Rentals and Services

Kid’s Clubhouse and Mentoring

Do you have children aged 11-14 who want to express themselves?
Mutiny Radio is running an after school program Tues and Wed 4-6p in 2018 to teach podcasting and radio! Only $300 for 12 weeks (that’s $25 a class! What a steal!)

Facilitator Pam Benjamin is a currently finger printed former CA credentialed school teacher! She has taught radio production for over 4 years to both students at the Boys and Girls Club and NOMAD. She’s been working in radio production for 10 years, is currently the director of Mutiny Radio, has an MA and MFA in creative writing and has been teaching students professionally since 1997. Contact for more information.

Host A Podcast on Mutiny Radio!

Ever wanted to host your own podcast? Mutiny is the place for you! Our radio studio is attached to a 30 seat performance space, so you can host live events, have live music, and entertain a live audience as you express yourself without limits to the world live streaming and podcast post on our website at $100 a month for four, 2 hour shows. We train you on all our equipment. Contact Pam Benjamin for details at

Currently Available Slots

Sundays 6-8 am, 8-10 am, *6-8 pm, 10pm-12 am
Mondays 6-8 am, 8-10 am, 10 am-12 pm, 12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, 10pm-12 am
Tuesdays 6-8 am, 8-10 am, 10 am- 12 pm, 12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, 4-6 pm, 10 pm-12 am
Wednesdays 6-8 am, 8-10 am, 10 am – 12 pm, 5-6 pm, 10 pm-12 am
Thursdays 9-10 am, 10 am – 12 pm, 12-2 pm, 2-3 pm, 6-7 pm, 10pm to 12am
Fridays 6-8 am, 8-10 am
Saturdays 6-8 am, 8-10 am, *8-10 pm, 10pm-12am

*Rent Our Community Space!

Our 40 seat performance space at 2781 21st street is a great community resource for YOU!  We have held successful Book Club Meetings, Public Speaker Seminars, Comedy Shows, Bands, Theatrical productions, birthday parties and variety shows.  To have this space accessible to all, we offer the following rate plans:

1. 1/2 the door or $100, whichever is less.  ($40 min) You can MAKE money off a production.  If you make $400 at the door, the most we want is $100.  We want to help local producers and bands create opportunities to perform and succeed financially. Wow, right?

2. Want to run a free event?  $40.

You run the door. You run the promotions. We run the sound and provide you with a podcast post show. “Friends of Mutiny” rental blocs are Saturdays 8-10 pm, and Sundays 6-8 pm and 8-10 pm. Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  Contact Station Director Pam Benjamin at for more details or bookings.

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