The favorite child of two 5th generation coal miners, Ellen Doyle was
famously the fourth heterosexual to graduate from her all girls
college, but has so far been unable to produce genetic proof of her
love for reproductive sex, due to black magic. She moved to the west
coast to pursue her lifelong dream of creating reality television but
has been forced into a life of standup comedy due to the fact that
everyone watches fucking Netflix now. Ellen is known for being nice to
animals and children (in that order) and dreams of doing comedy for
poor kids in no kill shelters. So far she has had to settle for
performing at the Comedy

Store, The Laugh Factory, The Icehouse, The
Broadway Comedy Club and Gotham Comedy Club, as well as public
bathrooms along the interstates of America’s heartland.
follow her Instagram handle @ThisBrokenAdult and cm see her dying these shows at the MRCF 2019! Click on the link for direct access to the podcast! 

Friday March 1st, 10pm. $10. All Ladies

Saturday March 2nd, 10pm. $10. Underwear Only

Sunday March 3rd, 8pm. $10. Birth Order/Dysfunctional Families

Monday March 4th, 8pm, Time Machine