Host a Podcast on Mutiny Radio

Ever wanted to host your own podcast? Mutiny Internet Radio is the place for you! Our computer studio is attached to a 30 seat performance space, so you can host live events, music, and audience as you express yourself without limits to the world! Live streaming and podcasting through our unique domain, as well as Apple ITunes, you’ll discover new worlds of creativity, fun, community, and resistance! $100 a month for four, 2 hour shows is a sweet deal! We train you on all our equipment, so you’re good to go and ready to pro!

Feature your Artwork

Our performance space is a perfect gallery for displaying your visual art to a local and supportive scene!

Have a Karaoke Party with your Friends

We provide a safe and sanitary space for small group, socially-distant fun during the pandemic.

Email the Director for the low down on booking the space or call (415) 550-0511.

One comment on “Podcast and Rental Services

  1. Greetings Pam, okay thanks again let’s go head and forward four episodes as discussed, we appreciate it. Currently we have non-profit charities and are working to attract more sponsors and obtain the broadest audience while fundraising for the non profit charities and BLM.

    The shows feature Comedy Store regulars many of whom have podcasts, will do what I can to plug your Venmo and refer over talent for podcast bookings as well. Can we work out a weekly time to drop the 4 episodes. Distribution is important here for the charities we endorse to reach the right listeners on a consistent basis. A regular weekly time also will bring more listeners to Mutiny because episode will tune back in to the show if it airs with the same repeating time slot.

    We typically work at 9PM Monday; Wednesday or ideally Friday to drop the episodes for promotion. What times do you have available for dropping the shows?

    Thank you.

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