.

    I host and perform in multiple regular shows doing both improv and stand up. I also host a comedy talk show in Denver called, Talk Showdown.

    I’m funny and interesting and would like to perform while I’m in the SF area December 21 to 26. Got any hot leads for me?

  4. hello Diamond Dave,

    thank you for letting me set up all my gear, pedals, and very special thanks to Pam for her humor and her amp, Peter Archer for expanding my mind, Rainbow for his all too good natured spirit, the Jim Carrey-look-alike audience member who really made me feel loved and supported, and you, Diamond Dave, for making this possible. i was thrilled to have been part of Friday’s show!

    i’m working on my next album. it should be coming out this summer, depending on a number of factors. it might be fall. imma gonna try to make it out to more of your radio shows. count me in! hit me up if you want to book an interview 🙂

    much love,


  5. Can I be featured on an perform for mutiny? I’m a homeless ascap writer who has given up all I ever had for my love of music. I Have lived in California for more than a year, was born here, and need to salvage what of my life I can. My material has all been confiscated and I only have my youtube channel, which I have scheduled and private videos on. Just search Antonio Hutchinson on youtube and I look forward to hearing back from you. I need a debut an to perform for a crowd.

  6. I live in brazil and want to hear the radio, I look for it at TuneIn app, but I can not find it.
    Is there other way to tune you?

    Hugs and love

    • You can use the ‘listen live’ link at the top right of our site, which looks like a speaker. Sometimes Tunein has the wrong stream, for some reason. We’ll look into it.

      Thanks for listening in Brazil! “Muito obrigado!”

  7. We who do the work have a voice on Mutiny Radio! I do my work while listening to labor history and grooving to songs with social significance. Great Labor and Love Show Mr B!

  8. Buenos Tacos, Comprhende? The Okie from Okie State, Stateless Mindless Kindness Finder of Truely Disgusting Factoids but RAFIO HAM, PORK, HOG, FAT, POSSUM, FCC LICENSED AMATEUR RADIO “W5AWG” CALL DOG CAT CHICKEN MULE sign.https://vimeo.com/67581505


    A GREAT ARKANSAS HELLO TO DIAMOND DAVE WHITTIKER!http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrhq5l_eat-possem-the-other-white-meat_lifestyle

  9. Hey, I’m a comedian down here in Southern Cal, I’m going to start making frequent pilgrimages to the Bay Area, I’m very interested in meeting with you guys and possibly doing a guest or two. I will be up there this weekend (Jan 16-19th), and would like to check out your show. Also, any info on mic time around the city would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you in the near future. Continued success.



  10. A big shout out to THE BUGHOUSE w/ SEAN “We need more coal” MARTIN! Thanks for pressing play to our music and sharing BETA RAY to your station and audience. It’s DYNO-MITE!

    Also, it is great of Mutiny Radio to be providing the type of music format and On-Air talk that mainstream radio stations are not giving to the listeners.


    • Hey diamond dave this is kevin stuck in louisana cant get real news out here about sf um email me back im in a crapy program its like they want u to be stuck im trying to get back to sf.Keep up the good work on good music also check out soja he is amasing regge band that speaks the truth on life positve vibes from this group also i dont care if my email is publised i dont care what the gov thinks also check out arch enemy revolution begings its a good song

  11. Just tuned in to Komedy Klubhouse Open Mic. Totally falling in love! I’m so glad that I checked out Mutiny Radio. Super thankful for DJ Bernadette getting me into Under the Golden Gate because she opened me up to a world of great radio. Glad that you all exist and do what you do!

  12. Wild Bill, thank you so much for the Jesse-time last night. It was more cathartic than I imagined – and I think that’s true for everyone close to Jesse.

    He was a badass, no doubt. How lucky we all are to have had a piece of him. I always say that Jesse was glorious and now I try to celebrate that piece of Jesse that he gave to me.

    Hugs to you, man.

    Aunt Jeannie

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  15. I love Listening to Eargasm , especially when my good long time Friend Hometown Brother , DJ TROMA is dropping Basslines ! Hopefully I’ll come see you kids soon up @ The Bay Area :O) Much love & respect .

  16. How about putting a “find us on Facebook” link on your web site, somewhere. Maybe on the “about us” page.

  17. Hello, I am a SF State student looking for experience in radio. I heard about the internship at Mutiny Radio and immediately applied. I was wondering if you had a chance to look over my application..? I’m very keen on being apart of Mutiny and feel I would fit in great! Hope to hear back soon, I’m ready to start today!

    – Aaron Stewar

  18. Hi,
    I am a german student and I like to give a speech about your pirate radio show and the history of the stream. I just found a few facts on wikipedia but your original webside is closed. Is it possible to send me any material about the radio, the history or any stuff like that. That would be so nice.The story is so interesting and and I like to know more about the radio. Thank you.

    Kind regards,


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