Performance, Broadcasting and Podcast Services

Host a Podcast on Mutiny Radio

Ever wanted to host your own podcast? Mutiny Internet Radio is the place for you! Our computer studio is attached to a 30 seat performance space, so you can host live events, music, and audience as you express yourself without limits to the world! Live streaming and podcasting through our unique domain, as well as Apple ITunes, you’ll discover new worlds of creativity, fun, community, and resistance! $100 a month for four, 2 hour shows is a sweet deal! We train you on all our equipment, so you’re good to go and ready to pro!

Feature your Artwork

Our performance space is a perfect gallery for displaying your visual art to a local and supportive scene!

Rent Our Community Space

Our 30 seat performance space at 2781 21st street is a great community resource for YOU! We have held many successful comedy showcases, band performances, theater gigs, and variety shows. You run the door and promotions; we run the sound and provide you with a recording post-show. $100/2 hour bloc.

Produce a Workshop

We partner with many thought leaders in the community to create quality education experiences on diverse topics. Classes and workshops for art, philosophy, science, religion, spirituality, storytelling, and sketch comedy have all been taught at Mutiny Radio to enthusiastic groups large and small.

Find a Support Group

If you or a loved one are striving to overcome addiction, dealing with loss and grief, or confronting a disease, you are not alone. We are here to help.

Mutiny Radio sponsors twelve step groups, clinic psychology, spiritual healing, and other health and wholeness meetings. We maintain the tradition of anonymity to protect the integrity and privacy of individuals, but more information is available upon request.

Email the Director for the low down on booking the space or call (415) 550-0511.

One thought on “Performance, Broadcasting and Podcast Services

  1. Hello, I am the VP of the Original Equity Group (OEG) out of San Francisco. We are interested in doing a podcast and I thought of you all. I used to be an event manager and have seen your advertisements on Funcheapsf for years. Please shoot us an email with a good time to come by and check out your spot? Also we are going to be launching an educational platform for SF equity applicants in order to help them navigate the complicated cannabis industry. I think that Mutiny radio could be a great platform for our podcast.


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