Festival Director Pam Benjamin will most likely be at almost all of the 66 shows in 7 days, but she performs in the following:

3/2 Monday 3-350p- Portland RULES part 1

3/2 Monday 4-450-p Portland RULES part 2

3/2 Monday 6-8pm- Joke Workshop

3/4 Wednesday noon-1:50- Alta Cast

3/4 Wednesday 2-250-p Some Call Me Tim? part 1

3/4 Wednesday 3-350p- Some Call Me Tim? part 2

3/4 Wednesday 9p- 12a- Special comedy show at El Rio

3/6 Friday 8-8:50p- Comedy Clubhouse

3/6 Friday 9-9:50p- Hell Hat

3/7 Saturday 10-10:50p- I Fucking LOVE Cats!

Pam Benjamin is the Director of Mutiny Radio.  She started the Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival in 2016 to give underground comics a nationwide platform to perform their work.  She’s a firm believer in free speech and likes to tell jokes about feminism. She loves cats. She hosts 4 weekly open mics, a weekly showcase and 2 podcasts at Mutiny.