Mutiny Updates!

SPARC presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival March 1st-5th, 2018

Mutiny Radio is bringing together 40 comics from all over the US for 25 shows in 5 days live at our performance space, live streaming and recorded for podcast at March 1st-5th, 2018. Each show is hilariously themed and tickets are $10 to $20 for an intimate limited seating of 30, but you can listen live for free streaming off Director Pam Benjamin has brought together comics from LA, Portland, Seattle, Olympia, NY, Boston, New Orleans, Austin, Sacramento, and the Bay Area for the 3rd annual festival sponsored by SPARC, Bender’s Bar, Rainbow Grocery, Green Army Cosmetics, SubliminalSF, and Asiento.

Get a festival Pass for all 25 shows and a festival t-shirt  for $150 ($250 value)

Thurs March 1st:
6p SF Locals Opening show!
All these comics are (or have been) SF locals! They’ll be kicking off this year’s SPARC presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 with SF pride! Pam Benjamin: Host, Allison Hooker , Clay Newman, Kevin Munroe, Marty Cunnie

7p Politics are Funny/ I’m not white
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Political comedy show! Our current political climate is funny, no? We all have to laugh at the overtly racist tropes that have inhabited the world we live in, or we could cry, but let’s heal ourselves though comedy! Pedro Andrade: Host, Isaac Pendegrass, Kevin Paniagua, Jay Wuchter, Chris Johnson

8p Only Girls Allowed!
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 brings you the ladies of comedy. These hilarious lady comics prove that women are just as funny (if not funnier) than the dudes. From periods to abortions, dating woes to Tinder triumphs; Laugh at all their lady problems: nothing will be held back. Jenna Vesper: Host, Kamryn Minch, Wendy Weiss, Kelly McInerney, Amanda Golob

9-11pm SPARC presents: Weed is Legal (special 2 hour show)
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 show with comics who love weed being legal in California! Laughter is the 2nd best medicine, SPARC provides the first in spades, and all these comics will revel in California’s new legalities! Come laugh with and at these amazing stoner comics in this special 2 hour show! Justin Lockwood: Host, Bryan Bixby, Andy Piccaro, Ben Harkins, Amanda Golob, Ivan Garcia, Edsel Mac, Chris Johnson, Alex Giampapa
Fri March 2nd:
6p Newbies < 2yrs of Comedy
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Newbie comic extravaganza! You wouldn’t believe these comics have only been making audiences laugh for 2 years or less. These comedy babies crush your expectations and swaddle your cries of laughter. Wendy Weiss: Host, Marty Cunnie, Jenna Vesper, Tommy McGuire, Matthew Quirk

7p Millennials VS. Gen Xers
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Old Vs. Young comics squaring off! Are millennials ruining everything? Find out as the over 40 crew smashes their dreams. Will the old folks take down the kidlets? The audience wins either way. Matthew Quirk: Host, Wynter Spears, Jeremiah Coughlan, Pedro Andrade , Kelly McInerney, Chris Post

8p-10p Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse (2 hour show)
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse which has been making audiences laugh with great comedy every Friday for over 6 years. Tonight will be no different with this amazing 2 hour special festival lineup! Pam Benjamin: Host, Karina Diglyte, Hunter Donaldson, Mikey McKernan , Kevin Paniagua , Allison Hooker, Kamryn Minch, Tommy McGuire, Levi Manis, Andy Piccaro, Lila Hart

10p RAD! Real Ass Dudes!
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 All dudes, all RAD. Real Ass Dudes will have you rolling in radness. Hilarious dudes doing their thing: comedy. Chris Johnson: Host, Bryan Bixby, Ben Harkins, Pedro Andrade, Hunter Donaldson, Chris Post
Sat March 3rd:
The F-Bomb Comedy Train $25
Start at the Castro and ride the train with comedy and beer! Hilarious comedy on the F line with comedians from the festival TBA

6p Subliminal SF: Live music backed
Subliminal SF Presents Great comics backed by a great band. What could be more entertaining? SF’s amazing Breakfast B. Breakfast improvisationally backs these hilarious dudes with music. Ben Quick: Host, Jeremiah Coughlan, Jess Everett, Levi Manis, Connor McGrath

7p Cats! Cats! Cats!
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 All animal comedy all night! Are cats better than people? They’re certainly not as funny as these comedians talking about animal hyjinx! Bow to your alien overlord the cats, and please be nice to your favorite crazy cat lady. Ivan Garcia: Host, Andy Piccaro, Wendy Weiss, Karina Diglyte, Amanda Golob, Alex Giampapa

8p I’m Not White!
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Don’t shoot! Show us your hands and then slap them together in a clappy motion for these hysteria comics as they share their experience as People of Color. Isaac Pendegrass: Host, Wynter Spears. Pedro Andrade, Julia Ramos, Kevin Paniagua , Kevin Munroe

9p Benders presents: Oh My DUI
Bender’s bar brings you Comics telling stories of arrest and jail time due to over consumption. Laugh at their woes and never drink and drive! Chris Post: Host, Julia Ramos , Jeremiah Coughlan , Brian Bixby, Jay Wuchter

10p Underwear Only!
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Exhibitionist comics show all! Bras, boxers and panties: these comics never get embarrassed! Their jokes will leave nothing to the imagination. Pam Benjamin: Host, Wendy Weiss, Hunter Donaldson, Levi Manis, Jenna Vesper, Lila Hart
Sun March 4th: (note earlier times)
5p Roast of Jesus
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 It’s Sunday! Let’s laugh at religion! Sparkle Jesus will be on stage for a lamb roast of comedy fire! Jesus on blast. Allison Hooker: host, Isaac Pendegrass, Lila Hart, Matthew Quirk, Chris Post

6p Hell Hat Improv
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 HELL HAT! Comics pick audience and internet written prompts about anything from the Hell Hat and weave them seamlessly into hilarious comedy. It’s magic in HELL! Hunter Donaldson: Host, Brian Plumb, Julia Ramos, Clay Newman, Ivan Garcia

7p Hell in a Hand Basket
This comedy gameshow like “Chopped” pits comics head to head over baskets filled with premises! How will they make a set from strange and disparate improv topics? Come find out as they brave the “HellBasket”! Pam Benjamin: Host, Ben Harkins, Mikey McKernan , Jenna Vesper, Jay Wuchter

8p Karaoke Song and Set
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Karaoke fun! Comics pick a karaoke song to sing/ make awesome with their jokes. Will they change the words? Will they do a dance break? Can they even sing? It doesn’t matter because it’s only karaoke fun! Rebecca Rush: Host, Wynter Spears, Marty Cunnie, Connor McGrath, Kevin Munroe

9p So Blue! Dirty Comedy
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Dirty show! You’ll want to bring a bar of soap to wash out these filthy comics mouths! No topic is taboo! No words censored! Dirtier than a whore in a pigpen, get ready to be disgusted. Tommy McGuire: Host, Rebecca Rush, Brian Plumb, Jess Everett, Karina Diglyte, Edsel Mac
Mon Match 5th: (note earlier times)
5p Clean Comedy
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Cleanish comedy? They’re certainly going to try to keep it clean for the audience during this show. If you plan to bring your mom without feeling squeamish, this is the show for you! Alex Gimapapa: Host, Chris Johnson, Allison Hooker, Ben Quick, Matthew Quirk

6p Stand Up Tragedy
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Tragic show. Comedy and tragedy are so close together, and these comics will blur the lines as they regale you with comedic tales of their tragic existence. Jay Wuchter: Host, Jess Everette, Rebecca Rush, Tommy McGuire, Isaac Pendegrass

7p Rainbow Presents: My Alt Life
Rainbow Grocery presents My Alt Life. They live in a unique world of their own creation. Sponsored by Rainbow grocery, these comics spit sparkle and rainbows as they live by their own rules, and tell you all about it. Amanda G: Host, Kamryn Minch, Justin Lockwood, Edsel Mac

8p Best of Fest pt 1
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Best of the Fest! Favorite comics from the fest perform their own material without themes! Great jokes and awesome material from comics all over the US! Pam Benjamin: Host, Brian Plumb, Kelly McInerney, Clay Newman, Connor McGrath, Rebecca Rush

9p Best of Fest pt 2
SPARC Presents the 3rd annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2018 Best of the Fest! Favorite comics from the fest perform their own material without themes! Great jokes and awesome material from comics all over the US! Clay Newman: Host, Justin Lockwood, Ivan Garcia, Mikey McKernan, Alex Giampapa, Ben Quick

Shows are located at Mutiny Radio’s performance and recording space in the Mission District
2781 21st St. SF, CA 94110
Thursday March 1st- Saturday March 3rd, 6-11pm
Sunday March 4th- Monday March 5th, 5-10p (note earlier time change)
tiickets $10-$20


Do you have children aged 11-14 who want to express themselves?
Mutiny Radio is starting an after school program Tues and Wed 4-6p in 2018 to teach podcasting and radio! Only $300 for 12 weeks (that’s $25 a class! What a steal!)
Facilitator Pam Benjamin is a currently finger printed former CA credentialed school teacher! She has taught radio production for over 4 years to both students at the Boys and Girls Club and NOMAD. She’s been working in radio production for 10 years, is currently the director of Mutiny Radio, has an MA and MFA in creative writing and has been teaching students professionally since 1997. Contact for more information.


Apply NOW through Nov 30th for the 3rd Annual Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival!


See Those Open Spaces?  Host A Podcast on Mutiny Radio!

Ever wanted to host your own podcast? Mutiny is the place for you! Our radio studio is attached to a 30 seat performance space, so you can host live events, have live music, and entertain a live audience as you express yourself without limits to the world live streaming and podcast post on our website at $100 a month for four, 2 hour shows. We train you on all our equipment. Contact Pam Benjamin for details at


Submissions CLOSED for the Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2017, March 1st-5th

But notifications of the 50+ comics involved will be coming soon!

Last year we had over 35 national and international comics at the festival, and this year will be no exception.  The Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2017 is returning to the global scale! We’ve had applications from MA, FL, WA, OR, WI and more!  Submissions open until midnight Friday December 2nd for a mere $5. Go to this submission link to apply:

front schedule


Great LIVE Comedy Every FRIDAY 8-10p, $5

Come visit us every Friday 8-10pm for a great comedy showcase on Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse for only $5.


Upcoming Friday Shows:















10/21: HELL Hat!

IT’S BACK! You Must Obey the HELL HAT!
You the audience fills the hat with WHATEVER YOU WANT written on little slips of paper that these 8 comics will masterfully turn into funny before your very eyes! Is it possible??!?!? Yes, and it happens once a month on Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio. Good times had by all.

10/28: Costumed Gong Show! Start out your Halloween wierd on Happy Hour at Mutiny and Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio as all the comics dress up for stage time. They get to go until I am bored or think the’re not funny. They’ll get the horn and the next comic will come up. Keeping a tally of the longest sets and the winner gets an amazing prize! Audience can bet on comics they think will go on the longest. Should be a fun time. Candy etc. Comedy. 6-10pm

Every Friday for a mere $5 at Mutiny Radio.


COME JOIN US EVERY FRIDAY 8-10pm, GREAT comedy for only $5!



Don’t Miss Oregon’s Own Joe Glasgow as he records his comedy album live at Mutiny 5/21 and 5/22 at 8pm!

Buy tickets on NOW.  Don’t let this amazing show sell out!

Joe Glasgow travels down to San Francisco to record his debut comedy album. The events will take place at Mutiny Radio in the Mission Disctrict.

There will be 2 shows – Tickets $5 each

SATURDAY May 21st @ 8pm –

SUNDAY May 22nd @ 8pm –

Each show will have a run time of about 60 minutes (the two shows will feature moslty the same material/ jokes).

We ask that all audience members arrive by 7:45 pm in order to get everyone seated before the recording starts. Mutiny Radio is a smaller venue that only holds 30 people so buy your tickets ASAP!


MUTINY PORTRAIT_HerculanumFont2 mutiny_hexagons

Mutiny Radio Flyer Contest OPEN until 4/30!

LOOKING FOR ARTISTS to design theSummer themed Mutiny Radio.fmflyer.

The winner could be YOU! We’ll be choosing one design and making 5000 flyers to promote the station in the upcoming months.

Theme: Summer- you can interpret this in any way you wish with your art/design

Please have the following information in the design:
2781 21st st
SF, CA, 94110
415-550-0511 (studio phone)
An Artist credit to you

4x6in design total with a 1/4 inch boarder around the whole thing (3.75×5.75in)
can be full color
can, or does not have to include this logo in some way (optional)

Deadline for entry: April 30th, 2016
send entries to Pam Benjamin,

Please spread this info to any designers you know!



Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2016

Check out the festival website for visiting comic bios and information:

comedy 2016

Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival 2016 5 Day Pass

 Buy Tickets

Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival Day 4 Pass

Buy Tickets

Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival Day 3 Pass

Buy Tickets

Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival Day 2 Pass

Buy Tickets



6-6:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Opening show!  Too much energy!
Buy Tickets

7-7:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Clean show!Buy Tickets

8- 8:50- 3 comics+ 1 local host (15 min sets, 5 warm up for host): All ladiesBuy Tickets

9-9:50- 3 comics+ 1 local host  (15 min sets, 5 warm up for host): Storytelling, “My favorite drug story”
Buy Tickets

10- 10:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Dirty Show.


6-6:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Crowd work only / no material / new material
Buy Tickets

7-7:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): One Liner Comics
Buy Tickets

8-9:50- Bubblegum Garbage Party (6 comics with Thomas Bridgeman)
10-10:50-  4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Aristocrats show


6-6:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Crazy Cat People
All Cats/animal material “Cats, Cats, CATS!”

7-7:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): full band backing 
Buy Tickets

8-9:50- Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse (booked, 20, 5 min sets)
Buy Tickets

10-10:50- Ship of fools (Todd Farnham Host- 10, 5 min sets)
Buy Tickets


6-6:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Who ya votin fo? Political Comedy
Buy Tickets

7-7:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): I hate My Family TOO! Family Matters.
Buy Tickets

8- 8:50- 3 comics+ 1 local host (15 min sets, 5 warm up for host): Hell Hat: the audience writes anything on a card and the comic must work it seamlessly into their set.
Kazoo’s for audience to hoot when you suck “Your Feeling’s Don’t Matter” guest host
Buy Tickets

9-9:50- 3 comics+ 1 local host  (15 min sets, 5 warm up for host): Underwear only show
Buy Tickets

10- 10:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (2, 5 min sets, 8 in the middle while they get wasted for host) CROSS FADED must get wasted in window so we can see them


4-5:50- Tim Pizza’s 10 min open mic (11, 10 min slots, Tim Pizza host)

6-6:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host):Roast of Jesus/religion
Buy Tickets

7-7:50- 4 comics + 1 local host (10 min sets, 8 warm up for host): Karaoke song+set
Buy Tickets

8-9:50- Closing show (As many comics from the festival as possible, 22

25 Shows in 5 days!


Mutiny Radio doesn’t just do great comedy for the radio live streaming and podcast on, but has a performance space to house an audience of 40 and is trying to do something big. Mutiny Radio is bringing 44 comedians together for their first annual comedy festival. The Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival March 2nd-6th 2016 is hosting 24 national/international comedians to San Francisco from such flung far states as Georgia, Massachusetts, Utah, Washington, Oregon, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, New York and even Germany for 25 shows in 5 days in the Mission District with 20 local comics.

I hope you’ll come to a show, get a day pass or a festival pass to see all 25 shows in 5 days March 2-6th, 2016.


Comedy Just Because We Can with Andy Picarro!

Visiting comic Andy Picarro is coming to SF all the way from the East Coast, so we’re having a comedy show, because we CAN! $5, BYOB Awesome comedy.

Eloisa Bravo, Aaron Barrett, Journey Roberts, Ethan Albers, and visiting headliner Andy Picarro.


Submit to the 2016 Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival!

Open submissions now until Nov 30th for this Local, National and International comedian Festival March 2nd-6th.  Check out the submission link in the sidebar.

You can help make this the best comedy festival ever by donating here:

With 24 National and International comedians and 17 local hosts, this 5 day festival provides 133 sets of Stage time during 23 shows, this promises to be an unbelievable event! Live streaming, live audience and podcasts post show; be a part of it!


This Friday 1/22, 8-10p on Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio and Saturday 1/23. 8-10p on “Comedy Just Because We Can…”, come and enjoy PA headliner Andy Picarro live in our studios for $5 or listen live streaming or download the podcast post for free! You won’t want to miss him. Here’s a sample:


The Good Bad

Sounds from The Street Presents the Good Bad!

Tune in here to listen live:

Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Check out a live performance an interview with SF locals the Good Bad!

Go here to find out more:


Joke Workshop on Mutiny Radio is every Monday 6-8pm! New comics, old comics… all comics come work out your new material or old materieal you haven’t run in a while.


Submit to the 2016 Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival!

Open submissions now until Nov 30th for this Local, National and International comedian Festival March 2nd-6th.  Check out the submission link in the sidebar.

You can help make this the best comedy festival ever by donating here:

With 24 National and International comedians and 17 local hosts, this 5 day festival provides 133 sets of Stage time during 23 shows, this promises to be an unbelievable event! Live streaming, live audience and podcasts post show; be a part of it!


Bubblegum Garbage Party at Mutiny Radio Gallery!!!

Alright Thursday, let’s do this! BUBBLEGUM GARBAGE PARTY at Mutiny Radio Gallery!!!! 8-10 PM, 21st and Florida. Come watch as Mr. Bridgman interviews stand up comics, the comics do stand up, then some dark and twisted creature inhabiting Bridgman’s meat body interrupts the comics to stage an improvised scene! Tonight marks the triumphant return of co-host Daniel Vito Bernahicks!

Also, HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT…BGP will soon begin a weekly Saturday night appearance at Pianofight starting with 2 shows in October (10th and 24th) at 7pm $10! Come see the raw materials before they are refined for a classy theater setting.



SF Mayoral Candidate Forum at Mutiny Radio

Event info on FB:

*If people who cannot attend in person would like to submit questions for  the candidates, please comment on the FB event invitation or contact  one of the hosts below.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 @ 1-3pm

Welcoming the SF Mayoral Candidates: Amy Farah Weiss, Francisco Herrera (& possibly Stuart Schuffman), all independent candidates who have formed a ranked-choice voting coalition of “1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee”.
1-2pm we’ll be having a conversation with the candidates as part of the news show The  Weekly Review.
2-3pm during Women’s Magazine with Global Val, we’re hosting a public forum, inviting SF residents to meet the candidates, ask questions and learn about rank  choice voting.
LIVE BROADCAST & PODCAST: LOCATION: Mutiny Radio: 2781 21st St., San Francisco, CA 94110 (@ the corner of 21st & Florida Sts. in the Mission District)
For information, contact: Roman Rimer ( or Valerie Ibarra (




Noise Pop Block Party at Mutiny

Mutiny Radio will join forces with local magazine Radio Silence for an intimate performance and conversation with Thao Nyugen. Mutiny will broadcast online on while Radio Silence editor Dan Stone will conduct a live interview with the musician. 

Mutiny Radio is a volunteer-run, community-based media organization that broadcasts online news, music, arts, culture, live shows, comedy, theater and opinion from San Francisco’s historic Mission District.

Flat Black Plastic Vinyl Swap

noon-2:00pm: Come to Mutiny Radio for a 2 hour, all vinyl show curated by DJ Scott and bring your own vinyl to trade or swap.

Smoke Signals

2:00-3:00pm: Join Big Sean and Equipto of Smoke Signals for an hour long beats & freestyle cypher with local hip hop artists.

Radio Silence Live Session with Thao Nyugen

3:00-4:00pm Come hear Thao Nyugen reveal all her secrets! Does she really have a bag full of hammers? Thao will be in conversation with Radio Silence editor Dan Stone, including an intimate performance of select songs. Space is very limited and will fill up quickly!

Radio Silence is a Mission-based creative community focused on literature and rock & roll, manifested in a signature print magazine, a monthly digital edition, a broadcast element, and special live events. Named “Best of the Bay” by San Francisco magazine, and “one of the ten best new magazines in the country” by Library Journal, Radio Silence is a winner of this year’s Pushcart Prize.

Floating Goat
4:00-5:00pm: Get ready to rock with metal band Floating Goat. They’ve been melting faces in SF for the past 13 years and are soon releasing their third album. A favorite of Mutiny, Floating Goat consists of vocals/guitarist Chris Corona, Bassist Ian Petitpren and drummer Aaron Barrett.

* Where’s The Mission Statement Show, on Saturdays from 4pm-6pm??? Catch a special after-festival edition, from 8pm-10pm!

Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse
5:00-6:30pm: The Clubhouse has been bringing the BEST of SF’s underground comedy scene live and to the Mutiny airwaves for 4 years! Come experience the stellar comedy of Aaron Barrett, Chris Conatser, Shelly Strebel, Ethan Albers, Journey Roberts and featuring hilarious musical comedy by MooreDevine! Hosted by Pam Benjamin.


So Many Live Shows for You to ENJOY!

Come visit us at 2781 21st st EVERY DAY for wonderful live shows in our performance space! Also, Like our shows on Facebook!


6-8pm: Join us for Joke Workshop where comics try out new material with comments from comedian peers AND YOU!  You can tell them what you think too! FREE!

8-10pm: Join us for MRT3K where we project movies on the wall with commentary from a new panel every week!  $2


8-10pm: Join us for Open Improv with Sylvan Productions Live improv games with audience participation!  FREE!


8-10pm:  We have three great new shows on Wed. nights!

2nd Wed: Feedback Loop with Beau Troxclaire.  Live comedy with your texts projected behind the comedian.  Heckle them, love them, interact with them on stage!  (suggested donation $5)

3rd Wed: The triumphant return of Mutiny Rodeo!  Amazing interviews with your host Jessie G.

4th Wed: Hired Killers Ben Lupinetti books the best of SF’s killer comics. Also one Saturday a month 8-10pm.  $5


8-10pm: Bubble Gum Garbage Party! Your host Thomas Bridgeman interviews comics, then funny jokes, then an improv set based off something in their set.  Sound confusing?  It’s FUN!  (suggested donation $2)


3-6pm: The Common Thread Collective Open Mic Join Diamond Dave and Global Val for the mother of all open mics.  Bring your poetry, fiction, politics, music, and good vibes!

8-10pm: Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse Open Mic: Bringing you the BEST of SF’s underground comedians for the past 4 years!  $5 gets you a great show and a raffle ticket for wonderful prizes!

10-11pm: Ship of Fools  This hour show hosted by Todd Farnham is a great time!  Hang out with Mutiny All Friday!  (Suggested donation $2)


8-10pm: RENTALS!  Every Saturday we have a show at the space presented by an outside producer.  Comedy, Bands, Parties, Karaoke, Literature, Theatre…. you name it, we do it.  You can rent the space for 1/2 the door or $100, whichever is less ($40 minimum). Email for more booking details.

We hope you join us and donate to see these wonderful productions and to keep the doors of Mutiny Radio open!


Jefferson Bergey on Behind the Mynd Thursday 8/20

Behind the Mynd 8/20

Behind the Mynd is completely honored to welcome the wonderful and hilarious Jefferson Bergey to the broadcast! This Thursday 8/20, let’s dive into this magical man. 2pm-4pm. Give us a call! 415.550.0511


Grammy Nominated Melba Moore on House of Pride, Tonight!

Melba Moore on House of Pride

A VERY SPECIAL LIVE INTERVIEW With 4X Grammy Nominated, Tony Award Winning Recording Artist and Actress the Amazing MELBA MOORE

Tonight Wednesday 8/19 at 7PM PST * Yes For Real!

Hear all about her New Hot Music Project “Just Dance”….on the House Of Pride Show hosted by Tweaka Turner

Listen Live At:


The First Annual Weeklies Award Show!

The Weekly Review with Roman and Molly present our first ever awards show! Come join us, this Saturday 8/22, to celebrate and meet other great folks doing good work.

It’ll be a live broadcast on, we’ll be joined by community organizers and activists.

Special guest performers Blackberri Singer, Baruch Porras-Hernandez ,Felix Lee , Jesús Chuy Fuentes (UBettaWork!!) and more to be announced! We’ll have music, spoken word and roast the powers that be.

Food and beverages will be provided, and you’re welcome to bring anything to share if you’d like. BYOB

Suggested donations of $10. No one turned away for lack of funds.

You can RSVP, on Facebook, here!

Spread the word!!


Rent Our Community Space!

(for Socialist Prices!!!!)

Our 40 seat performance space at 2781 21st street is a great community resource for YOU!  We have held successful Book Club Meetings, Public Speaker Seminars, Comedy Shows, Bands, Theatrical productions, birthday parties and variety shows.  To have this space accessible to all, we offer the following rate plans:

1. 1/2 the door or $100, whichever is less.  ($40 min) You can MAKE money off a production.  If you make $400 at the door, the most we want is $100.  We want to help local producers and bands create opportunities to perform and succeed financially. Wow, right?

2. Want to run a free event?  $40.

You run the door. You run the promotions. We run the sound and provide you with a podcast post show.

8-10pm: Wed, Sat, Sun and other times available.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  Contact Station Director Pam Benjamin at for more details or bookings.




Join Our 3000$ in 30 Days June Fundraiser!

Please help us keep free speech alive and well in the Mission District of SF!  YOU CAN HELP by going to our GO FUND ME

We have 24 amazing live events where you can donate to help the station, have a great time, and win some amazing prizes!

Currently scheduled special shows and events:
June 1:
8-10pm: Mario Cart Racing projected on the big screen!  Join your favorite comic commentators as you race your way to fun and prizes!  $5 to enter.

June 3:
8-10pm: Art Opening featuring pieces curated by Jenner Davis.  Drink wine and hang out.  Live bands!  Sliding scale donation.

June 6:
8-10pm: Pharoah Comedian produces a showcase!  TBA

June 8:
8-10pm: MRT3K movie night with Mike Spiegalman and “Police Academy 3”. $5. BYOB.

June 10:
8-10pm: Comedy Auction $ 2, then $ bids for the sets you want to see! 10 comics do 2 min a piece, then you bid for who you want to see do 15! Eloisa Bravo, Emily Van Dyke, Shelly Strebel and 10 more TBA

June 11:
8-10pm: PUB QUIZ!  Enter your team of 4 for $20.  BYOB.  Super prizes for the winning team.

June 13:
8-10pm: Sabotage Galley (AKA Cutthroat Kitchen)
3 chefs head to head to cook for you! with comedy commentary.
You sabotage $2 a bid to seal their fate.
$2 to vote/taste

June 15:
8-10pm: MRT3K movie night with Daniel Vito Bernahicks. $5. BYOB.

June 16:
8-10pm: Influences Improv Show. $10.  3 teams compete to win the improv crown.  Each team is influenced by a different drug.

June 17:
8-10pm: SILENT AUCTION!  Bid on over 50 great items to support the station.

June 20:
8-10pm: HELL HAT Comedy Showcase! $10
Pay extra $2 a card to put a hellish, shitty thing into the hell hat to make a comedian do during their set.  Make them run around the block, do push ups, sing a song, pick their nose… whatever you want. Comics: Kollin Holtz, Spencer Devine Tim Pizza, Ben Lupinetti, Jim McVeigh and 3 more TBA

June 22:
8-10pm: MRT3K movie night with Jesus YouBettaWork.  $5. BYOB.

June 24:
8-10pm: Steven Allen Green produces a Comedy Showcase!  $10.

June 27:
8-10pm: Gabby Valentino produces a Comedy Showcase! TBA

June 29:
8-10pm: MRT3K movie night with Danny Dechi. $5. BYOB.

Repeated shows/events:
Monday 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; 6-8pm: Come to Joke Workshop on Mutiny Radio and vote for your favorite new joke of the night.  Comics get critiqued by other comics after doing a 4 min set.

Friday 5,12, 19, 26; 8-10pm: Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio weekly comedy open mic.  $2 for stagetime, $5 for audience.



Live Shows Every Day of the WEEK!

Mutiny has affordable community shows every day of the week for the Mission District of SF and beyond.  Not only are all of our shows live streaming at and podcast on the website post show, they are also live for a physical audience at our performance storefront at the corner of 21st and Florida.  Weekly shows range from FREE to $10 and feature comedy, improv, Bands and movie screenings with local artists!

Monday: 6-8pm “Joke Workshop”. FREE.  Comedians perform a 4 min set and get 4 mins of critique from a rotating panel of comics.
8-10pm “MRT3K (Mutiny Radio Theatre 3000)”. $2. Watch your favorite movies with an MST3K style panel.

Tuesday: 8-10pm “Open Improv”. FREE.  Live improv games with Sylvan Productions.  All are welcome to participate.

Thursday: 8-10pm “Bubblegum Garbage Party”. FREE. Sketch and open mic comedy.4

Friday: 8-10pm “Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse”. $2. For over 3 years, Pamtastic’s brings you the BEST of SF’s underground comedy scene every Friday.
10-11pm “Greg’s Show”. $5. This hour showcase following the open mic books some of the Bay Area’s best comics.

Saturday: 8-10pm “Rentals”. $5-$10.  Every Saturday night, Mutiny brings the best bands and comedy shows into the station as “rentals”.  They perform live for 1/2 the door or $100, whichever is less so that Mutiny can help local artists be monetarily successful while enriching the community.

Sundays: 2-4pm “Timothy Pizza’s 10 min Open Mic”. FREE.

So COME visit us at 2781 21st St. EVERY day of the week for fun community and rad times.


TONIGHT (and every Monday) 8-10pm

MRT3K (Mutiny Radio Theatre 3000)

Watch your favorite movies with an MST3K style panel for only $2!  $2 popcorn!  Fun Times!

3.9.15’s Movie “Modern Problems” with Chevy Chase and panel by Mike Speigalman!

3.16.15’s Movie “Grizzly Project” with special panel containing Ethan Albers!

3.30.15 brought to you by Spoiler Alert’s Clay and Tony!


Mutiny Radio is NOW RENTING Mondays 8-10pm



Are you looking to rent space?  Are you in a band? A comedian who has always wanted to book a show without financial overhead?  Mutiny is the community space for you!  You run the door, we run the sound and the space; you pay 1/2 the door or $100, whichever is less!  We want to help YOU express yourself to the world!  Please contact Pam Benjamin at for more details.  Monday 8-10pm booking available now!  Saturday nights 8-10pm in May and beyond also open.


BAY Area SketchyFest is coming to Mutiny!

Great shows every day Jan 31st-Feb 14th



Bay Area Sketchyfest #BASF is a communal festival by local artists! Over 40 shows, 30 producers, 15 rooms.  Entertainment st…arts January 31-February 14.  Shows range ($0-$20) with various entertainment: comedy, burlesque, music & more! Some include free beer, wine & pizza!  A new kind of entertainment festival!  All online proceeds goes to comedian Corie Gibson, recovering from stage 4 cancer.  For more information visit: See More


THIS Saturday 1/10, 8-10pm Catalogue (formerly Casi Casi) and Le Fomo


An intimate show for you during this era of tidy convenience and bottomless carafes of distractions. Video projections and music from two bands, live at Mutiny Radio:

CATALOGUE: (SF): LE FOMO (ftng the LE HOMO sub-set!): queer electro noise:

LE FOMO was voted Deli SF’s “Artist of the Month” this past December, recently releasing an avant sci-fi cult classic inspired video for their single “Saganometrics”


Check out our new Winter Flyer!  Now!  With MORE Programming!

valentine fly

back fly


SUNDAY 12/28; 8-10pm LIVE COMEDY



























YOU’RE INVITED!  Mutiny X-mas Party, Show and Elephant Gift X-Change!  12/27, 8-10pm



Come Party with your friends at Mutiny this Saturday 12/27 from 8-10pm!  2781 21st st, SF, CA 94110.

A great show with your favorite Mutiny DJ’s!







Celestial Zenith’s One Woman Show: A Date for the Evening; 12/20, 8-10pm


Written by Celestial Zenith
Directed and Choreographed by Shannon Stowe

Starring Celestial Zenith

Featuring MUSICAL GUEST Field Medic

exploring one girls breakneck journey through a night of speed dating, struggling to connect with anyone BUT HERSELF to mend her broken past.

Coming out of its debut performance OFF OFF BROADWAY at the FRIGID NEW YORK FRINGE FESTIVAL in February 2014 and it’s WEST COAST PREMIERE at the SAN FRANCISCO FRINGE FESTIVAL

A Date for the Evening will be performing ONE NIGHT ONLY featuring special guest FIELD MEDIC in San Francisco @ Mutiny Radio & Cafe


Ticket Price: $10 AT THE DOOR

PERFORMANCE IS AT the Mutiny Radio and Cafe,
2781 21st St – San Francisco, CA 94110
b/t Florida St & Bryant St in Mission

Check out more info at:

your writer/producer/GIRL:

your director/choreographer:

New Dance Theatre

Field Medic

“A Date for the Evening is an incredibly captivating piece of theater. The story flies by at a breakneck speed and I wanted it to continue long after the last beat. Celestial blends movement and speech in a very intriguing way. Great evening!” – Sara (sf fringe audience review)


Terribly Good Bad Words: AComedy Showcase produced by Phil Gillies Sat. 12/13, 8-10pm $5



talkshows copy





One Night Stand Up Comedy Special!

Saturday 12/6, 8-10pm


Treat yourself to a night of side-splitting comedy! Join Vilaska Nguyen as he presents The One Night Stand-Up Comedy Special on Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm in San Francisco’s Mission District. The Bay Area’s best comedians–Matt Gubser, Stroy Moyd, Pam Benjamin, Feel Woods, Chris Ferdinandson, and more–will perform and remind you why you were born: to laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Mutiny Cafe and Radio is located at 2781 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110; presale tickets are $10 and $15 at the door (space is limited!).

Incarcerated Art


Mutiny Radio has been supporting “Stop Mass Incarceration Month” since October with our art show “Incarcerated Art” featuring various artistic expression from currently incarcerated people in New Folsom Prison. This presentation of written work and art sent from inside prison walls accentuates the systematic problem with Mass Incarceration that currently faces all Americans. Mutiny Radio is attempting to give voice to the voiceless currently being effected by mass incarceration.

On November 29th from 8-10pm we will be holding a closing celebration for this show! We will be featuring multiple performers and community members speaking out against mass incarceration. (line-up to be announced soon) Please join us for this very special celebration of art and life!

Presenting pen and ink and pastel works sent by Ronnie Hung Ling Hoang #V-58077as well as his short stories along with sent written work from Guss Edwards #B-89208, Calvin Petterson #F-36257, I Seven Devine, Anonymous, Kevin Lewis #J-19998 and SJ Noble #D-74884.

Incarcerated Art- Oct 16th-Dec 1st
Mutiny Radio
2781 21st st.
San Francisco, CA 94110
415 550 0511- studio phone

For more information contact:
Pam Benjamin
Station Director Mutiny

Mad As Hell Film


The Young Turks, one of the most popular online news shows in the world, has amassed a YouTube network of over 2.4 million subscribers and 2 billion views. But that wasn’t always the case.

MAD AS HELL documents the tumultuous, at times hilarious and altogether astonishing trajectory of Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks’ main host and founder, as he traverses from unknown Public Access TV host to internet sensation by way of YouTube. When he ventures into national television by landing the 6 PM time slot on MSNBC, Cenk’s uncensored brand of journalism is compromised as he becomes a thorn in the side of traditional news media; his unwavering dedication to speaking the truth puts him at the very nexus of the battle between new and old media, and makes MAD AS HELL not only entertaining, but incredibly timely as well.


Check for a screening near you and reserve tickets. If you don’t find one,request a screening and become a host of your very own of MAD AS HELL theatrical screening!

Instructions and everything you need to set up and coordinate your own Gathrscreening of MAD AS HELL is here in the Mad as Hell Screening Toolkit.

Thank you for being a part of Mad As Hell. Please contact or call855-428-4787 with any questions about setting up your event.


Australian Comedian Imman Hadchiti Thurs. Nov 13th, 6-8pm


The hilarious, Australian born  Imaan Hadchiti will be performing at Mutiny Radio for the whole world to hear! Be here, listen live or download the podcast post show at

Thursday Nov. 13th 6-8pm
2781 21st St.
SF, CA 94110

Opening comics:
Drummer/Comedian Aaron Barrett!
Australian Comic Andrew Roberts!
Old Bat Pam Benjamin


PUNK ROCK!  Sat. Nov 8th 8-10pm



Filmmaker/Comics Pete and Poggi Screen their NEW Video Sat 11/15, 8-10pm



Pumpkin Carving Contest Fun This Thurs. 10/23, 8-10pm!

pumpkinCome have some seasonal fun with your friends at Mutiny Radio

Pumpkin Carving Contest! Come support the station and True Hustle Entertainment by participating in the contest for an assortment of prizes and colorful gifts, Hosted by the wonderful Hippie Shaun and the excellent Kate Young.
All you can eat PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!


Mutiny is a Rentable Community Space!



How do rentals work?  Well, we’re Socialists that want to give everyone a recorded opportunity to perform, so: You run the door, we run the sound/podcast/space, and we split the door or $100, whichever is less.  You make promotions and we will help pass them around to fill our 40 seat performance space at 2781 21st St, SF CA 94110. Also you can book your BAND PRACTICE at Mutiny Tuesday-Thursday 4-6pm.  For a mere $10 (or more) donation, your band can practice live on the radio (you get the podcast after). Sound cool? Contact Pam Benjamin at 760-716-3865 or


The Rock and Roll Coup D’état with Eddie Winters & Bodhi Lane will be interviewing legendary Actor, Director, & Entrepreneur, Larry Wilcox.
This Monday, October 6th @ 10:15AM (PST)

Larry Wilcox is most famously known for his portrayal of officer Jon Baker on the hit TV show “CHiPs” alongside Erik Estrada, Robert Pine & Paul Linke from 1977-1983.



Chris Bierman-Gwinn aka DJ Powder P is coming to Mutiny Radio to tear up the turntables! Local to the Mission District, Powder P has been rockin’ shows all around the Bay Area for years. With an expansive knowledge of music, Powder P brings a diverse array of hits and always keeps it groovy. Come thru to Mutiny Radio & Cafe and be ready to get funked up! $2-5 at the door. Support your local artists and radio stations! Bring errrry-body


Support Mutiny at Lagunitas Brewery Sat 9/27, 6-8pm, $20

For a mere $20, you can party with your favorite Mutiny Radio comedians backed by the incredible improv musical stylings of Medicine Bug at the Lagunitas Brewing Co‘s cool upstairs LOFT!

Petaluma isn’t that far to throw a benefit for your favorite internet radio station, so come to the Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary
1280 N. McDowell Boulevard
Petaluma, Calif. 94954

Saturday, September 27th 6-8pm
$20 for a great time at the brewery with Dirty Dan Piosalan, Mike Olson, Clay Newman, Pam Benjamin, Molly Trad, Aaron Barrett, Roman Rimer, Timothy Pizza and MORE!





Monday Sept 22nd 10:35 AM (PST) Eddie Winters interviews Jonathan Antin



Monday, September 22, Eddie Winters will interview one of his heroes, legendary hairstylist to the stars, entrepreneur, TV star and pop culture icon: Jonathan Antin. Listen live to learn about Jonathan’s meteoric rise as a stylist and culture icon, what it takes to be an industry leader, and his starring roles in seminal reality television programming such as Extreme Makeover, Shear Genius and his own “Blow Out” (Bravo). Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the mind of a man Eddie has been following for over a decade, and find out what’s next in the incredible career of this creative powerhouse. He taught Eddie one of his most valuable life lessons, “with great hair comes great responsibility” – what will he teach you?

About Jonathan:
Internationally renowned hairstylist Jonathan Antin is known for creating the most sought-after hairstyles for Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. A true innovator in the world of beauty, he made his television debut on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and E! Entertainment’s Fashion Emergency, effectively pioneering the trend of bringing beautiful hairstyles to modern day television. Antin’s acquired fame and success led to a starring role on Bravo’s hit series Blow Out, which chronicled his life for 3 years as a passionate and driven salon owner and celebrity stylist. Blow Out aired in over 40 countries bringing Jonathan international acclaim.

A Los Angeles native, Antin was raised among the fashion and beauty industry’s elite. As a teenager, he was inspired by Warren Beatty’s role in the award-winning hit movie Shampoo. It was then that Antin found his true calling and enrolled in the Hollywood Beauty Academy, after which he began working at some of the city’s best salons. Like Beatty’s character, Antin’s good looks, charisma, unique fashion sense and fresh approach proved irresistible. Within a few short years, and after extensive experience styling runway shows, Antin opened the doors to his own namesake salon, garnering a list of celebrity clientele rivaling the best in the business while creating his own successful product line.

For more than 20 years, Antin’s cutting-edge hairstyles and innovative contributions to the world of beauty have been featured in hundreds of fashion and style magazines, including Vanity Fair, Elle, Vogue, Allure, W, In Style, People, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar. Antin also fashioned the looks in many award winning music videos including Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” Aerosmith’s “Livin ‘on the Edge” and the Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha”. Antin has worked with high-profile celebrities including Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth, Tobey Maguire and Ricky Martin. Additionally, he has appeared regularly and shared his expertise on NBC’s Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC’s The View, Jimmy Kimmel Live and also on cable networks including E! Entertainment, the Style Network and MTV. Most recently Antin appeared in CBS’s hit show CSI in a role depicting himself as a stylist to the stars.


Thursday Sept 18th 8-10pm “The Aristocrats” LIVE

Come experience the tastelessness of this classic joke modernized for you LIVE on stage at Mutiny Thursday September 18th from 8-10pm for only $5!  Too embarrassed to be here?  Listen live to the streaming show or download the podcast after!  2781 21st st, SF CA 94110



This Saturday 9/6 from 6-8pm NEW ART by Jenner Davis

Come see the new art at the station!  Opening Party this Saturday September 6th from 6-8pm!



Mutiny Comedy Fundraiser at Lagunitas Brewery!

Saturday Sept. 27th: 6-8pm in Petaluma!

$20 donation. All proceeds to Mutiny

Your favorite Mutiny comic DJ’s perform backed by the incredible musical improv stylings of Medicine Bug!  Party with us in Lagunitas’ awesome upstairs LOFT.  LagunitasPetaluma:
1280 N. McDowell Boulevard
Petaluma, Calif. 94954



Two Great Events Tomorrow: Sat 8/30

6-8pm: Rap Cypher Show LIVE featuring: Bottled Water, Voltaire Slapadelic, Products of Brotherhood, Cre8London and The Retroactivists

8-10pm: You Tube Warz!

you tube


Last Week’s Noise Pop Block Party was a wild Success!

Did you miss Medicine Bug’s Comedy Jam?  Listen Live here:

Oh, and Zach Rogue of the Rogue Wave performing and being intervied by Dan Stone of Maintain Radio Silence!


Trackspoitation, Tuesday 8/26 4-6p!












For their one-day only appearance in the Bay Area, time-traveling-DJs-for-hire Professor ASAP (the underground DJ from the not too distant post apocalyptic future) and JCT45 (a rough music chronicling time-droid from the distant android utopia future) appear at Mutiny for an impromptu session on their path to total domination over TIME AND SPACE!

This duo is in relentless pursuit of the right sound in the right time in the right place. They specialize in live mashes and mixes using both space-aged equipment and old school turntablism.

Stop by 21st and Florida in the Mission to immerse yourself in their multi-genre soundscapes.

And find more of their adventures here, here and here.
Hear the set on our archives: Tracksploitation



Noise Pop Block Party Extravaganza 8/23 noon-6pm!


From 1:30-2:15: The Rock Project!

Rock your faces off with this incredible youth rock band.

3-4pm: Maintain Radio Silence!

Dan Stone of Maintain Radio Silence interviews Zack Rogue after he plays a set and before he takes the main stage at 5pm

4-6+pm: The incredible band “Medicine Bug” improvises behind your favorite Mutiny Radio comics.  This “Comedy Jam” will rock your funny bone!  Hosted by Pam Benjamin.

Come and play at the block party and hang with Mutiny!



























Saturday 7/26: 6-8pm You Tube WARZ!

You like You Tube Videos?  You know some crazy ones?  Win prizes at Mutiny Radio this Saturday from 6-8pm!  $2 a video (must be less than 6 mins each) to benefit Mutiny Radio. Projected on the wall.  Fun Times!



This SUNDAY 7/20! Free Original Movie Screening! 4&5pm



Monday Morning! An interview with David Pack of Ambrosia!


This coming Monday, July 14th Eddie Winters from the The Rock and Roll Coup D’état with Eddie Winters & Rajeev Dhar will be interviewing DAVID PACK!!  Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and founding member of the 70’s/80’s rock group, AMBROSIA!!
David Pack has worked with everyone in the Industry including: Alan Parsons, Michael McDonald, James Ingram, Sting, Bono, Selena, Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Bette Midler,  Barbra Streisand, Little Richard, Steve Via, Bruce Hornsby, The Beach Boys, Elton John, Billy Joel, Eddie Van Halen, The Doobie Brothers, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Kenny Loggins, Yes, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, Todd Rundgren, Bela Fleck, Chet Atkins, Linda Ronstadt, Patti LaBelle, Quincy Jones and more…
David will be calling into to talk about his new record, “Napa Crossroads” as well as share some stories of his historic collaborations with some of the most legendary Artists of the 20th Century. WOW!!


Resource for Artists, Bands, Comedians, DJs!


4th of July FUN at Your Favorite Radio Station!




TONIGHT!  Wednesday June 25th! FUNdraiser!


Summers here and we do declare that June is fundraising month at Mutiny Radio and House of Pride Radio Show is doing our part to reach our funding  goals of 3K in 30 days, by giving you a way over the top extravaganza of a drag/comedy/performance art show from 6 to 8PM…. With Host :Tweaka Turner and lovely co-host Pe…arl Teese Fabulous Guests and Performers: 1.Pam Benjamin-Live Comedy set 2.) S.j. Cruz– Live Poetry reading 3.) Marco Middlesex-LGBT Disco Daddy performing his big hit. 4.) Sheena Rose-Drag Diva and Recording artist performs her #1 hit 5.) Marcymarcus PlaygroundMahto-Riveting Drag performance artist of the highest degree 6.) Christina Msladybug Gilmore– Drag illusionist and reining queen of the $1.98 Beauty pageant 7.) Bernadette Bohan-acoustic rock Live diva performances 8.) Emma Peel– Beautiful voie of an angle sings live for us! 9.0 David Colón– acoustic stylings
We need your support won’t you come out for us and be directly responsible for keeping our beloved LGBT fun 4 everyone Radio show alive and well? Fierce raffle prizes and concessions available


Silent Auction Tues June 24th 6-10pm

Look at all these GREAT items!

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s11 s12 s13 s14 s15 s16 s17 s19


June 13th-15th Rad Weekend Fundraisers!

Freaky Friday the 13th 8-11pm at “Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse”!

$1 a min stage time for comics, donation welcomed from audience!

Super Saturday the 14th 6-8p “Bughouse Square’s: Out of the Basement”

The Proofs…
Oji (The Gift Bearer) – Interlude
Visión Nocturna
Forced Medication

Thanks to Bughouse Square for putting it all together!  See you Saturday!

Scrumtrulecent Sunday the 15th 2-4p “Mutiny Sunday Funnnies/Comedy Church

$5 donation gets you free white wine and delicious comedy.  This and every Sunday: 2-4pm

outside faison2




Mutiny Radio now has its own Page!

Hey, go check out our new page ( listing all of our fantastic shows and events!

They’re a great promotional resource for bands, podcasts and comedians; free and easy to use.




Alta-California Botanicals Lunch Fundraiser: June 10th High Noon to 2pm, $10

altacastAlta California Botanicals sponsors The Alta-Cast and Mutiny Radio!  Come donate $10 to the station and get a lovely lunch with Alta- Alta-California‘s amazing tinctures.

Come listen and participate in the show, eat lunch, try the goods and discuss how medical marijuana can save the world!

$160 value of THCA for only $10 AND lunch?  Yes.


TONIGHT!  6-8pm Battle your favorite videos! $2 donation per








FRIDAY!  Your Favorite DJ/Comics!  Donate $10 for a hilarious show!


This Friday June 6th at 8pm, your favorite Mutiny Radio Comedians/DJ’s perform for the station!  $10 gets you comedy from Jackson McBrayer of “Sunday Morning Mosh Pit” Sun 12-2pm, Chris Conaster of “Lonely Lunch” Thurs 12-2pm, Clay Newman of “Spoiler Alert with Clay and Tony” Tues 2-4pm, Jason Dove of “The Rock and Roll Coup D’etat with Eddie Winters” Mon 8am-12p and Pam Benjamin of “Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse” Fri 8-11pm, “Joke Workshop” mon 6-8pm and the “Alta-Cast” Tues 12-2pm.  Come laugh and support the station!

June 6th 8-11pm

2781 21st st. SF, CA 94110


Have Fun and Help at the same Time, ALL JUNE!



Tonight on Heterotopia at 10pm:

2 independent broadcasters, 2 mics, 1 world. Tune in for a local discussion of global proportions with Mutiny’s DJ Asik and KPFA/ Afrobeat Radio’s Ann Garrision (tasty music included).


The Whole Month of June!  $3000 in 30 days Fundraiser for Mutiny Radio!!!!!







Fun in the OVEN Comedy! $10, 5/10; 6-8pm



Come laugh for BABIES!  Who doesn’t LOVE babies?  $10, this Saturday 5/10 from 6-8pm at the Mutiny Radio Performance Space at 2781 21st st. SF, CA 94110.


Don’t Miss this Amazing Comedy Showcase this Friday 5/2 from 8-10pm.  Only $10.  Open mic to follow from 10-11pm.


THURSDAY! 4/10 @ Great America Music Hall!

GAMH - mutiny radio2


Sing Out of Darkness!  This Sat 4/12, 6-8pm

 Sing Out of Darkness: raising awareness about suicide and Depression $10 Donation

There has been great demand for Sing Out of Darkness shows outside of the Bay Area.  We are proud to announce that we have a special show just for you!!!!
For those of you unable to travel to SF to attend a show – you can attend from the comfort of – well, wherever you can get an internet signal. That is right!!! Sing… Out of Darkness will be broadcasting live over Mutiny Radio just for you!
For those in the SF Bay Area, you should come down for this special live performance.  It will be a wild ride!!!
Please join Jules along with Sugar Ponies, Jeff Desira, David Colón, Jean Marc, & She The Wolf for this special show.
Studio located at Mutiny Radio @ 2781 21st St.& Florida, SF Radio:
There will be Beer/Wine available for purchase.
This is an all ages show.  Any proceeds raised will support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  Special donations will also be solicited for Mutiny Radio.


Mutiny Radio Comedy Showcase This Friday! 4/5!

Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio‘s audience voted for a showcase, and this was the result. Come see:

Elvis Mujic
Frankie Lee
EJ Allen
Daniel Vito Bernahicks
Bryce Benson
Clay Newman
Dro Knows
Tommy Arnold
and Steve Poggi!

Friday 4/4, 8-11pm at Mutiny Radio
2781 21st st at Florida SF CA 94110

and Sat 4/5, 5pm
The Purple Onion at Kells
530 Jackson, North Beach
$10, 1 drink Min


Amazing Upcoming Shows

Sat 6pm!

6pm 4/12- Sing Out of Darkness: raising awareness about suicide and Depression $10 Donation

Anarcho-comedian storyteller Roman Rimer presents Peace, Earthlings. A night of new monologues about the painstaking process of flipping the social order on its head.featuring:  the powerful poetry of Blythe Baldwin and jovial stand-up Jesús U. BettaWork Fuentes!!!$10 suggested donation/no one turned away for lack of fundsunable to attend in person?  The show will be streaming LIVE starting at 6pm PST on Mutiny Radio :
There has been great demand for Sing Out of Darkness shows outside of the Bay Area.  We are proud to announce that we have a special show just for you!!!!
For those of you unable to travel to SF to attend a show – you can attend from the comfort of – well, wherever you can get an internet signal. That is right!!! Sing… Out of Darkness will be broadcasting live over Mutiny Radio just for you!
For those in the SF Bay Area, you should come down for this special live performance.  It will be a wild ride!!!
Please join Jules along with Sugar Ponies, Jeff Desira, David Colón, Jean Marc, & She The Wolf for this special show.
Studio located at Mutiny Radio @ 2781 21st St.& Florida, SF Radio:
There will be Beer/Wine available for purchase.
This is an all ages show.  Any proceeds raised will support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  Special donations will also be solicited for Mutiny Radio.


Live FREE Performances almost EVERY DAY

Every Monday 6-8pm: Joke Workshop, come critique local comics new material
Every Monday 8-10pm: 3MSqrd Open Mic- Comedy, Poetry, Music
Every Wed        6-8pm: House of Pride- this LGBT friendly program invites an audience!  Snacks, Drag Queens, fun and interviews.
Every Fri 3-6pm: The Common Thread Collective Open Mic- The most eclectic Open Mic in SF
Every Fri 8-11pm: Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse: Over 30 comics every week.  BYOB.
Every Sat 6-8pm: LIVE show- this week, The Riot Professor plays live on Shuggah Revamped
Every Sunday 2-4pm: Mutiny Sunday Funnies Comedy Open Mic- Spend your afternoon with crazy comedians.
All these free shows happen every week!  Stop by Mutiny Radio for a good time!


New Sunday OPEN MIC!

2-4pm every Sunday

Mutiny Sunday Funnies

Hosted By your favorite Mutiny Radio Comics!

2781 21st St!!!


Two Great EventsMutin Sat. Mar 1st @Mutiny Radio

EVICTION TIMES Art Opening 6-8pm

Interview with Ramones Drummer Richie Ramone 8-10pm

6-8pm FREE!  LIVE on Air! Printmaking Workshop!  FUN! ART!


Are Google-Bus geeks getting you down? Are you tired of Twitter Twerps tweeting on your turf? Is social Media hype sucking the substance out of your favorite San Francisco? When was the last time you heard anyone say; “I am one rent-controlled apartment from leaving San Francisco for good.”…

Well my friend, in these “San Francisco Eviction Times” you are not alone and we are not powerless against this onslaught of inter-net whitewash.

Come Join Mutiny Radio for an exhibition of posters and prints inspired by the masterful and immensely popular Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Posada’s street news broadsides have inspired local artists to develop their own interpretation of current events. Eviction is the theme, no slumlord is safe and your attendance is a must!

“San Francisco Eviction Times” will run from February 19th until April 10th at the Mutiny studio cafe at 21st and Florida. On Saturday March 1st from six until eight, we will hold a live radio and free printing event with interviews, live music and a live print demonstration. Don’t miss it!

And From 8-10pm on Sounds from the Street:

An interview with Ramones drummer Ritchie Ramone:

Richie Ramone is an American drummer best known for being the drummer for the iconic punk band the Ramones and the only Ramones drummer to be the sole composer and writer of Ramones songs. He’ll be performing live at Brick and Mortar Music Hall on March 9th. Go here for more info: Tune in to “Sounds from the Street” at this Saturday, March 1st at 8:30pm to hear an exclusive interview with DJ Aisha, only on Mutiny Radio!


Shuggah Revamped!

She’s BACK!  This Saturday 2/22!

And Every 4th Saturday from 6-8pm at Mutiny Radio!!!!

Listen LIVE or come in to the  station!

2781 21st st. SF, CA 94110

Once a month at Mutiny Radio Shuggah is back with A French English Show and this month we have the honor to have the Genie Love in the Gallery and Anthony Medina who will join me on my show to do what we do the best 😉
474352_360841467281945_1406605255_o copy
Open to the public and all ages

BYOB and your great attitude 😉



“Shrug Life”

a FREE Comedy Show

this Saturday 2/15, 6-8pm @ Mutiny Radio





“Sisyphus” a photo project by Victoria Mara Heilweil

Showing: Jan 4-Feb 17th

Reception with the Artist: Sat, 2/8 @6pm



Victoria’s photographic art practice transforms images of the mundane onto the sublime. She is inspired by wabi-sabi, a philosophy and aesthetic that comes from Japanese Buddhism.  It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete; of things modest and humble, of things unconventional.  For the artist, true beauty exists only in imperfection and thus she is fascinated by marks, traces and remnants.  She photographs them as a way to reference both time and personal narratives. Marks are often seen as ugly or undesirable, particularly in a disposable culture that fetishizes the clean and new.  The traces left on objects communicate a particular person or person’s interaction with them.  They are specific and revealing, unique and historical, intimate and almost embarrassing.

Sisyphus is an archive of the ordinary and the every day.  The images map beauty from an unsuspecting space, hidden gems in the mess.  We are temporal beings, bounded by our mortality.  The question of time, and how we spend it, becomes increasingly more important as we age. Dishes are a daily ritual the artist does not enjoy.  Making these photographs is her attempt to make peace with this necessity in her life and a challenge to make herself see the sublime in a surprising space.


“Does this JOKE Make Me Look FAT?”

One Woman Comedy Show Fri 1/31 @8 (Mutiny), Sat 2/1 @5pm (The Purple Onion at Kell’s)

Pam DVD cover FINAL

Mutiny Radio Presents: “Does This Joke Make me Look Fat”

This performance poet turned comedian is excited to present a full length comedy show at two venues: Mutiny Radio and The Purple Onion at Kell’s. She jokes about feminism, cats, cougar sex with 23 yr old skateboarders, her deeply religious past and literary smart people stuff. She’ll sing and dance for the man, and even do part of this comedic show in her underwear.  You won’t want to miss it.

Comics Aaron Barrett and Christopher Conatser will be opening the show.

Friday Jan 31st 8pm
Mutiny Radio
2781 21st St.
SF, CA 94110
Listen live: or download post


Sat Feb 1st 5pm
The Purple Onion at Kells
530 Jackson (North Beach)
$10, 1 drink min

Please contact Pam Benjamin at for more details.


“Petty Troubles” Album Release featuring Matt Montgomery with Brian McCune and Special Guests Van Dyke Parks with an awesome Orchestra.


Montgomery and Van Dyke Parks with Awesome Orchestra
Petty Troubles is a live orchestral pop album featuring the songs of Matt Montgomery, orchestrated by Brian Adam McCune, and produced by Brendan West. Petty Troubles is also the title of the companion documentary, directed by Isaac Pingree, that chronicles the process, perks, and pitfalls of recording an independent album live in one day with 30 Bay Area musicians.

Hear the awesome interview!

Sunday, January 26, 2014
4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Doors open at 3:00 p.m.


The Malonga Casquelourd Center
1428 Alice Street
Oakland, CA 94612


Who Cares About the SuperBowl Now?!

Not Mutiny Radio.  Come to one of these amazing events February 2nd: SuperBowl: Men in Tights or Winter Dance Party!


“SuperBowl: Men in Tights” Live superbowl (without sound) and commercials (with sound) at the ROXIE Theatre 3117 16th st, SF, CA 94110 3pm, Comedians David Cairns, OJ Patterson, and David “Snackbar Jackson” Gborie host with special guests: Matt Nelsen, Chrysteena Lairammore, Spencer Bainbridge, Max McCal, Alaini Foxall, Olivia Kingsley, Juan Medina, Cheerleader Pam Benjamin and Chris Blair.

S come to the Roxie Theatre and drink some beers and laugh your asses off in their fluffy seats.

$10 donation benefits SFIndiefest and Roxie Theatre.



A Tribute to the day the Music Died.  Come celebrate the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper on the 54th anniversary of their final show!  Live performance of their classic hits featuring: Aaron Barrett (Floating Goat), Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless/Golden Void), Camilla Mitchell (Golden Void), Tommy Arnold (True Hustle Entertainment), and Will Crawford.  Special guests: Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic.

Sunday Feb 2nd

Brick and Mortar Music Hall 8pm

1710 Mission St



Mutiny Presents: 4 Bands at “Neck of the Woods” Jan 18th



Brought to you by Mutiny Radio… Jan. 18th there will be an amazing show at Neck of the Woods in SF. 4 Bay Area bands will be providing music all night, so you ready to get your groove on?? Then come on down (or up or whichever way you need to head to get to the city) and check out this local talent on the 18th!!! One of Many, Oranguhtango, Crash Landings and Unruly Things!!!
Along with music discover 1 local MC -Shuggah and 1 local stand up comedian Pam Benjamin who are both part of Mutiny Radio  they will entertain you in between the kick ass bands !!
Tickets are available online at Tickets are $8 at the door $5 online through ticketfly See ya there!!!!

Come to Neck of the Woods Saturday January 18th for some amazing music hosted by the amazing Shuggah! Only $8 at the door includes 4 bands and the comic stylings of Mutiny Radio’s own Pamtatsic (Pam Benjamin).

Neck of the Woods

406 Clement St, San Francisco, California 94118



Amazing OPEN MICs at Mutiny Radio!

Come Perform or be in the Audience. You are always welcome at 2781 21st St!


6-8pm: New Joke Workshop.

Comics work out new jokes and premises in front of a vocal panel of their peers. Also the “Heckling is Helping” segment where the audience heckles a “riffing” comic to provide a safe and supportive environment to practice dealing with assholes when you’re booked on a show.  Where else can you practice this shit, right?  Come participate or listen in.  Good times.

8-10pm: 3MSqrd Open Mic with Mikey Valentino

This traditional open mic is anything but traditional.  All are welcome to express themselves: poets, musicians, comics, political ranters- come one, come all.


3-6pm: The Common Thread Collective Open Mic with Diamond Dave

Global Val and Fernando present legendary Diamond Dave’s totally open mic.  They cast a wide net to find the common thread and then let light flourish; They they don’t panic ’cause they keep it organic.  If you love poetry, rainbows and anarchists, this is the show for you.

8-11pm: Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse

The best of San Francsico’s Underground comedy scene performs every Friday at Mutiny Radio. 7:30pm sign up for comics, 8-11pm show.  The Clubhouse loves audience.  The audience loves the Clubhouse. With over 25 comics performing every week, you never know what kind of comic you will get.  If you don’t like it, don’t worry, there will be another one in 5 minutes.

COME BE A PART OF THE AUDIENCE or PARTICIPATE in any one of these four amazing open mics weekly at Mutiny Radio at 21st and Florida.


Come to this great CD release Party at the Rickshaw Stop!

140103 Rickshaw Stop poster


Friday, Jan 3rd 8pm

The Rickshaw Stop

155 Fell st @ Van Ness


An Interview with Paul Mooney!  Tonight! On Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse at 10pm


The Interview With Mr. Mooney is in this podcast at hour 2:
















Meet your new and old DJs!

House of Pride with Tweaka Turner and Pearl Teese every Wednesday 6-8pm!  Bringing the Pride to Mutiny with amazing LGBT friendly guest interviews, incredible local house music and super fun times!  House of Pride ALWAYS treats their live audience to lovely beverages and delicious snacks.  Come to the station!

Chris Conaster wants to make your Lonely Lunch less lonely with fantastically curated music from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond.  See how lonely he looks at his lunch? I bet it’s just peanut butter and doesn’t have any jelly. Listen to him EVERY THURSDAY noon-2pm.

The Common Thread OPEN MIC is every Friday 3-6pm and casts a WIDE net to find the common thread between Diamond Dave, Global Val (of Women’s Magazine Fri 2-3pm), Willy D (The Radical Corner Wed 4-6pm) and the community.  You NEVER know who’s going to perform! Let light flourish!

THE MARIJUANA HITS radio program brings art and marijuana advocacy together with DJ ReLeaf and marijuana activist Debby Goldsberry. Exciting guests. Great times every Friday 6-8pm!

Kerim Harmanci from The Blunder Bus Saturday 2-4pm! He’s funny. He will most likely have some funny guests representing The Purple Onion at Kell’s and The Comedy College.

Kerim doing a live broadcast at 111 Minna with Brooks Rocco of Thinking Cap Saturday noon-2pm.  He brings findings every week, plays amazing surf rock from the 60’s, is into some bizarre tunes that will intrigue you week after week. Also snack time with Matt Guiest is exactly what you think it is.

Creepy B is the queen of the horribly dark and beautiful.  Listen to her and Roxy Roller every Wednesday night from midnight to 2am when she spins nefarious tunes.

Roxy Roller brings you the rock EVERY Sunday noon to4pm.  Live bands, fun times, great guests and ROCK. Come to the station and rock your face off.


NEW JOKE WORKSHOP! A New Show EVERY Monday 6-8pm


This NEW SHOW on Mutiny Radio is every Monday from 6-8pm. LIVE on air and podcast post, this is an opportunity for comedians to try out NEW material (or material they are working on) in front of a panel of comics who will critique them post set on-air. Comics helping comics with positive feedback and specific details of what resonated with them as an audience, it’s fun to listen to or be a part of! The show is divided into three segments:   Part 1: 3 min comedy sets will be critiqued by a panel of 3 comics. Part 2: 3 min riff sets involving audience heckling. (I mean when ELSE can we practice how to deal with that shit?) Part 3: Shameless self-promotion Everyone can have the opportunity to be on the critique panel, even REAL people (ie. non-comics), and first come first serve on both the planned sets and riffing sets. See you Monday!


A Very Special Thunderegg Holiday Party at Mutiny Radio

The Tape, the Party

90-minute best-of album now available; incredible holiday radio party in SF on Saturday

Dear friends of the Egg, There are two important and fun items for us to report to you: 1. Today we celebrate the release of the first official best-of-Thunderegg collection, He’s Actually Pretty Cool Once You Get to Know Him: A Thunderegg Sampler (1995-2012). Ninety minutes! Twenty-eight tracks! And…it’s available as an instant digital download or limited-edition double-length cassette, complete with the phenomenal insert you see above. (You get the download free if you get the tape.) From “Christy Pickle” to “If I Went on a Diet” to “Not What I Meant,” this is a unique slice of some deeply underground, deeply catchy shit. It’s a great gift idea. 2. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, starting around 3:30 p.m. and ending promptly at 6, Thunderegg is hosting a holiday concert/party/radio broadcast/video shoot/blowout at Mutiny Radio, 2781 21st St., at the corner of Florida St., San Francisco.

Seats are limited; click here to purchase advance tickets. David Colón will co-MC a two-hour special of live music and camaraderie, featuring beer, Thundereggnog, and copies of the above-mentioned cassette—all of it captured to Internet audio and multi-camera video madness. Live broadcast commences at at 4:00 PST; Dad, that means you can listen to it from New Jersey at 7. Happy holidays, everyone; tell everyone about the new comp, and we hope to see/hear from you (they even have a request line) on Saturday!


This Weekend at the Station (2781 21st St., SF, CA 94110) is INCREDIBLE!

“I’ve Been Doing Comedy Less than 1 year, but I’m F**king Awesome” Showcase

This Fucking awesome comedy showcase features 10 new comics that have been doing comedy less than one year, but who kick so much ass, you’d think they were doing it WAYYYYYY longer.
They are all wicked awesome and you have the opportunity to see them at two venues on two nights, also, the Friday night show is LIVE on Mutiny Radio, so you have no excuse to miss the incredible comedy of:
 Priyanka Wali, Angela Julian, Chris Conaster, Chris Blackwood, Dro Knows, Daniel Vito Bernerhicks, David Hobley, Josh Fesler, Tuesday Thomas and Noah Gain. Hosted by Denise O’Young
Friday 12/6 at 8pm Mutiny Radio 2781 21st st SF, CA 94110 Tix are $10 also live on and podcast archive post
Sat 12/7 at 5pm The Purple Onion at Kell’s 530 Jackson st SF (North Beach) Tix are $10 and a 1 drink min
Come support new comedians!!!!

THE ANT- Recent Works art Reception

We have some amazing, hilarious and thought provoking new work up on the walls of Mutiny Radio created by the local artist Ant.  Please come to the station from 2-4pm.  It’s FREE!  Have a glass of wine and meet the artist Saturday, December 7th from 2-4pm.

Especially SF: Stand-up and Storytelling

Especially SF: Stand-Up and Storytelling means to showcase the unique voices and talents of creative people who keep San Francisco a thriving artistic community. We want to produce shows that bring together performers from different communities and mediums.
$5 Doors at 8:00 pm Show at 8:pm sharp! $2 Anchor Steam
Richard Toomer,  Jessie Alsop, Zach Chiappellone,  Dara Khan,  Lauren Wheeler-Dubin ~ Dro, Jesse Hett, Alyssa Young , and Joe Loya


















Mutiny Radio has Amazing NEW Shows!

Sunday: 10am to noon “The Sunday Morning Mosh Pit” – with Jackson McBrayer, brought to you by 6th Circle Comic; great morning metal to wake up your weekend.

Mon: 2-4pm “Welcome to My House Party”- with David Hobley; from early 90’s hip-hop and R&B to everything Hip-hop NOW and the coolest Jams

Tues: 2-4pm “Spoiler Alert with Clay and Tony”- Clay Newman and friends talk all about TV, movies and why distraction is awesome.

Thurs: noon-2pm “The Lonely Lunch”- with Chris Conaster.  Be lonely with Chris.  Eat your sad peanut butter sandwich in your cubicle while listening to the best music blend of the 80’s and 90’s. This is Chris at Lunch; look how lonely he is:

Thurs: 2-4pm “Behind the Mynd”- with David Colon.  Singer songwriters clamber to play live and hang out with Mutiny’s own songwriting genius David.  Always a glorious show that bathes in the joy of self-expression.

Fri: noon-2pm “The Weekly Review: or The world is Depressing and Sometimes We Play Music”- Roman Rimer and Molly Trad TELL US THE TRUTH about what’s really going on in San Francisco every week.

Sat: Noon-2pm “Thinking Cap”- Brooks Rocco always plays the most bizarre deep tracks and LOVES surf rock from the 60’s.  Also, snack reviews with Matt.



TOMORROW! 12/2! COMICS!!!! You wanna try out some new jokes… on the radio?!?!?! Sure you do!  Come to Mutiny Radio on Monday Dec 2nd from 6pm-8pm for a new joke workshop LIVE on the air. Please prepare the following: 3 one liners 1 story joke and be ready to do 3 mins of “riffing”. We’ll be critiquing each other’s jokes on air and even writing one LIVE!!! (then you can all go to the Mon Brainwash open mic or stay at the station for 3MSqrd’s Open Mic!)


Comedy Clubhouse OPEN MIC FUNdraiser for Homelessness  

  • 8:00pm- 11pm
As general in the SF Bay Area Comedy Army, and Mommy to all Comedians who will let me, when I found out that one of our comics in the community was homeless… well, The Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio had to do something! On Friday, November 29th from 8-11pm,  Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse will be raising money for this wonderful comic so he can get a phone, and an ID, and hopefully take some steps toward a place to stay. $2 a minute for the open micBake SaleRaffle Don’t be a dick.  Come listen to comedy, laugh and really help one of our own.


KPFA Women’s Magazine – Monday, November 18, 2013: Poetry as an Agent of Change

Monday, November 18th, 1-2pm Women’s Magazine with Global Val 2nd Women’s Poetry Showcase: Poetry as an Agent of Change KPFA 94.1 & There are several ways to listen LIVE: KPFA 94.1 FM KPFB 89.3 FM Comcast Digital Cable 967 iPhone: Public Radio App Android: TuneIn Radio App WebOS: Public Radio App KPFA Live Stream Channel: Archive/Podcast will be posted here and on and Poetry as an Agent of Change When I started producing shows for Women’s Magazine on KPFA 94.1, my intention was and remains to be highlighting women who are changing the world. I’ve brought it back to poetry this month because Poetry is an underdog of change. In this show, we’ll hear from two poets who are using their words & work to inspire and activate others toward personal growth and creative community-based solutions for some of the world’s most daunting challenges.

Poets Alicia Zakon is an educator and spoken word poet in & from Berkeley, CA. She’s written a poetic memoir called “Laundry and Love Notes”, a collection of poems she wrote from age 10-25 that reveal her own choices in love & dating and gives readers a raw examination of how she has grown as a young woman. She plans to teach a series of free poetry workshops in 15 cities around the country so other young women can receive the gift of poetry as a means to deal with life’s transgressions and gain a better sense of self-worth. You can contribute to her workshop tour by purchasing her book on her website,

Alexandria ‘Rain’ is an ambassador of peace and positivity who came into our lives at The Common Thread Collective (Fridays 3-6pm) at Mutiny Radio this past summer. She has her feet, hands and heart planted in the grass roots as she shares her vision about how the creative collective can help us reinvigorate and inspire each other. – She’s currently involved with CAJA-3, standing up to feminicide by lobbying for a better distribution of US funds allotted for the drug war in Mexico, and by empowering a group of women in Mexico, who are suffering domestic violence, to grow and sell local delicacies to gain independence. – She was also selected to participate in a retreat with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom as it looks ahead into the next 100 years of the organization. See the WILPF website to sign the petition to ratify CEDAW and let the 113th Congress know – on the day they’re sworn in – that Americans want the US to join 185 other countries who have signed on to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Musicians The Necatarian Collective from the Big Island of Hawaii consists of three goddesses: Mary Isis, Sea Star and Parmita, accompanied by their friends, Lotus Moon. Today’s show features: “Cosmic Mind” and “Earth’s Child” by Mary Isis from her album Nectarian “The Wellspring” by Sea Star from her album Sacred Red and a special live track of “Only Love Can Heal Us” by Parmita All their music can be enjoyed and downloaded at There are several ways to listen LIVE: KPFA 94.1 FM KPFB 89.3 FM Comcast Digital Cable 967 iPhone: Public Radio App Android: TuneIn Radio App WebOS: Public Radio App KPFA Live Stream Channel: Archive/Podcast will be posted here and on and Thank you for your participation! Global Val


Voltaire Slapadelic’s CD Release Party WED. 11/10 AT Mutiny Radio!

An amazing party to celebrate the release of Voltaire Slapadelic’s two EPs, “Tricky Dick” & “The Durden Inclination” this Wed 11/13 from 8-10pm at Mutiny Radio, also it’s his 24th birthday. He will be performing both 5-track EPs as well as a couple songs from “Internet Terrorist” & few singles, including a couple with DopeSick.
FREE ADMISSION! Donations accepted & encouraged!
There will be beer!
Also featuring sets from:
Zunzoo vs Hexter (A cool mix of old-style hip-hop & slam poetry from the east bay) DJ Johnny Hammersticks (he’ll be providing the beats as well as opening the night with his own original mix of different EDM styles)
All at Mutiny Radio in beautiful San Francisco! 2781 21st st. SF (the corner of 21st and Florida)
If you can’t make it in person tune into!
Thanks to The Mutiny Rodeo’s DJ Jessie G and Wild Bill for hosting this event!

DOOMFIELD plays LIVE featuring Laurie Amat


LIVE Painting by Pete Doolittle THIS SATURDAY 11/9 2-4pm

Mayhem and good times at Mutiny Radio this Saturday November 9th with amazing band Doomfield featuring Laurie Amat and a live painting by Pete Doolittle.
DoomField is :Joe Hashizume Nord Electro, Zachary Morris-Drums, Percussion, Tempest, MPC
Laurie Amat is an acclaimed vocalist, improvisational performer, experimental composer and teacher. Her approach to singing is informed by broad experience including pop, rock, traditional and inventive opera, spoken word, video, dance, theatre and performance ar…t.
Pete Doolittle’s art is awesome and rad.  See it here:
This Sat 11/9 from 2pm to 4pm on The Blunder Bus Listen live at or come on down to the station on 21st and Florida in the Mission! (2781 21st St. SF CA 94110)

Mutiny Rodeo Presents: Tio Manuel TONIGHT 10/30, 8pm

4 STONES smells the dust and the blues, the slide and the dobro… It is the meeting of folk and punk rock, steady by the merciless rhythm of Léon and Lolo Ganzaman. Manu Castillo, of Andalusian origin, is a multiple and complex character. Guitarist, singer, harmonicist, for a long time acclimatized to the jungle of « le Val de Marne », eminent and respected member of the Parisian punk tribe of the beginning of the 80’s, the legendary « Raya ». All his musical universe is based on the meeting. Of his meeting with Marco Laurent, was born Wunderbach, Parisian punk combo, well appreciate in the 80’s with songs like « paris-Londres » or « Aujourd’hui dans la rue »,always living in the memories of regular customers of the « Squat des cascades et Vilains » in Paris. In the Same time, his meeting with the « Studio garage and Label’ team, will learn to him sound recording and the work of studio. In 2001, his meeting with the guitarist and bassist José Pinto, wil help himto lead as well his personnal project TIO MANUEL. Mixing easily Blues, Tex mex,Flamenco, Ska, Dub, able to speak as well about love stories and social criticism. Manu tells with his guitars, numerous and unique, his life, travels in north and south America, in a humanist way. Clearly shown completely assumed . After 3 albums, and concerts in Europe and America, Manu meets the rythm section of the rocksteady Band «  The Run », with the parisian Lolo Ganzaman on bass, and Léon Téocquer, native of the Ivory coast, on drums. They will be behind Manu for a bunch of concerts in 2012. The special atmosphere of those acoustic gigs will carry them to the recording of the 4th album «  4 Stones » . A new meeting will be determining during the preparation of this album, that with the Englishman Paul Slack, historic bass player with the UK SUBS. From their friendship, an evidence will appear. Record an acoustic version of « Warhead ». Paul Slack, enthusiastic, will accept, and will come to Paris in November 2012 at la Fugitive Studio, for the recording of the track. He will also play bass and sing on it. The result of « 4 Stones » is a dark and joyful mix, starting with the Warhead cover ( including Ukulele and violin …)Follow up by 10 acoustic tracks. We speak there about deserts, girls, alcool, guns, narcos…but also about the story of Roque Dalton, a Salvadorian libertarian poet, murdered by his companions. Manu’s guitars are metallic, drought and dirty …In 2011, in Brazil, with his son, he will see a quiet night disturbed by the noise of the Ak 47 of the young narcos in the street, then was born another good track of the album. AK47 BLUES. After all those years, it would seem that this combo has found a basis, a stability which will lead it far. Tio MANUEL TRIO will be on the road again, come to meet them!

Links to buy his music


“Who Wants To Be a Headliner?” Comedy Contest

“Who wants to be a Headliner?” is an audience interactive comedy contest with FABULOUS PRIZES! at two venues: Friday November 1st at Mutiny Radio 8-11pm and Saturday November 2nd at The Purple Onion at Kells 6-8:30pm.Here’s how it works:
The first hour, each comic will do a 5 min set, then the audience will vote on who gets to be the headliner. The winner will then do a headlining set! (Also they get Cash Money and a bottle of wine (not Charles Shaw!)

Comic Contestants:

  • Matt Gubser– With his mellow personality and razor sharp wit, Matt Gubser relentlessly challenges a spectrum of social conventions of all shapes and sizes, and recounts the absurdity of his experiences parenting, dating and aging. Also dick jokes.
  • Paco Romane (Nov 2nd only)- is a comedian (“Best Comedian” SF Weekly/SF Guardian), actor and writer. His energetic, self-deprecating style is a hit with audiences and he is a favorite in many comedy festivals and clubs.
  • Tim Logan– Hailing from Oakland, California via Hobart, Australia, Tim Logan is known for his wry point of view, spontaneity and fearless audience interaction. Tim has performed in front of thousands at outdoor music festivals and small groups of two or three in bars. He was recently invited to compete in the 38th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition.
  • Ocean Glapion is a visiting comic from Los Angeles.
  • Dirty Denny (a.k.a. Chris Denny), is a 23 year old comic form Northern California. He is not afraid to talk about all things “taboo.” Whether the topic is race, religion, drugs or sexual orientation, he is just as likely to make you cringe as he is to make you reconsider your opinions.
  • George Kane– is a Santa Cruz resident for over 10 years now, after living in Orlando, FL, if you can call that “living”. He performs standup comedy all over Santa Cruz County and the Bay Area, including The San Jose Improv and Rooster T. Feathers. George loves his mother, and hates Duke, like all good-hearted people.
  • Evan James (Florida)- As seen on TBS and Sirius Satellite Radio, Evan (Ferl) James brings his own blend of intelligent and witty comedy to the stage, all wrapped up in the awkwardly adolescent body of a Swedish preteen.
  • Moore Devine (Friday only)- Andrew Moore and Spencer Devine are “Moore Devine”! They are the comics singing with the guitar.
  • Maria Shehata– An Egyptian-American Comedian born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maria Shehata’s unlikely blend of mid east and mid west brings to the stage a point of view that is hilarious, unique, and yet still universal. Maria’s stand up has been seen on Comedy Central’s The Watch List, Just Like Us: The Movie, and Showtime’s Bridging the Gap.
  • Gina Ritter is a lot. Born and raised New Yorker, she’s now living in Northern California. She’s a stand-up comic. Writer. Laugher. Talker. Slacker. Observer. Neighbor. Pro Crastinator. Divorcer. Single Mommer and co-creator of 4 smart-assed kids.
  • Mary-Alice McNab (Friday only) is a dynamic comedian in San Francisco. She has played the Purple Onion, Cobb’s Comedy Club, the Punch Line and the basement of a video store. Mary-Alice paints you a picture with act-outs. Come watch her deliver, with physicality and charisma!

$10 11/1- Mutiny Radio 8:30-11pm, 2781 21st st. SF CA 94110 11/2- The Purple Onion at Kell’s 6-8:30, 530 Jackson st. SF CA

How could you miss these amazing shows?!?!?!?!?


Help a Brother Out! Fundraiser Open Mic

Friend and Mutiny Radio neighbor, Duo, was involved in a hit and run on his bike. He has sustained a 52 stich head wound and an enormous one on his neck, but let’s not be graphic! HE’S ALIVE!!! Hooray! Now, let’s help him pay rent! Open Mic: $2 a minute. Anyone can sign up. Comics, Poets, Singers, political ranters… Anyone who wants time, $2 bucks. It all goes to Duo. Every penny. We’re trying to organize a raffle/silent auction too, so if you have art, books, gift certificates… to raffle, hook a Brother Up!  Friday, 25 October 2013  7-11 pm This event is happening during Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse on Mutiny Radio and will be podcast post. Please donate to your friend and neighbor in the community!!!!



Mutiny Radio and Shuggah Present: 1st showcase at Neck Of The Woods featuring: PamTastic from Mutiny Radio with comics galore “Jules Posner, Jason Dove and Cameron Vaninni” For the music ; Jefferson Shulgin – Clem and Them Antony Presti Tickets – $15 dollars at the door Limited presale tickets $10 dollars –




Come support Mutiny Radio by laughing at us… I mean WITH us!

Saturday October 12th from 6-8pm  at the Lagunitas Brewery LOFT $20

Beer will be flowing upstairs in their ultra cool taproom where your favorite comics from the clubhouse will be making you laugh to raise money for Mutiny. $20 bucks gets you tons of beer and laughs from:

Adrian McNair Chris Blackwood Molly Sanchez Dro Tommy Arnold Juan Medina Rolf Skar Hosted by Pam Benjamin

Comedians and delicious Lagunitas beer? Get in the car and take a field trip to Petaluma, Saturday October 12th from 6-8pm at the Lagunitas Brewery and come up to the Taproom to support your favorite community radio station, Mutiny Radio.

Public transportation available: Public transport available from SF: Golden Gate Transit 80 from 5th st to Off Board, N Corner of Copeland St Transit Mall Northbound then the Petaluma Transit – 11 – towards Washington Square to Copeland Transit Mall-1. ________________________________________________________________


October’s Mutiny Radio Comedy Showcase is a Grab Bag of amazing SF comics: Greag Brown, Alex Schildgen, Tom Scott, Aaron Barrett, Chris Duncan and visiting Portland comics Tyrone Collins and Anatoli Brant. Hosted by Pam Benjamin.You have two great opportunities to see this line up:

8:30pm Friday October 4th @ Mutiny Radio 2781 21st St. SF,CA 94110

Or come the following DAY!

6pm Saturday October 5th @ The Purple Onion at Kells 530 Jackson St. SF, CA 94133 $10

If you can’t be there listen live at: (or download post) ________________________________________________________________


Charlie Prowler DJ Set – Thurs Oct 26th

Charlie Prowler is back at Asiento for another vicious & delicious set of darkwave, minimal synth, Italodisco, techno, & failWave for your gorgeous brainz & bodiez. We’ll be honoring Mutiny Radio – a collective-run, non-profit internet radio station in the Mission – by giving them half of the proceeds. Mutiny Radio has some rad showz – check them out at As always, Asiento is a Prowler favorite – comfy couches, strong drinks, and that Jenga ripoff game that sends little pieces of wood flying everywhere. So get down with us on September 26th at Asiento (21st & Bryant, San Francisco, California). We hit at 9pm. It’s free but you should be 21 to walk through that door. www.CharlieProwler.tumblr.com________________________________________________________________


Lucky Us! Mission Pony advertises Mutiny Radio

What do animatronic ponies have to do with an online community radio station? It’s all about spreading the word! What great spectacle! A fleet of animatronic ponies with YOUR LOGO HERE. This time, as a handsome pirate wench straddled a stud from Mission Pony and rode at Sunday Streets through the Mission on April 14th 2013, you couldn’t miss the Mutiny Radio flag and hind flap flapping in the blustery afternoon. Hopefully you picked up a flier, too, sending you on an adventure to the magical audio land of On the way out to Sunday Streets, the Stable Master, April Ellis, and some of the official Dudes of Mission Pony, cruised over to Mutiny Radio at 21st & Florida so the volunteer members of our collective got a chance to get a feel for the steed that was bearing OUR LOGO. It made for a grand finish to an upbeat monthly meeting. Global Val of ‘The Common Thread Collective’ & ‘Women’s Magazine’ rocks out on a Mission Pony at Mutiny Radio. We at Mutiny Radio like to support the artistic mission of artists in the Mission. Who wouldn’t love whimsical robotic ponies & unicorns? If you would like YOUR LOGO ON A PONY to cause a scene at a Sunday Streets near everyone, contact the Stable Master at In the meantime, if you LOVE MUTINY RADIO and support our mission to bring you eclectic local music, activism & entertainment 24/7, click the ‘Donate’ button and PONY UP for Mutiny Radio! You can also find our various small campaigns on if you want to know how your contribution can help us in the most immediate ways. Peace, Ponies & Pirates, The DJs of Mutiny Radio ________________________________________________________________   ________________________________________________________________

COMEDY SHOWCASE!: Epic, April 5, 8:30pm @ Mutiny Radio

Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse Presents the Epic Comedy of: Jamie Ball, Vince Mancini, David Gborie, Justin Scales, Dustin Hempstead and Chris Riggins. Hosted by: Pam Benjamin $5-20 sliding scale (all proceeds to Mutiny Radio and comic’s wallets) FREE WINE! YOU WIN! (bring your own cup) Can’t be there in the flesh? Listen live at or download the podcast after! ________________________________________________________________

LIVE SHOW!: Ensemble Mik Nawooj, April 27, 8pm @ Brick & Mortar

On Sat., Apr 27, the hip hop/classical orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj, will be rocking their NEW work, Death, Love & Life: A Chamber Hip Hop Opera @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall in SF. Told through the musical landscape of a 7 piece chamber orchestra, 2 rappers and an opera singer, Death, Love & Life chronicles the suffering and joy of ordinary people in their pursuit of achieving transcendence from their mundane life. Keep an eye on Mutiny Radio for more updates from Ensemble Mik Nawooj, including a live interview and ticket giveaways! Here’s a taste: ________________________________________________________________

Listening Party: Small Hours by Old Earth, March 23, 8pm

Join DJ Aisha and Sounds from the Street for a listening party for Old Earth’s new extended player, Small Hours. Here’s the deal: Todd wrote and recorded an album, reviewed by The Onion AV Club. Soon after, he was asked to record an EP for Scottish label mini50. So that’s songs from and discussions about the band and its music. Here’s some homework for ya: Old Earth – Small Hours album trailer________________________________________________________________

LIVE Broadcast MARATHON!: Eddie Winters Hosts the 25 Hour Global Podcast

Tune in to Mutiny Radio or stop on in at the corner of 21st and Florida (deep within the Mission of SF, California) for some history in the making! Legendary Disc Jockey Eddie Winters along with Co-Host Alex Q. Huffman will be attempting to make the longest podcast ever recorded. That ‘s right, a 25-hour podcast and it’s all for Charity. This will be the event of a lifetime which may be the very event that ends Eddie’s life! There will be food and drinks, Live Stand up performances by the Bay Area’s most talented comics, Celebrity phone-in Interviews, Live Quiji Board sessions, Eddie Winters #1 fan competition, Pietro Laugh-Off, prizes and give-aways too! This is an open, global event where we will give away a prize for the longest distance caller to phone in. It’s going to be insane and it will also be a world record breaking podcast. Sober up and come down and get drunk on Eddie’s wizard juice! Official Guest Appearances: Teddy Winters (From LA), Pietro DiGennaro (From Baltimore), Mike Fink (SF), Jerry Pickels (from Vegas), Joey The Cat (SF World Champion Skeeballer), Vince Mancini (, Keith Lowell Jensen (from Sacramento) and more….. Tune in Live at and register your support on the Facebook page. Brought to you by Paco Collars ________________________________________________________________

First Thursdays at Asiento: DINO PANTS LIVE

The first Thursday of every month, Mutiny Radio teams up with the tapas bar in our neighborhood–the amazing Asiento–to host a DJ night and fundraiser for the station. In January 2013, DJ Zach began hosting his Mutiny Radio show DINO PANTS RADIO live from Asiento. Now you can see what happens when the dino is let off it’s isolated tropical island and let loose in the neighborhood to wreck genetically-modified havoc on booties and earholes. Drop by Asiento at the corner of Bryant and 21st St and sip some sangria to the beat. A portion of drink special sales go to the station, so come show your support while you refresh yourself. The more you drink, the more you give! Can’t make it in person? We’ll be broadcasting live–so you can crack a Bartles & Jaymes at home and send happy thoughts our way via the internets. Also: NO COVER! ________________________________________________________________

Donate to Mutiny Radio: KICKSTART OUR HEARTS!!!

It’s that time of year again: time to show your love for what we do here at Mutiny Radio by DONATING TO OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN! It’s pretty easy: you pledge some money to help us rebuild our tired station management system. If we reach our goal of $10k, your donation is funded and we send you one of our most excellent donor premiums. It’s like NPR, only with skydiving, car crashes, pyrotechnics, and Jack Daniels (see video: above). We made it though 2012 thanks to the incredible generosity of our listeners. Help us make it through 2013 and we’ll continue to do amazing Internet radio things. Watch this space. ________________________________________________________________

FRIDAY, 2/1: 9pm-11pm Mutiny Radio Comedy Showcase

MutinyHolidayBenefit.jpgCOME INSIDE MY CLUBHOUSE Dig the details of the fetching flier above to learn: 5-20$ sliding scale FREE WINE! (bring your own cup, tho) Free Treats! Hosted by Mutiny Radio’s own PAMTASTIC! and featuring the comic stylings of: Tommy Arnold, Kevin Munroe, Brandon Stokes, Dirty Mike, Stevie Post, and Rolf Sklar. Come inside this house of laughter. Come inside our clubhouse. ________________________________________________________________

Thursday, 1/10: 7pm Activism Art By Carina Lomeli

CarinaLomeli.jpg Mutiny Radio Gallery Presents: Activism Art By Carina Lomeli 2781 21st St., San Francisco, CA, 94110 Opening Reception: Thursday January 10th 2013, 7pm – 11pm Come see my latest watercolors and oils depicting the Iconic movements that have shed light in a world where corruption and greed are the main characteristic of our policies and currency. As a Impressionist Xicana artist, daughter of two migrants from Michoacan Mexico many injustices happen before my eyes. The only thing I can do is document and express in a series of paintings the oppression that is felt by the whole globe, though we are many we are all connected. This series will illustrate the parallel between speaking out in hopes of healing and the changes that must be made to free our souls from the deception and de-humanisation that surrounds us. Free your Mind! Join the Facebook groupfor updates! ________________________________________________________________

FRIDAY, 12/21: 8pm-11pm Mutiny Radio Comedy Benefit

MutinyHolidayBenefit.jpg THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING for Mutiny Radio! Help us LIVE!!!! Donate and party at the same time On Pamtastic’s Comedy Clubhouse Live! Fundraiser show and Raffle! 5-20$ sliding scale FREE WINE! FREE HOMEBREW BEER! Raffle! AWESOME COMEDY by your favorite Past and Present Mutiny DJ’s: Jason Dove, Alex Q Huffman, Juan Medina, Pam Benjamin, Anthony Sandoval, Andrew Roberts and Musical comedy guests “Moore Devine”! $5- entrance, free stuff and 1 raffle ticket $10- entrance, free stuff and 2 raffle tickets $15- entrance, free stuff and 4 raffle tickets $20- entrance, free stuff and 6 raffle tickets Prizes include Free tix! Free Bowling! Free De Young passes! Free books written by Mutiny radio DJs! Gift certificates! And More!!!! Join the Facebook groupfor more raffle updates! ________________________________________________________________

SUNDAY, 12/16: 8pm-12am A Very Malodious Holiday Benefit

MutinyHolidayBenefit.jpg Get your boogie on with Mutiny Radio…and help the station broadcasting LIVE from The Mission. Your host: DJ Ecoutez of A Malodious Case of the Mondays (Mondays, 4pm-6pm). The details: December 16, 2012 – 8pm – 12am El Rio 3158 Mission St (@ Cesar Chavez), San Francisco, CA (415) 282-3325 21+, $7-$15 sliding scale Live hilarity from Matt Lieb and Live music from: * * * Steely Nash and The Cuts (with DJ Audio Dru) * * * Twitter Facebook * * * Gene Wilderness (Baron Meddlesome and Band) * * * Facebook Website Out The Ear Klothing * * *Rec League * * * WebsiteSpins from: * * *DJ Honeycomb Brown of Mutiny Radio! * * * ________________________________________________________________

TODAY 8pm-10pm Live broadcast from the Brava Theater


Occupy the Debates!

If you are in the San Francisco/Bay Area, join Mutiny Radio as we open up our microphones to the public and rebut the Master Debaters, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Both of these politicians are renowned liars, who sit in denial of the voice of the people. Get live on the air with Mutiny Radio DJs for each of the debates in October, and make your voice heard against their campaign cash machines! We will be screening at our studio and gallery space on 21st and Florida in the Mission District, admission is free and all are welcome! October 3 (Wed) 2012 – Domestic policy October 11 (Thu) 2012 – Vice Presidential October 16 (Tue) 2012 – Foreign and domestic policy October 22 (Mon) 2012 – Foreign policy Each debate will screen at 6:00pm (Pacific), with viewer-driven discussion after. Hope to see you there, BYOB and RSVP! Thanks to Treehuggerfor the awesome graphic. ________________________________________________________________

Don’t Call it a Comeback! The Return of Malodious

Welcome back to another great Mutiny Radio show: A Malodious Case of the Mondays DJ Ecoutez hosts a show dedicated to the circulation and support of local, independent and underground art, hip hop, folk, organic pop, blues and good vibes alike. Broadcasting from 2781 21st St. @ Florida in the deep Mission of San Francisco, CA, in conjunction with the Mutiny Radio Cafe and hosted by DJ Écoutez. Want to learn more about A Malodious Case of the Mondays? Facebook: A Malodious Case of the Mondays Tumblr: Twitter: @DJEcoutez________________________________________________________________

Welcome Back, Nocturna! – Sept. 19, 10pmPT

Mutiny Radio is pleased to announce the return of DJ Alex Gahan and Nocturna! Nocturna is a weekly bilingual radio show hosted by DJ Alex Gahan & the characters in her head, featuring the best local & international rock music in all its forms (from punk to goth & back!). Nocturna also features interviews with community activists and people who have interesting things to say on air. Want to learn more about Nocturna? CONTACT: En Espanol: “Nocturna” es un programa semanal bilingue conducido por DJ Alex Gahan & las voces en su mente. Nuestro enfoque es la musica de rock local e internacional en todas sus formas (desde el punk hasta el gotico! y mas!) Tambien tenemos entrevistas con activistas comunitarios y toda persona que tengo algo interesante que contribuir a las ondas radiales. CONTACTO: ________________________________________________________________


First Thursday (9/6): Mutiny Radio Bar Benefit!

The first Thursday of every month, Mutiny Radio teams up with the tapas bar in our neighborhood–the amazing Asiento–to host a DJ night and fundraiser for the station. In August, we hosted:

  • DJ Shani Thunders
  • DJ Ionn

Drop by Asiento at the corner of Bryant and 21st St and sip some sangria to the beat. A portion of drink special sales go to the station, so come show your support while you refresh yourself. The more you drink, the more you give! Can’t make it in person? We’ll be broadcasting live–so you can crack a Bartles & Jaymes at home and send happy thoughts our way via the internets. Also: NO COVER! ________________________________________________________________

Wednesday, Aug 29 – DJ Shuggah at the SF Underground Music Fest!

Join Mutiny Radio’s DJ Shuggah (Put Some Shuggah in Your Bowl – Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm) and celebrate San Francisco’s thriving music scene. Felsen is in residence at 50 Mason Social House, hosting SF UNDERGROUND MUSIC FEST this Wednesday, Aug 29. FOR ALL SHOWS, SHOWTIME 8PM, 21+OVER, $5 COVER, WHEEL CHAIR ACCESSIBLE Come party with Shuggah! ________________________________________________________________

New Show! Pome Pome Tones

Pome Pome Tones with Jeffrey Spacious and intimate, expansive and immediate, folque and fugue, mystical and mortal, these are but a few of the worlds of Pome Pome Tones. Each week is a random aural journey touching down wherever the fuck it feels like within the sweaty realms of experimental folk, rock, schlager, country, classical and jazz of the last 60 years or so. Tropical. Always. Campari with olives. Culling the library with Jeffrey Alexander, former radio personality of WZBT in Gettysburg PA (1980s) and WRNR in Annapolis MD during its legendary free-form progressive post-WHFS heyday (1990s). Well known to the Terrastock Nation, Jeffrey has championed underground music for more than three decades – organizing and performing around the world, operating three record labels, working (and cherry picking) at six record stores, collecting and purging, eating and sleeping, smoking and drinking. Pome Pome Tones, Mondays 8-10pm PST (UTC-8) on Mutiny Radio. Listento episodes of Pome Pome Tones ________________________________________________________________

NEW SHOW! – Under the Golden Gate DEBUTS

Join Bernadette and Maria Konner for weekly PBJ + PBR Party at Mutiny Radio: Fridays from 6-8pm! Under the Golden Gate features talk, interviews, and live and recorded music with local artists and musicians. DJ Bernadette and DJ Maria Konner are both musicians and songwriters who perform live regularly–as themselves and various characters–in San Francisco. Drop by or listen in to hear the UtGG crew discuss making music, creating shows, performing live, learning an instrument, and the fun life and business challenges of performing artists. The DJ’s are also the producers of a new web TV/reality series/channel by thesame name “Under The Golden Gate” which films, promotes (and sometimes produces) local performing artists, and distributes content online. Don’t forget: once a month, the Under the Golden Gate radio show will be followed by a live music performance with guests at the Box Factory, just a half a block from the station. ________________________________________________________________

Sunday July 15 – BLOCK PARTY!!!

Take to the streets for the Florida Street Festival and Block Party. Check out live music, DJ sets from Mutiny’s own talented pool of DJ’s, and variety show performances courtesy of Meow Mix and SHOW/OFF. Take advantage of the drink specials around the corner at Asiento or purchase refreshments from one of the many local vendors that will be on hand. Join in the fun with chicken races, roller skating, hula hooping, a piñata, and a special area just for the kids. Much love to our Florida St family: The Box Factory, Asiento, Progressive Grounds, Dona Tere, and the good people of Florida St! ________________________________________________________________

Sunday July 15 – Toots Joins the Mutiny Rodeo!

This week on a Mutiny Rodeo. DJ Jessie G & Wild Bill are interviewing the legendary Ska, Reggae Band Toots and the Maytals. Toots is playing the Filmore on July 17th and the Mountain Winery on the 16th. Tune in Sunday 4-6 to hear what he has to say. Another legend in the Mutiny house!

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  2. Meet me December 10th at the 7th annual east bay alternative book & zine fest around noon, located at Venue Ballroom located at 420 14th Street in Oakland, CA. We’ll hoist a few and then create pop-up performances before the satellite calls in an official complaint! 😉


    Here it is man. It got aired on WFMU-FM in Hooboken and beamed into New York City with mention of the website, AND it hit KUNM-FM in Albuquerque and Las Vegas yesterday AND the Director of the Coalition on Homelessness, Michael Stoops, in DC, liked the artistic portral of homeless issues. So go ahead and make mention of it on your show man! NOW IS THE TIME!

  4. Art Galleries are generally known for art that highlights the natural beauty all around the world. Everyday there are people creating entirely new works of art, and placing them in art galleries all over the world.;

    Our very own blog site

  5. RAW SF, known for throwing the Bay Area’s largest fashion + music + art monthly every 4th Thursday at 1015 Folsom is back and artsier than ever with MIXOLOGY on Thursday JULY 26th!

    With over 750 attendees each month and 30+ of the Bay’s emerging & legendary underground artists all coming together to cause a boundary pushing event of unparalleled proportions… RAW SF is not to be missed!

    “Raw SF’s made quite the name for itself as a monthly that showcases the latest in independent and underground artistic talent. Whether it’s showcasing the hottest looks, bassiest beats or sickest art, this collective is definitely driven by natural ability.”

    Mixology: Methods that enable the creation of greater intensities and varieties of flavor, combinations and different ways to view something.

    MIXOLOGY is all about the unique art that can be created when artists combine forces and ultimately make magic happen.

    Being known as one of the most eclectic cities on the planet, SF has long helped to create a very unique art community… one that stems from individual talents teaming up with one another to create an even bigger movement.

    Where would your inspiration come from if you had no one to inspire you? We are only as creative as the environment that surrounds us.


    This very special edition of RAW SF will highlight the Bay’s dopest artists in collaborative ways, and celebrate some of the best SF crews and collectives around!

    They’ve not only carved the path as legendary magic makers here in the Bay & beyond, but are also a part of the bigger idea to unite artists everywhere.

    //RESONATE (Stockton)

    //STREET RITUAL (Oakland)

    //SLAYERS CLUB (San Francisco)

    //HELLAS (San Francisco)




    **INSIGHTFUL** (Oakland)

    The latest soon to be legend to hail from the Bay, producer Insightful brings that blissfully abstract, dreamy, dark, and so so so chill vibe to every track and by far opens the doors for what lies next in electronic music.

    “Shlomo lovers will dig the creativity and electronic fusion within the music, as will the masses of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing followers out there.” -FTR

    **RESONATE DJ’S** (Stockton)

    Progressive beat culture now has an outlet in the form of RESONATE; Dedicated to the evolution of dirty beat science.

    -Mr. Muddbird
    -Joe Mousepad



    Slayers Club, known for throwin’ & rockin’ some of the Bay Area’s biggest and baddest parties, is a collective of DJs, producers, MCs, visual artists, designers, and other creatives. Devoted to the exploration and advancement of dropped riddims with maximum defness and with roots in bass music, Slayers Club is a family, a force, a movement.


    +Street Ritual Art Gallery will feature some of the Bay’s most sought after visual artists around!+

    Street Ritual is a conduit for sounds, media, images and ideas that interact with one’s perception, inspire and enlighten. The ritual connects us to our tribal roots, as we dance around the fire of old ways, burning what now does not serve us. Through this ritual we birth a new, global consciousness. You have reached a point on this path, the dance is your own destiny.

    Street Ritual is a meta-label, encompassing a collective of creative artists and their collaborative manifestations.



    *Clive Hacker*


    *Anastasia Kuba*

    *Rachel Bussieres*

    *Maggie Percell Corwin*

    *Brown Pigeon*



    *Nathaniel Evans*

    *Yelena Sophia*

    *Josh Smothers*

    *Scotty Van Gorden*

    *Kasey Rae*

    *Christina Wagonblast*

    +Live Painting By+

    *Spencer Mann*

    *David Fullarton*

    *Kelsey Mouse*

    *Brandie Grogan*



    and no Bay Area show would be complete without the
    crew on hand to keep the party going and those dope hats of theirs flowin’. Make sure to pop by the GRC booth to grab the latest, limited edition lids that just dropped before they’re all gone!



    *LEVEL 4*


    $10 pre-sales available online only, until we run out:

    $15 AT DOOR

    **Afterparty only $5|9pm-midnight**

    ++Afterparty featuring Joe Mousepad’s latest
    Album Release!!!++

    **Hosted by Slayers Club DJ’s Featuring Special Guests**



    1015 Folsom
    1015 Folsom Street

    (415) 431-1200


  6. ez the ppl from the us innerlevel hir just wont to say big up’s to the Salex keeping it real on mutiny radio and all the mutiny radio crew to big up ur selfs..innerlevel

  7. Greetings! When will the interview and readings of Tom Pitts and Joe Clifford of Lip Service West be up on the site? We’ve got a whole lotta family and friends that didn’t get to listen live and would like to hear it. I really enjoyed the whole segment. Well done on both sides, the studio and the artists! Thank you for tapping into the local talent, events, music and putting it out there for us all to enjoy!

  8. Pam was a wonderful hostess and Lady Libertine was kind enough to buy one of my books of poetry off of me.

    If anyone can find Lady Libertine please tell her I will buy the book back from her for twice the price she paid and then give her a new better book if she wants. I can’t explain why but this will really help me.
    In addition recordings of that show will help with a portfolio for me if anyone has those.

    Thank you so much.

  9. I like the variety of different conventional stuff on radio. I was listening after 3pm. My visual screen was going crazy! Now I just listened to some crazy Greek Rap. Crazy. I want to understand what the heck they’re talking about. Roseta Stone, here I come.

  10. Sean Strebin
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    Kokomo, In 46902

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  11. vvv if you mysteriously find you are pregnant right now this might be a part of a series of college rapes perpetrated by a character who believes he is LOKI.

    He thinks that all vows, marriage included are sort of stupid so he breaks every law ever made by creeping around at night.. He is rumored to have no actual limits in that he recently reported sleeping with furrier mammals that meow. In addition to serial rape he is into beastiality.

    It is a game to him to see how many women he can impregnate per year. Some estimate he seeds 50 births a year (in possibly a 20 year career) of women he never meets during the day time. Roofies appear to be his choice weapon. If your seed does not match your man, feel free to loose that trespasser.

    He and his wife feel they are unreachable and expect a servant class to birth children for them. They do not pay the servant class.

  12. I was a guest of the Pam Tastic Show and Diamond Dave was the host of the 6th Annual Poems under the Dome. I’m leading a cyber protest which includes 12 000 prisoners 3000 more and their families. I’m employed. I need a place to crash. I don’t need food. I’m looking for a couch to crash on or even a floor. I need a place where my celibacy will be respected. Please and thank you. I am currently winning a case against the Foster System. Also I tap dance. 415 236 2382

  13. Enjoying the show Sagesse! Sorry I don’t have a story this week, but I loved hearin Joe Clifford followed by Jesse Morris just now!

  14. Voter fraud with absentee ballots never being received in San Francisco. Millions of voters living abroad registered U.S. Voters have NEVER received absentee ballots for the November 8, 2011 election. It’s called FRAUD!!!! FIRE ED LEE. SHAME!!! This person only got in their by having Newsom appoint him. Lee is a Republican. Lee is a Bush supporter, war supporter, and cheat!!! Get rid of him!!!!

  15. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Been listening to your station via the net and it’s awesome! Keep the faith folks ;))

  16. who is handling fridays at noon? playlists??? i need to know what’s on this second! oh no, in the meantime i shall wither away with wonder…and cry.

  17. Congrats, me hearties! As a former PCR DJ back in the day, I’m very glad to see the community living on and thrashing away. Maybe someday I’ll be able to contribute a remote show from up here in Sonoma County. I’m very proud of you all, keep the Jolly Roger waving!

    • It… I mean he, LIVES! JUNGLE BOOK!!!! Miss your lead in show to mine. Green Ego and I are still at the 8 and 10 p.m. spot. Thanks and keep rocking. Glad to hear you didn’t leave the airwaves altogether.

  18. You guys are still rolling strong. Right ARM!!

    Do you have any Meet the DJ events?

    Keep on keepin on! I’ll help any dj with vocal training who wants it. Don’t come in from the cold. Stay rogue!

      • Hey Pirata M,

        I’m here in the cafe as I type. But the only DJs are these two guys droning on in the studio about politics and whatever. Where are the really hot female DJs in need of groupies?

        I’m here to appear on Ashley’s show this a.m. I’ll be D. Guru and other miscreants and here till noon or whatever time her show ends.

  19. Congratulations on your new beginning! Have always loved your station, interviews and music,. and am now so happy to learn you are having Shanti Zinzi as a guest on tomorrow’s fri morning show! She is definitely the cat whisperer of the west and has helped me a bunch with my pets! SF people are animal lovers-good to know you support this on public radio.

  20. Just got finished downloading some podcasts for some on the go music and to listen to new stuff i have not heard before. Laughed my “A” off at the elevator bit on the Midday Revolution. Good times guys good times.

  21. Thank you all for your support, and to all the former Pirate Cat DJs who have returned and or returning to the station. We are a vast and growing community discontent with the general state of local media in particular. The PCRC is but one of many outlets in the San Francisco Bay Area and we are happy to play our part. And and especial thanks to the folks at Radio Valencia. One of these days when the celestial bodies line up, we will have our greatly anticipated bowling challenge, from which World War III could get kicked off, or at least the Zombie Apocalypse. Get your crowbar ready folks.

  22. wow, just read about the changes happening back in SF.
    You guys have an avid listener in the norther hemisphere. Keep the vibes of your fantastic city alive!
    Loads of support and admiration for what you guys are doing!

  23. LOVE your live interview with the cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch!!! They are awesome and sound fantastic! Thanks for having them on!!!

  24. Salutations from your fellow pirates at Berkeley Liberation Radio. It’s too bad Monkey did what he did, but at least you are still together and fighting the good fight. Mainstream media needs a good kick in the pants and you folks are just the ones to deliver it!

  25. Hey PRC Freedom Fighters!! I join you in spirit and in person. I used to be the News Director there a year ago but left over communication and management differences with the Monkey Man. I want to come back and help in solidarity with fellow revolutionaries in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain, Libya, Madison, and now The Mission. Viva la revolution! Fuerza a la DJs!

  26. I’ve been listening to the former for a few years and have to thank you all for the great music I have discovered, even going to the bay area on a few suggestions for shows. I lost you guys for a week and it was driving me nuts!

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